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  1. DJScorp

    WW2 Preemptive issues

    Or may be its my network how is my ping plotter looking? https://ibb.co/iCMako https://ibb.co/f0Do5o
  2. DJScorp

    WW2 Preemptive issues

    My speed 25 dl, 5 upload. If I play on Reactive game play feels different and I dye more. Do you know if upcoming Duma OS will resolved that issue ?
  3. Any time I play WW2 on Preemptive, at the end of each game, ww2 losing connection to the server . If I played on Reactive everything is fine but connection is way lagy. Is there any fix for that. Thanks for you help
  4. boys thank you for your help I just got home a the problem fixed by itself now i have a open nat. may be it was on a provider side
  5. I guess i would have to use my old router and wait for the new update. Thanks for your help.
  6. I can't do port forward with dynamic ip
  7. I tried that multiples times and that didn't help. No i have only one Xbox wired with static ip.
  8. Anything else I should try ? Thank you for helping me
  9. I am running tp link 7610 there is no option for dm]z
  10. should i try to downgrade back to the (G) version ?
  11. nat in a game moderate , I cant connect to party chat.
  12. It comes back as unavailable
  13. can't get a teredo ip address