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  1. Reset distribution clicked Ipv6 white on both tips I'm using the Huawei hg612 so pppoe details are entered in the R1 As I mentioned I get the max speeds on the original firmware Thanks
  2. I put them to 100 20 but no difference
  3. Hi I'm having another set of testing with the DUMAOS. I'm on Fibre (BT / Plusnet) so using PPPoe My max speed on the R1 with Reactive would be 66mb down 12mb up. I have set the bandwidths to this in DUMAOS. I have goodput ticked IPV6 is off (white switch) Using speedtest.net for speed tests [edit] All hardwired as well With QOS set to Never I get around 55mb / 12mb http://www.speedtest.net/result/7728487609 If I Disable QoS I get expected speeds of 64mb and 12mb http://www.speedtest.net/result/7728492286 I have followed the DUMAOS Help on setting speeds which says if I get a difference between the two then my set up is wrong but I have followed the steps and not sure what else to look at. If I downgrade to the Original Firmware then I get max speeds straight away so it cannot be a hardware issue. I have been through a reboot via the menu a few times but with no difference What else can I try? Thanks
  4. Dan

    Using PayPal

    I guessed that's what you were trying to do and appreciate that it is hard to educate the masses. However, you have a niche product and therefore can dictate, to a degree, how it must be paid for. On the flip side, the demographic of the customer will make a difference depending on their age and access to a credit / debit card. However, if someone wants an R1 they will find a way. I know of stripe but my organisation's volumes are large enough to be considered an enterprise and therefore stripe wouldn't be competitive. Interesting comp below which you may find useful and sums it up nicely. PayPal was gifted it's position off of the success of eBay but the world has caught up and now overtaken it. With the introduction of PSD2 expect to see more ways to take payment developing. https://memberful.com/blog/stripe-vs-paypal/
  5. Dan

    DumaOS issues

    Hey Joe Are these run on your console? Have you set QoS to always? Did you set up your bandwidth settings the same as R1 original? In the DUMASOS help section there is a guide on refining your speed settings. What happens if you lower sliders further?
  6. Netduma Apologies, for just missing the vote deadline. I work in e-commerce so deal with payment processing. There is quite a misconception about agents like PayPal (and equivalents). From a consumer perspective, whilst they do have a protection scheme of their own, in the UK you have greater protection under the credit consumer Act if paying with a credit card. Furthermore, if you pay with a credit card through PayPal (or equivalent) you actually give up some of these rights. Therefore, in the UK paying with a credit card ( if you have one) ourside of PayPal should always be your first choice. Then credit card through PayPal, then cash transfer methods which have the least protection. From a business perspective PayPal tends to be much more expensive to process unless you have a significant negotiation position. This isn't a snub at PayPal just the Agency mechanic that complicates a payment transaction.
  7. As zennon says. However, if you previously changed your IP address it will remember it.
  8. Are you in the latest firmware? WiFi isn't the R1s best feature. It may not be your preferred option but you could add a second router (if you have one) bridged to provide the WiFi. The R1 handles all the connections. You can even hard wire the second router to the best place in the house if you have weak reception spots.
  9. Teething issues I guess.....but reckon a large part of the CoD community owes Sledgehammer an apologetic nod at the least. They aren't the only developer to have issues at launch. The weird thing about P2P was that the hosts were all over the place in countries I'd need an atlas for. No UK, France, Italy or German connections in an hour's session so gave up.
  10. Would also say "Hats off" to Netduma as well because downgrading is a breeze and almost all settings are retained.
  11. There's quite a few niggles to be dealt with but don't think Black OPS 4 problems are to do with DUMAOS. Blackout keep putting me on USA servers so I'm on 100ms pings and BO4 is all peer-to-peer so there must be server issues. Tried a bit of both and in the end went back to WW2 and had a good session - never thought I'd say that
  12. but ping is ICMP and gaming is UDP/TDP. Reason IO noticed it was because the game play was not quite as smooth.
  13. My point, perhaps too subtle, is that it's slightly odd that you can't force access the GUI once it's under load. Yes, in this instance I could but access wasn't instant. More importantly, once the wife is on the network, it'll take a braver man than me to ask her to pause for a moment so, and I quote "you playing that bloody game again"
  14. Hi On original Firmware http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest/40311045 A+ A+ On DUMAOS http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest/40311841 very similar speeds but line quality is now D which means between 5 - 12% of packet loss / re-transmission and in this particular test 5-7% re-transmission.
  15. I couldn't get in to the GUI the whole time the download was running. To a degree isn't the R1 defeating itself? With a download running I couldn't get into the GUI to turn on Bufferbloat or adjust the Sliders or reduce amount of bandwidth available to the device using it all.