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  1. ok, so i want to open the port 25565 so i can have a minecraft server to play with friends. I have tried literally everything suggested to me, i am just amazed it is so hard to do!! I think it has something to do with the connection between my modem and my netduma. My netduma is in the dmzplus mode of my modem. i just dont know if this can be resolved but if you have any suggestions i would appreciate it. also, i have upnp enabled right now and it automatically opened ports on my computer that i am trying to manually open ports on. when i test those ports online they are closed as well. do you think its possible that the online port checkers are inaccurate?
  2. hi, bear with me im gonna provide as much info on the situation as i can. I have DESPERATELY been trying to port forward on my netduma. I have tried literally everything and cant get it to work, all i need is 1 port opened!! I have my R1 setup in my modems DMZplus mode, and its like my r1 just cant do port forwarding. i have assigned a static ip to my pc through the windows network settings, and the dhcp lease settings on my netduma. but even after doing all this and trying to get it to work whenever i test the port im trying to open it is always closed. If yall have any info on why this is happening or could help me out i would really really appreciate it!! thanks
  3. WMThunder

    Port forwarding not working.

    @Netduma Jack still doesnt work, this is crazy how hard can it be to open a port!!
  4. WMThunder

    Port forwarding not working.

    hi, tried all of that port is still closed no matter what i do, its like port forwarding on the netduma does literally nothing when you add the rule
  5. Hi i am trying to open a port for a minecraft server. whenever i add the rule on the netduma and use a port checker online the port is not opened. I have my netduma in the dmz with my main modem. how can i get the port i want to open, actually open? any help appreciated.
  6. No, geo filter is totally off
  7. Hi, I have my Netduma connected to my internet modem and the netduma is in the DMZ and works perfectly. However whenever i try to create a minecraft server with my setup, i just cannot get it to let my friends connect. For the server to work the port 25565 has to be open, which i have opened on my netduma. however when i go online to a port checker, it says that the 25565 port is closed on my public ip but it says that its open on my netduma. any ideas on how to get a minecraft server working to let friends connect when in the dmz with the netduma? any help appreciated im pretty frustrated that i cant do this.
  8. Hi, so i have my netduma in my routers DMZ and i usually dont have nat issues but lately i have been. Sometimes when i turn on my xbox one my nat is open, but it also says strict a good amount of the time. when i test multiplayer connection and do the bumer + trigger trick it says "your network is behind a port-preserving port-symmetric nat". also on games such as call of duty it says my nat is moderate sometimes. so basically my nat is all over the place. any ideas on how to get it to stay stable on open?
  9. Hi, so I have my netduma connected to my modem and the netduma is in DMZ.. i have upnp enabled in settings, but under miscellaneous "enable upnp forwarding" is off. on my xbox when i do detailed network statistics it says "your network is behind a upnp port-restricted nat." if any of you know how to make my nat open on my xbox one i would really appreciate the help!!
  10. so by turning off upnp and port forwarding on my modem will it allow access for my netduma to open ports? the weird thing is that i have port forwarded things on my consoles through my netduma to open my nat and it has worked. for my pc with minecraft though it just doesnt work. @Netduma Fraser
  11. nothing is using the port and it isnt blocked. im not sure if i have a static ip or not, and what do you mean? i set it as start 25565 and end 25565 on tcp&udp
  12. Hi, so I havent had any issues with port forwarding on my netduma until now, and i am trying to make a minecraft server. I open 25565 on tcp & udp in my port forwarding settings on my netduma and apply it to the pc that im running my minecraft server on. however when i test if the port is open on http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/it says that 25565 is closed. also friends cannot join my server. any help would be appreciated, PS in my minecraft server properties i have the ip set as the computers ip that im running the server off of.