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  1. Hi. You've probably already double checked, but if not double check to see if he's still white listed. I had an issue a while back with one particular friend whom's ISP changed every so often and he needed to be white listed every time it happened.
  2. Never said I don't have bad games at times or see some CoD B.S. Only that throttling that hard is actually attempting to cheat the connection and is actually against terms of service. You clear missed the point.
  3. Urge

    BO4 Changes...

    Not a fan of the extra life (armor) and instant health ability. It's fine and all but would prefer it gone. And the spawn device for teammates. Can't count the number of times i clicked to spawn in and it put me on that thing to be spawn killed immediately. 100% agree on teammates not showing up well on the mini map, also.
  4. Throttling hard is against any system terms of service and cheating. Only thing throttling hard does is possibly screw up the lobby for everyone else. If that's your cup of tea, I guess that's on you. I live in Va and play on the Jersey server but often play without the geo and every now and then get your server. While the ping is higher it by no means ruins the game and I've never had to throttle to have a good game on it. Congestion is meant for eliminating lag on your end to give you the best game possible without lag, not manipulating the game for everyone. I'll leave this thread now that I know the point of it....
  5. Dslreports.com is a good place to get you there. Shoot for all A's to A+ if you can and that's all you need and what the congestion sliders were meant for - to eliminate possible lag on your end. If you've got that and you're playing on an optimal server for ping you'll be in good shape. Good luck on getting those A's if you don't already have them
  6. 70/70 is recommended and is what a lot of the guys use. Mine was 70/66 to get an A for Buffer bloat. Congestion will be different for everyone but most likely you'd never need to drop as low as 1 unless maybe you have a very basic slow internet package.
  7. Urge

    The reason bo4 is playing bad

    The video is about dedicated servers having issues, not peer servers. I'm not complaining about the game at all cause i think it plays great for the most part but there are definitely games on dedi's that suffer from them dumbing down the tick rates. I'm sorry, but if Treyarc admits it's an issue then no one can really dispute that. Though i'm happy for anyone whom doesn't see any issue's at all
  8. Urge

    The reason bo4 is playing bad

    Same here. Haven't lagged any myself, but have seen a other players do it but not often. Just more or less getting shot around corners and hit detection. But even then the game still plays pretty well for the most part. Def better than WW2. But not quite as good as the beta. In my opinion, even with them dumbing down the tick rate from the beta this is still the smoothest CoD launch that i've seen.
  9. Urge

    The reason bo4 is playing bad

    Here's the response from Treyarc explaining why they did it and what they intend to do now - "We've also noticed a lot of discussion around network performance over the past couple of days and wanted to take a moment to address this directly. We’re constantly working to optimize the game, and particularly network performance, to ensure the highest quality online experience for our players. For a game launch with as massive a population as ours hitting so many global servers at once, we configure our infrastructure to ensure game stability as the highest priority over all other factors," said Treyarch. Now that we’re past the initial launch of the game, we are focusing on fine-tuning network performance around the globe, using the real-world data that we have collected. Over the course of the next two weeks, we will roll out several updates to our network setup that will continue to improve upon the experience of our players since launch," Treyarch continued. "As we have always said, launch is just the beginning, and we’re committed to making Black Ops 4 the best-supported game we’ve ever delivered. This is a journey that will involve constant adjustments, improvements, and additions. We appreciate your continued support and patience – thank you!"
  10. Urge

    Missing black ops 3 server

    Hi Racer, It's been 2 years or so since i've been on the Xbox but if i remember correctly they did switch to different servers than the PS. The playstation runs on Activision's servers while on the Xbox they had started running on Microsofts Azure servers, which are not in the same locations . I believe they made that switch during Advanced Warfare.
  11. Urge

    Negative Crypto Keys and Salvage Wiped

    Isn't it still in beta?
  12. I'm assuming it's just a cod server issue. We have the same problem on PS4. All have open nat types but occasionally the chat goes out, then back in and so on. Switch to group party chat and no issues... only in game.
  13. Urge

    Infinite Warfare mp, experience

    Didn't like the game up until recently. Most people would probably say it doesn't play well. And it was trash at the start but i'll give em credit - It's playing tolerable now. Enough to have fun in it. Part of my bias was that i was expecting it to feel more like an Infinity Ward game. It doesn't. Expectations were set way too high in my head for it. Now that i'm over that; i can accept the game for what it is. Definitely not my favorite. Probably on par with Black Ops 2 as my least favorite CoD. But that's just my opinion. We all have our own favorites and least. I see alot of people praise it. But i don't buy that either. There are really just too many variables on whether people like it or not. What is our expectation of it? How does it really play? Do you lobby shop so you only play lobbies that are good for you? etc. Really when it all comes down to it - Can we have fun with it or is it time to move on? At first I was moving on. But now tend to enjoy it. And not even for how it plays. Playing with some great people with good attitudes. Met a 55 year old gentlemen last night that loves the game whether he lives or dies. Had a great attitude. I have been pretty negative at times this year, but told a buddy last week - Screw it. It's just a game who cares if it's playing bad today and I've been doing challenges since. Even little things like unlocking calling cards can take your focus off if the game is bad at that moment.
  14. Urge

    Think i'm done...

    Watchdogs 2 was a good game. If you liked the 1st i definitely recommend it. Has a great story!
  15. Urge

    Think i'm done...

    Don't sweat it too much. The game plays the way the game plays. If you haven't had the chance - check out Overwatch, Starwars Battlefront, Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1. All play 100 times better than IW. Yes we are getting older and kids have scuff's etc... but don't let it get ya down. A bad game is a bad game that has no magic settings. A turd can be polished and told that it's not a turd.. but it still is. There are much better games out there. Can we still lose and get whooped? yeah cause kids are good - but it doesn't seem nearly as bad when the other games are pretty much lag free.