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  1. Wishdokta

    Netduma Destiny 2 optimal settings

    Geofilter on both PC and PS4 work really well for me, single player stuff seems to always favour an East Coast US server with 150+ms ping but patrols and strikes are always busy with quick connections and no server kicks. Thanks to all involved in the communication getting our netdumas to this stage with D2, some stellar work.
  2. Wishdokta

    Destiny 2

    I still get the occasional +150ms host in US from Europe but it’s rare, overall <60ms from all activities with these new Destiny 2 cloud settings. No kicks as yet.
  3. I’ve been using the Destiny profile, Geofilter enabled with distance cut down to 1000km most of this afternoon with no problems. Strikes, public events, patrols, visiting city/farm all working great with no server kicks. Bleeding edge cloud may be older but that old Netduma magic is back.
  4. Wishdokta

    Destiny 2

    Here are a couple of servers that kicked me halfway through strikes. d40d00cbaa73353a 8a0d0dd8aa29363b both on East coast USA