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  1. mrMARK808

    Cloud - Incorrect Server Locations

    ID: 3b42e0abdfda0308 Distance: 167km
  2. mrMARK808

    Setup netduma.

    Tnx guys I’ll try that I’m saving for netgear too
  3. mrMARK808

    Setup netduma.

    ISP spectrum modem tp link tc7610 other router Linksys ac1200+ And netduma , I wanna make my Linksys router like WiFi home.
  4. Can u guys help me to setup my duma. I have modem > router > and netduma?anyone know how to set it up tnx.
  5. mrMARK808

    Upnp vs port forwarding

    Do u need to enable both on the Duma or just pick only one.
  6. mrMARK808

    Need modem

    Thanks guys I will go with the tp link
  7. mrMARK808

    Need modem

    Anyone recommend a good modem to buy with I’ll have spectrum.
  8. mrMARK808

    hello im new netduma community.

    tnx a lot it helps me now duma is really good product i dont have lag on cod and my KD went up thanks again.
  9. mrMARK808

    hello im new netduma community.

    When I add my PS4 on netduma it's nameless device how can I fix that tnx.
  10. mrMARK808

    hello im new netduma community.

    my isp is Cable modem arris6183 ill have 200down and 20upload is someone can help me ill much appreciated, ill play call of duty a lot. i want my setup like isp modem+NETDUMA.ty.