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    still not getting smooth games on ps4

    Hm ok will try this out! I have to be in filtering mode also, right?

    still not getting smooth games on ps4

    How can I force to play on other servers? Tried putting home location where else and then I can’t join any lobby... would be nice to get a step by step pls

    Black Ops 4 - Getting P2P Only? Post Here!

    1.Which console are you using? PS4 Pro 2.Which game mode are you trying to play? Core TDM 3.Which DumaOS powered router are you using? R1 4.Where are you located (approximately)? Duisburg, Germany 5.Describe any problems you're having. Since last patch of Black Ops4 only connecting to peer hosted games (No 'E' at end of lobby version number). Last few days I had to search like 10 to 15 times till finding a Game. Until finding one getting Errors like "Lobby not joinable.." "Lobby to full..." and few times I found a Lobby, game seem to start and in the character choose menu the counter freezes and nothing happens, other few times game starts and then after playing few seconds I get booted back to the search for games menu with Error Message "Lobby not joinable...". Since 2 weeks maybe more, only using Spectating Mode cause Filtering Mode won´t find a game or if so Game is Laggy and Shoot first Die first all the time. I have not tested to downgrade to Old Firmware or first Duma Os Firmware... but it is getting really frustrated...Normally Treyarch Cod Games work pretty good for me, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Cods never played smooth for me. Everytime I was shooting whole clips into Enemies just to get instamelted... at this time sometimes same evening after a frustrating session of Infinite Warfare played Black Ops 3 and nice KDs and nice Gameplay. I do not understand that!! But i have sworn that I will never buy an Infinity Ward or Sledgehammer COD again. And now the frustration starts with Black Ops 4... 6.If you have the Netduma R1, please try setting Ping Assist to 50ms and make sure Filtering Mode is enabled. Then, reboot your game. Does this fix your problem? No

    Hope this Helps

    Hm ok! Thx Fraser

    Hope this Helps

    Hello guys, I have already asked the original poster for a Step by step explanation! Problem is I think that he is not active at the forums actually! First of all I would like to explain my setup with my R1 unit! I have a ISP router (Fritzbox 6490 Cable) a few weeks ago my isp has opened the bridge mode for lan ports at this router for us customers! I don’t know why but in Germany it is really hard to get a stand alone modem only with your internet... therefore I was really happy that they opened this mode for us! So I declared one of the lan ports at the Fritzbox as bridge mode and hooked up my r1 unit to it! Wan ip is now a public up adress as i understand this is the same way it would be if I had a stand alone modem , right? Due to the fact that the WiFi normally is bad on isp devices and I want to be able to control all of my internet devices through the duma , i hooked up my old router after the duma!This way I can have the benefit of the good wifi signal! My ps4 is connected to the duma on another port! Fritzbox with bridged lan port 3->Duma on lan port 3 of Fritzbox ->ASUS Router with Merlin software on duma lan & PS4 on another lan port of duma So what do I have to do now in regards of what the original poster explained? sorry for the long text, but I wanted to explain exactly what my setup looks like! thanks in advance for the explanation! EDIT: In Black ops 4 it always shows that I am living like 50 Km away from my real location (geographical region)! If this is important! I do not know why?!

    Black Ops 4 Geo-Filter Cloud needs your help!

    Still nothing in regards of the cloud Update ?

    Black Ops 4 Geo-Filter Cloud needs your help!

    Any news on this ?

    Black Ops 4 Geo-Filter Cloud needs your help!

    Sounds great! Thx fraser as I said just wanted to know some kind of a window no exact date , just if we have to wait one day, one week or a month! Hope that then there will be no problem with flushing the cloud 😉
  9. Can you pls have a Look at the pictures above? I do not know if there are problaby some serious probs with my connection or with my r1 unit ! But failed , kill flow due to timeout ect. do not seem to sound very good , I think!
  10. Hey Fraser , today I looked at the system informations and saw something weird in my log! Or maybe you can tell me if there is something wrong or if it is ok,pls? Kill flow due to timeout messages and a lot of it! A lot of nf-ct-get failed messages ! in the last pictures something about cloudsync , possible something to do with the error I get when trying to flush cloud? help very appreciated!

    Black Ops 4 Geo-Filter Cloud needs your help!

    I know that Netduma - Team after the Duma Os thing do not want to say something on any release dates anymore and I understand that! But now it is a month ago that this post was made... is there still not enough information for a cloud update??

    Geo-Filter not working for PS4 BO4

    Well I think he does not mean that it effects his aim, I think he means that the bullets do not count! Like shots going through enemy without registration as hit !
  13. Fraser today (just right now) tried to flush cloud again and same error message showed up... It is really weird cause before the last update i could make it without problems.
  14. Yep got that error too a day ago... but wasn’t restricting my bandwidth that much! Got 200 down 10 up and if I remember well got qos up and down @70 %

    Flush cloud problem

    Hm i have 200 down and 10 up! Qos is on 75 % on down and up... do not know if this is too limited bandwidth?! But I would say that this values are not bad! Also have share excess ticked! I do not know! It is getting frustrating! One game went nice next 5 or 6 games I get again instamelted after pulling whole clips into enemies... and it is every time the same guy in the lobby that does not die...