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  1. Albo2001

    Italian Dedis

    England or Germany Fraser..
  2. Albo2001

    Italian Dedis

    Ww2 Xbox Fraser..
  3. All italian Dedis are desappears , or mislocated..
  4. Sorry for the reply.. But.. With all betatesters , in the Xr500 you couldnt perma ban dedis. One of the most important feature. In my opinion search for other people that could find this bug.
  5. Albo2001 DNS

    Dns doesn t affect hit detection.. I think its a placebo effect..
  6. Albo2001

    Dedis Mislocated

    C76c420d0966383d C76c46110966383d
  7. Albo2001

    Dedis Mislocated

    C76c602b0966383d.. but all c76 dedis
  8. Milan Dedis are all mislocated in north america..
  9. Same Issue in Italian and German dedis Fraser..
  10. Thank you so much Fraser..
  11. Could you send me the same firmware?? I have the same issue and persist , factory reset , replace the same firmware but nothing to do..
  12. Albo2001

    Block Dedicated Server

    I reinstalled the new firmware but issue persist..
  13. Albo2001

    Block Dedicated Server

    Any news Jack??
  14. Albo2001

    Block Dedicated Server

    Try to block German dedis.. there is a issue with 3/4 dedis!
  15. 0768f8c305a6e9ee 076800cb05a6e9ee Same for this