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  1. Albo2001

    Back to being shit... Sigh

    Its a game side.. The new netcode is terrible , hit detection is terrible.. This game is unplayable..
  2. Albo2001

    Patch 1.06 (148 megas)

    Today i played ww2.. Insane hit detection!!
  3. Albo2001

    Tickrate for Xbox EU servers?

    Mitja i read that you saw an Italian Dedis in Africa.. Where are they??
  4. Albo2001

    Patch 1.06 (148 megas)

    For me (xbox one x ) no issue in "Searching Match" , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 ms in Italian dedis.. But this game for me is unplayable , hit marker terrible , shot first die first.. I think this is the worst cod that i played
  5. Albo2001

    Todays Patch

    Nice one Treyarch..
  6. Albo2001

    Italian Dedis

    England or Germany Fraser..
  7. Albo2001

    Italian Dedis

    Ww2 Xbox Fraser..
  8. All italian Dedis are desappears , or mislocated..
  9. Sorry for the reply.. But.. With all betatesters , in the Xr500 you couldnt perma ban dedis. One of the most important feature. In my opinion search for other people that could find this bug.
  10. Albo2001 DNS

    Dns doesn t affect hit detection.. I think its a placebo effect..
  11. Albo2001

    Dedis Mislocated

    C76c420d0966383d C76c46110966383d
  12. Albo2001

    Dedis Mislocated

    C76c602b0966383d.. but all c76 dedis
  13. Milan Dedis are all mislocated in north america..