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  1. I've a similar problem myself with the HG612, where it lost at least 10 mbps download and 6 mbps upload. I had this connected for a few weeks and was getting speeds of 43/13 (download\upload) when doing a speed test and also what was reporting on the XR500 when checking the internet speed from the set up, from the HG612 stats program it was reporting: Sync (kbps) 56513 20000 Attainable rate (kbps) 61348 21870 Now the cabinet I'm on is an ECI cabinet, but today my speeds decreased from 43/13 to 29/12, not much lost in upload speeds but lost a further 14 mbps download speed, after disconnecting the HG612 and connecting the Home Hub 6 even though the Downstream and Upstream sync speed reports as 59.99/20 in the BT Smart Hub Manager stats, I'm now managing to get 54/18 when doing a speed test and also the XR500 picked up on as well.
  2. One thing I'd like to see in a future update would be able to lock in the values in the 'Set Device Bandwidth' in both upload and download, as it's a little annoying that you have to re-config the values if a device is added or removed.
  3. I set my Xbox One to Energy Saving from Instant-On and it seems to have 'fixed' the issue.
  4. I've has a response from Netgear and it was "Going back to the reason of your contact,I do understand how frustrating it was for you to deal the intermittent connection on your hardwired devices.We do apologized for the inconvenience this has caused you.Rest assured that we will get this done. As of now I do suggest to change the MTU size. You may refer to this link:https://kb.netgear.com/24015/How-do-I-change-the-MTU-size-on-my-Nighthawk-router Hope this will help you out." Is there a chance that there could be an issue of the lan ports when going idle failing to "wake up" unless the XR500 is rebooted?
  5. Yeah, waiting on them to get back to me
  6. I think I might have fixed the issue, woke up to the same problem this morning, don't know what made me to this but went into Setting > Advanced Settings > VLAN/Bridge Settings, checked Enable VLAN/Bridge group and choose By bridge group and choose the port XR500 was connected to the BT Smart Hub (assuming that's what it meant), applied the setting and the internet's come back on both the Xbox and laptop, will monitor it over the next 24-48 hours to see if it works please ignore still not sorted
  7. The only other wired device that's connected to the XR500, is a laptop. In Windows 10 when the laptop is connected to the XR500, it will show in the Ethernet adaptor in the attached image, when the XR500 then stops responding to any wired devices, the name will in the attachment will then change to the connection of the BT Smart Hub, not only that but in the BT Smart Hub Manager, the laptop will show under devices on the same Ethernet port as the XR500. I don't think it's a cabling issue as if it was then this would be still happening after a reboot or whilst I'm online.
  8. I'm already on the the latest firmware, IPv6 is disabled and I've done a factory reset and still get the same issue, but I'll do another one. Also as I'm connected to the BT Smart Hub, I don't have to enter any PPPoE info to the XR500 to connect to the internet as I'm already connected, also I have no problems if I connect a device using wireless as the internet will work even if the wired devices don't. Devices that are wired stop connecting to the XR500 (I've had a different network name appear next morning on the laptop to what it was the previous night when connected to the XR500) and the only fix is to reboot the XR500.
  9. So, I’m having an on-going issue with the XR500. My setup is: BT Smart Hub > Ethernet Port 1: XR500 > Xbox One (wired) PC (wired), Ethernet Port 2: TP-Link Archer C7 > 2 Now TV boxes (wired), laptop, Galaxy S8 plus other devices, bandwidth control is on 6 down/2up, DHCP is enabled on both the TP-Link and XR500 Both routers are getting internet access, as I’m connected to the BT Smart Hub, the routers don’t need to be configured for PPPoE to connect my ISP (which is BT) as the BT Smart Hub already does this. Now this the issue I am getting with the XR500 is, the last few days, If I switch on a wired device such as my Xbox One next morning after being connected the previous night, there is no internet connection going to Xbox One to connect to Xbox Live from the XR500, but If I connect a wireless device to the XR500, it will connected to the internet with no issues and can view websites, the only way I can connect to Xbox Live from the Xbox One is if the XR500 is rebooted. Now when I’m online connected to the XR500 and in particularly when I’m online with the Xbox One, I’m not getting any disconnections at any point I’m online, it seems that once I switch the Xbox off for a couple of hours then switched it back on I get the issue, but it doesn’t just effect the Xbox, it effects any wired device connected to the XR500, prime example of that is that today after switching the Xbox on and then having to reboot the router to connect to Xbox live, after about an hour online, I decided to go out for a couple of hours (I also left my laptop on which is also connected via Ethernet to the XR500), when I came back and switched the Xbox One on, on the dashboard it prompted me with “Connect to Xbox Live”, in Network Setting and below Current Network Status it said “Not connected, To connect: Plug in an Ethernet Cable or Set up a wireless network”, however my laptop wasn’t also able to connect to the XR500 via Ethernet but would connect wirelessly and was able to access the internet and web management page, it wasn't till I rebooted the XR500 that the Xbox and laptop connected to the XR500 via Ethernet. Now I’ve done a factory reset of the XR500, updated to the new firmware, even done a factory reset after the new firmware, done another factory reset a day after I was still getting the issue, as the XR500 is connected to the BT Smart Hub (which is a Modem\Router), the XR500 has been given its own static IP address within the BT Smart Hub and is in the DMZ as well but as I’m able to connect to the internet through wirelessly then it can’t be an issue with my set up through the BT Smart Hub, IPv6 is disabled, one last thing to add so it can't be the setup, is that the 2 Now TV boxes that are connected to the TP-Link via Ethernet connections will connect to the internet with no issues when they have been in a state of idle.
  10. Updated the firmware, done a factory reset, switched the Xbox on this morning and no internet to the Xbox via Ethernet but my phone which is connected wireless was. Don't have to sign into the internet using PPOE on the XR500 as the XR500 is connected to the BT Smart Hub
  11. Getting the same exact issue as above, have noticed it twice so far today (once this morning and once tonight) both occurrences have happened when the internet hasn't been used for a while, not noticed it when I've been using the internet through a wired device (Xbox or Laptop) but a reboot sorts it out. Strange thing is, is that I can still access the internet through my laptop even when I've not rebooted the XR500, as I've got the XR500 connected to a BT Smart Hub, its giving me an internal ip address if I was directly connected to the Smart Hub and not connected to the XR500. I'll do a factory reset though and see if it continues.
  12. Toxic Smoggie

