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  1. Dan

    unplugged the duma r1 for black ops 4

    Does your in game console information show a bandwidth much above 4000? For me it usually caps about 4151. Once, with a Netgear R7000 it showed 6171 but never again
  2. It's actually a positive. On blackout they are obviously servers so showing as peers (on original firmware) means a permanent ban rather than just 10mins.
  3. I'm on the PS4. Only playing Blackout so connections must be servers. Locations seem to correspond to ping but they show as peers rather than servers.
  4. Thanks l gave it a try. No difference.
  5. ok tah. As of tonight still lots of servers on Blackout showing as P2P. Not sure if they were being picked up in the cloud update
  6. Quite possibly. There are lots at the moment. Compare the ping to what you would expect and it will give you a clue to its real location. We're waiting for a cloud update for the R1
  7. Yep another game update last night Issues still there plus sound issues to. Overall feels worse than launch
  8. Hi I need the original firmware. DUMAOS lacks upnp forwarding which I rely upon hence the need for a cloud update on the original R1
  9. That's a question for your wife's IT department to answer
  10. Yes the original firmware. I do hope the cloud update comes to it. Original firmware beats DUMAOS for my purposes
  11. Hi Went back to original firmware. Now post patch 1.08 and three game updates. Open R1 set geo to cover UK and Europe (2000 miles). Ping assist on 30ms to capture misplaced servers. Boot up game - at least 7 servers are picked up within geo and a couple of ping-assisted in USA. Play a game of Blackout..... Die Leave game Deploy Kicked out "lobby not joinable" No changes made to R1 whilst game running Never had this before on original firmware
  12. Bigger pinch required........ Throttling is nothing new. 1% of his bandwidth is 1mb down and 400kbps up. Per DUMAOS the game uses between 70 and 150kbps on the download and 30-80kbps on the upload so there is plenty of headroom and I don't see this as a lag switch. He also mentions saturation which is counter-intuitive when using an R1. Would think that This will affect his download and impair his game unless the R1 is doing its job of course. Matchmaking is so bizarre compared to other games. I'll be on a UK server at 6ms then a USA (misplaced or very bad) at 250ms. This alone would screw up any underhand strategy.
  13. Hehe. Jokes aside, it's good to see users willing to share their experiences with others to overcome the issues we face every year. BO4 does seem to have come with a "new and improved" version of mucking it up and there aren't any quick fixes. Some recommendations must be taken with a pinch of salt. People rush to make misunderstood changes and complain when the magic doesn't happen. Worse still they can make the problem. Use proven methods where you can, a DNS benchmark will advise your best DNS server (mine had never recommended my router). You don't need to saturate your connection with HD content to play online - unless you are stream sniping YouTube content creators. Accept that B04 and its matchmaking still need much work. Personally I am glad that I play only on console now that aim bot has arrived on PC.