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  1. Yes even fortnite. Who even wrote that game should be in prison
  2. carl0024

    Best Ethernet cable??

    have a look at cat 7 too. might be overkill for gaming but cant hurt if you want the best rig
  3. I respect this. Thanks for sharing. I found 98%/98% works for my 50 down/20 up. great hit detection and eliminates that first shoot die first. and all other settings is this same as what yours except mine is on 'Always' for qos
  4. thanks for the reply fraser. yes but I'm not really comparing the r1 and xr500 at this point. im comparing that original r1 gave us more option to be able to tweak what works for our own connection having the option to disable dpi. and other features. But i get your perspective though. but I wasnt bashin dumaOS at all. just saying if we could get that full control over our router like the original r1 did will benefit everyone.
  5. Hi Team, Is there a way to disable deep packet inspection on DumaOS on R1 or xr500? I feel that it's a massive part on my gameplay on PS4 console. I dont really need it when playing console right? Are you guys going to add this option in the future? I do believe that dpi plays a major role for dumaos to pick up and sort what incoming packets are coming in. but tbh i dont really need all those system info of packet monitoring etc etc. I need a simple consistent gameplay that can compete against other tryhards. I feel like dpi just adds that little extra unecessary processing of data that actually makes a difference of kill or be killed. idk what it is. on PC is ok because servers run on higher tickrates. But I'm on a console. stuck on a 60hz tickrate. Would be nice to have the option to disable any extra heavy processing from R1. PS. I got DumaOS on r1 and xr500. both play about the same. original r1 firmware still more dominant in my experience. because I can tweak against lag comp. just my two cents
  6. yes the domain name.im sure thats what he means. pls dont get rid of it. it helps me do ping plotter on my bf1 servers on my xr500
  7. You're not alone bro. So hard playing when everyone is trying to throttle their net one way or another. You pay for good fibre connection and this is what you get
  8. lol wow that link bro. that lag that punishes low pingplayers. thats disgusting. im glad you shared this
  9. carl0024

    Original R1 is better than XR500 DUMAOS

    yes I'm complaining about the less than 1 ms. I mean xr500 should be better than r1 right? I read everywhere in the forums that XR500 is a far superior hardware. That's all. I'm posting this to show why original pre emptive gives me a better chance competing against other try hards. I'm a little concerned because now NETDUMA is investing the rest of the coming years on DUMAOS and leaving preemptive original algorithm with no more updates.
  10. carl0024

    Original R1 is better than XR500 DUMAOS

    Bro the twitter ping plotter isnt the point. the first hop is the point look at my first hop bro. did you even read the post
  11. Ok as the title says I've finally had enough with having unfair games and did my own pingplotter tests. Now I have a Fibre Connection. I own both xr500 DumaOS and R1 with original firmware. I did not upgrade to dumaOS on r1 specifically because dumaos on xr500 never delivered good games for me. Now I know why. Attached below is my results for pingplotter. Xr500 was giving me 2.5 average ping on my first hop R1 Preemptive was giving me a 1.8 average ping on my first hop and Lastly I took off any router and went straight for a NAT Type 1 connection (No Router) and literally gave me no extra 1st hop. P.S. However I'd like to have a router to connect my other devices. Even though "No router" gives me monster games. Can anyone explain to me why Xr500 is all but a marketing for gamers product? Because as a competitive gamer Im very disappointed. I was hoping when I bought dumaos I will be dropping other 5kd players easy. but no its not the case. I play a lot of scrims against other good players. So every shed of latency is important to me. Pingplotter Xr500, netduma r1, and straight to modem.pdf
  12. Thanks Admin! Thats brilliant. Please don't change this cloud syncs. I am most certain I'll be staying with Orig R1 in the coming years. I got xr500 for DumaOS and R1 for original so I'm covered for both anyways. Because in all honesty I'm getting better games in orig R1. I die less. DumaOS I kill faster but I also die faster.
  13. Hi Fraser, Understandable that you guys wont update anymore on original r1. However can you just clarify for peace of mind. If I stay on original r1 firmware. Does the geo filter cloud update for me as well as when you update cloud for DumaOS in the coming years? I already have this idea that the geo filter cloud is most likely the same for orig r1 and DumaOS. But I need to hear from you guys for clarity and peace of mind if its alright.
  14. Ok I think this is a very crucial topic which I think makes a major factor for connection with me. I really love the preemptive connection on original r1 better than duma OS. Im a a really competitive gamer. I need that no lag advantage preemptive gives me. However like people have said original r1 doesnt have the features of denying dedis permanently if I'm not mistaken. Can Netduma give me the peace of mind that you will still work on improvements for original r1 in the future not just dumaOS features.. Can we get the same options/features on host filtering with original r1 regarding denying servers?