    Bad bufferbloat results with XR500

    Dumb question time, how do I find that out?
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    Struggling with xr500

    If its the Virgin Media SuperHub 3 then the issue could be related to the Intel Puma 6 Chipset which is known to cause spikes in latency. I'd run a BQM from thinkbroadband,co.uk and see what the graph is like, if its anything link the 2nd image @ https://www.thinkbroadband.com/faq/broadband-quality-monitorbut more solid, it could be Virgin no matter how much you change the anti bufferbloat sliders, personally I had a nightmare gaming on Virgin Media even with the R1 but things improved drastically after switching over to BT and even using their Smart Hub
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    Bad bufferbloat results with XR500

    I too am getting really bad gameplay with the XR500. My original set up was BT smart hub 6 > R1 Xbox One, and had no issues, was getting a decent kd Bought the XR500 after a lot of rave reviews and my set up then changed to BT smart hub 6 > XR500 > Xbox One but then things got worse, played around with the anti bufferbloat settings and then my kd started to drop massively, it was also like I was lagging at times. Got a Draytrek Vigor 130 to see if I'd get any improvement, so my set up was Draytek > TP Link (with bandwidth control of 6 meg down, 3 meg up for other devices) > XR500 > Xbox One, but got the same issue even after playing around with the anti bufferbloat settings. So swapped out the XR500, connected the R1, so my setup now is now Draytek > TP Link (still with bandwidth control at 6 meg down, 3 meg up for other devices) > R1 > Xbox One, and my kd and connection has improved dramatically. My average ping both on the R1 and XR500 is 21ms via pingplotter, even when I do a ping test in command prompt the average is still 21ms, but with the XR500 connected I'm losing 1 on 1 gun fights 75% of the time, with the R1 connected that goes down to around 25%, even when I was having profile banding issues with BT with the R1 connected, it wasn't losing to many 1 on 1 gun fights.
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    UK XR500 deliveries?

    I also pre-ordered mine off Amazon 3 weeks ago with the promise of the delivery date being today (2/3/18), got an email to say that the item wasn't available till the 5th with an estimated date of the 7th, contacted Amazon and was told that they haven't received the stock from the supplier hence why the revised date was pushed back to the 5th.