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  1. OR_Jason

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    Maybe I just bought it at the absolute worst time, but I remember seeing advertisements for "constant firmware upgrades" and "we have released 17 up until now" and all that nonsense. I bought my router about 1.5 to 2 years ago. It came from netduma with was "off limits" for whatever reason, same thing with i. I finally said "what the heck" and put on 1.3.6j. I have had constant issues just trying to get the netduma to allow for full bandwidth downloads. The gaming works great, but i can only ever achieve about 25% of my throughput. This is due to my ISP using a product called SandVine which "shapes" certain types of traffic. Basically, the netduma and my ISP are both competing to be the bottleneck. I am a network engineer, and I get it. My point is, there have been 0 updates other than EULA updates in the past 2 years. I keep waiting for any update for this "always improving" and "continual upgrades" type of product. The hardware is meh at best, and at this point -- I think I will be putting a WRT or CAKE image on it. At least then, I can add LAN routes and VLan type settings; and even change the subnet mask (not everything needs a /24) -- you know the features I though they would be "continually adding and improving", or existent in a commercially available router. (peplink is my preferred router vendor) https://netduma.com/features/always-improving/-- Except for the past two years, and most likely the next two years. Too bad, it actually did help with some of my lag while gaming.
  2. I was asked to create a one on one thread in this forum to try and determine why my NetDuma is unable to provide full speed downloads or uploads. I have had the router for over a year (waiting for DumaOS) and have never been able to use it due to this issue. Please let me know what information you need from me. I am available all week. I am on the West Coast of the US (pacific time) and will be at my computer from 7:30 AM until about 3:30 PM.
  3. OR_Jason

    Another "Cannot get full speeds" thread

    I just now saw this post, and I would really appreciate the one on one help. I have a feeling that the router sees the first tcp window adjustment and assumes that is the maximum throughput. I will post my availability in the one on one section. I have had this router for over a year and have never got to use it. I was going to return it, but the new DumaOS kept me from doing so; but it has been almost a year since it was announced and now I just need to fix what I have (or at least understand why it is underperforming)
  4. OR_Jason

    Another "Cannot get full speeds" thread

    Enabling turbo mode made no difference at all. I can plug in a different router and get full speeds on the link, so I have been "swapping" routers whenever I want to play my Xbox. Not really ideal. Any other suggestions? Last night, I did a complete "reset to factory defaults", only connected my mac and still only got about 1/4 speed throughput. What could be limiting my speeds this badly? for some extra diagnostic information, I can get more throughput, but only by making several requests. i.e. I can do a speedtest and get 6-7 Mbps, then start up a couple of youtube videos and it will jump to 10-12 Mbps. It is almost like there is some kind of rate throttling on a per-session or per-connection basis.
  5. OR_Jason

    Another "Cannot get full speeds" thread

    Thank you for the reply. I can get full speeds on this link when connected directly to a laptop. If the laptop is directly connected, I cannot attach any other devices. I get varying speeds, but they are always much lower than I expect. This morning, after restarting the router and the ISP hub, I was able to get a whopping 10 mbps. This is less than half of what I am expecting. My ISP is kind of fed up with me because they insist that the ISP hub is working as expected. I cannot figure out why my throughput is such garbage. Can someone at NetDuma please take a look at this thing? I am at my wits end trying to figure this out by myself. I was trying to wait for the DumaOS release, but after waiting almost 10 months, I guess it is time to have someone smarter than me take a peek.
  6. OR_Jason

    Another "Cannot get full speeds" thread

    I booted the router back up and went back through the settings... here are my findings..... Congestion Control - Bandwidth set at 26/4; Download and Upload cap at 99%; Default prioritization with 4 devices (each at 25); Share Excess enabled for down and up Wifi - Disabled No port forwarding set up UPnP is enabled LAN - IPv6 disabled, MTU static at 1500 WAN - IPv6 disabled, MTU static at 1500 Misc Settings - The only enabled option is "Enable UPnP forwarding" Like I said, I had only my laptop connected via ethernet cable to the router -- I was able to reach full speeds. As soon as I added the XBox and Microcell -- bandwidth plummeted. I have read all the forum posts that have to do with slow speeds and I cannot find the issue with mine. Are there any other diagnostic utilities available to me? (performance counters, logs, CLI commands, etc.)
  7. OR_Jason

    Another "Cannot get full speeds" thread

    I did some more testing and I am able to get full speeds after a factory reboot, then disabling everything but uPNP. It works a treat up until I add the second device -- then, it goes back to 10-12 Mbps. Is it possible (with only the Share Excess option enabled) for a single device to get 100% throughput? Say there are three devices attached and device 1 and 2 are idle -- would device 3 be able to use all the bandwidth? Or does "Share Excess" mean that dormant hosts give up their share? I guess what is the definition of excess in this context?
  8. OR_Jason

    Hello Everybody

    A big hello from Oregon.
  9. Hey all, I am hoping that someone can help me. I am unable to reach my "full speeds" using this NetDuma router. I am on firmware 1.036h (newish unit) I have gone through the FAQ and the forums. I have done the "list" of settings changes. I have done the following (from memory - had to unhook the router) Set bandwidth and allowed the device to auto-configure for my speeds (although it returns a "Error - Warning" with no text indicating the problem) Disable deep packet inspection Disable IPv6 on LAN/WAN Reset distribution / applied distribution Set algorithm to reactive Set anti-flood to 100%/100% The only option in the misc section is the "allow uPnP forwarding" I have a static IP with 26/4 for bandwidth. I can only ever get about 10-12 Mbps down and 4 up (speedtest.net). Strangely, when I use dslreports.com; I can get 17 down and 4 up. All speed tests were performed with a MacBook pro on a wired connection across several repetitions of tests. The actual connection is a wireless connection over microwave (point to multipoint). I don't know if it makes a difference, but the ISP Hub sits atop of my house on a satellite dish and is powered by an inline POE injector. Any help is appreciated. Everything technically "works", but the performance is poor for downloads. Gaming works without issue (even with the settings on "full blast" mode)