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  1. In XBOX network settings my NAT type is 'strict'. In BO3 it jumps from 'strict' to 'moderate'. In rainbow six siege it's constantly 'strict' which I've never had a problem with in the past. I'll try what you suggested and get back on here with the results! Thanks for the tips. Do you suggest I factory reset both my routers and start from the ground up?
  2. Awesome vid! One question, do I do the port-forwarding through my actiontec or through my NETDUMA? I followed your steps. I also exclusively use netduma for gaming and my PC. I turned of UPNP and manually port forward what came up for my actiontec but I did it all in the NETDUMA. When I relaunched my console my NAT type went from strict to moderate so I guess that's a good change. Did I do it right or are there more steps? Edit: It has reverted back to strict nat type.
  3. I've followed all the steps to open my NAT type and this has worked in the past but for some reason it's now showing as strict and nothing I do helps. I've enabled UPNP both in the tab and in misc. Geo-filtering is off when I launch my console and I don't turn it on until my BO3 is open. I also have gone to my other router and put in the WAN IP into the DMZ but still did nothing. (this worked last month). I've tried to manually port forward before and that also didn't work. I've reset my routers as well. Not sure what happened because when it was working I never touched any of the settings. I just logged on today to game and it said strict. I've been troubleshooting all day with no changes. Also when I tested multiplayer connection, before it said "can't locate teredo IP" but now when test it it just says "its all good" even though my NAT type is strict. Pretty frustrating stuff. I've gone through a lot of troubleshooting posts from the forums and nothing has helped so far. Any ideas?
  4. MNenzo

    Hello and help!

    So I followed what you said and it worked! I did the whole copy and paste WAN IP into the DMZ box but there was actually a drop down box that already had it as an option for me to click. That and now knowing only to turn on geo-filtering when in game rather than always having it on I believe did the trick. While my nat-type is still moderate even with geo-filtering off it doesn't bother me at all as long as I can connect to friends and get into crispy lobbies. For now I'll leave it as it is and continue to read on how I can better my experience. Thanks for the help Jack and Prog who previously replied to my initial comment! Game on.
  5. MNenzo

    Hello and help!

    Yes the upnp is enabled in both miscellaneous and in the upnp tab. upnp is also turned on in my modem/router and I can see the list of things its trying to port but the only one I can identify is 3075/3074 which is call of duty. I'm not sure the geo-filtering is the issue since I have it turned off when I boot my console. I might change internet providers soon, going from century link to xfinity, maybe that'll change it but if I can fix this then I wouldn't really need to change providers. I just want more download/upload and xfinity has more variety compared to century link.
  6. MNenzo

    Hello and help!

    Hey everyone! My name is Enzo, I'm from Minnesota, I play a ton of COD, FIFA and R6S. I recently bought a NETDUMA but I've been experiencing many issues. I don't know much about internet or routers but I'm intrigued by it and always willing to learn. I've found this to be probably the best forums I've ever been a part of and the support I've gotten has been amazing! Here are my issues currently if anyone cares to read or try and help: I started out connecting everything and it working fine. I can get in very crispy lobbies and the geo-filtering is really cool. With my old modem/router which is a really old one that my internet provider gave my family years and years ago I was able to port forward with the help of a friend making my NAT type in CoD open. With my NETDUMA my NAT type in BO3 went back to moderate but I was told that it only says this due to the geo-filtering. My biggest issue right now is that through the XBOX network status my nat type comes up as "unavailable". When I test out my xbox live connection I receive the message "Can't Locate Teredo IP address". This makes it so I cannot be in xbox live party chat though my games run smoothly. UPNP is turned on both in the settings and the UPNP tab. If I turn off UPNP my NAT type through xbox is OPEN and I can communicate with friends but in BO3 and other games I cannot join games saying my NAT type is strict. I've tried forwarding following the instructions yet it doesn't work. So I either can talk to my friends but not play with them or play with my friends but not talk to them. A page I found through NETDUMA says it is not recommended to port forward and use UPNP at the same time, I tried doing it at the same time but still doesn't help. Lastly when I go into UPNP and see what it's allegedly port forwarding I see 3074 which is for CoD and I also see one that says "Teredo". I don't know what this means but if anyone has any tips that'd be greatly welcomed! Also whoever Jack is from NETDUMA that has replied to my emails, you are awesome! Enzo