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    No internet connection

    Success!! That worked thank you.
  2. plscarpenter

    No internet connection

    I put xfinity in bridge mode then connected R1 to xfinity and then connected a line from R1 to laptop. No internet. Then typed in ipconfig in command prompt. IPv4 There is no number in default gateway. I’ve had the same setup since I brought the netduma some years ago.
  3. plscarpenter

    No internet connection

    Xfinity default gateway xfinity gateway modem router combo,
  4. plscarpenter

    No internet connection

    I have tried 1. And 2. of your suggestions. The lights that are lit up on the top are the ones that have a line plugged in and also the little lights on the back are lit green. Also the reset button doesn’t reset the box anymore. Also when I did connect to the box through WiFi it showed connected status but with no internet connection.
  5. plscarpenter

    No internet connection

    How do you have everything connected? i.e. modem > Netduma > all devices > Netduma Do you see a WAN IP Address in Device Manager of the Netduma? Can not open netduma page at all. Also - does your modem still have Internet? In other words, is the no internet issue definitely just limited to the R1? Only netduma has no internet.
  6. My netduma isn’t connecting to the internet and of course with that I can’t open the host filter screen. Tried the reset button in the back and unplugged it for over 24hrs. I can see the WiFi connection and can connect to it but still no internet connection. I have no clue of what else I can do, so can you please try to help me solve what the issue is? Thank you.
  7. I am on an older version than 1.03.5 and have remote support ticked and that you want to upgrade.