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  1. Thanks Admin! Thats brilliant. Please don't change this cloud syncs. I am most certain I'll be staying with Orig R1 in the coming years. I got xr500 for DumaOS and R1 for original so I'm covered for both anyways. Because in all honesty I'm getting better games in orig R1. I die less. DumaOS I kill faster but I also die faster.
  2. Hi Fraser, Understandable that you guys wont update anymore on original r1. However can you just clarify for peace of mind. If I stay on original r1 firmware. Does the geo filter cloud update for me as well as when you update cloud for DumaOS in the coming years? I already have this idea that the geo filter cloud is most likely the same for orig r1 and DumaOS. But I need to hear from you guys for clarity and peace of mind if its alright.
  3. Ok I think this is a very crucial topic which I think makes a major factor for connection with me. I really love the preemptive connection on original r1 better than duma OS. Im a a really competitive gamer. I need that no lag advantage preemptive gives me. However like people have said original r1 doesnt have the features of denying dedis permanently if I'm not mistaken. Can Netduma give me the peace of mind that you will still work on improvements for original r1 in the future not just dumaOS features.. Can we get the same options/features on host filtering with original r1 regarding denying servers?
  4. carl0024

    MTU Lan settings on xr500

    Thanks fraser, yup noted. But I do feel like I get better reaction times doing it. compared to 1500 where i get instant melted.
  5. Hi all, can someone explain where I can change mtu on lan for xr500? When I change my WAN mtu to 1492. then on my ps4 1492. I get the message router in use may not support ip fragmentation. Can someone clarify if my wan mtu on xr500 is 1492, does that automatically change lan side to 1492 as well?
  6. carl0024

    xr500 plus r1 together

    ok so I ended up buying xr500. Now my setup is Internet > Netduma R1 > xr500. I have tried xr500 first then r1 but after a lot of tests and gaming. I have come to a conclusion that nothing beats pre-emptive algorithm of the r1. The hit detection is just solid however I am a second behind. Comparing xr500 and r1. For gameplay I think r1 preemptive wins. I know Netduma is planning to fully support DumaOS for the rest of the future. But I hope Netduma will still keep updating original r1 because at the moment. I think the preemptive algorithm of original r1 firmware is better than DumaOS. Why I have concluded this? On R1 I have consistent 3-4kds per game. on xr500 I was struggling to get 1-2kd. This is an honest feedback. R1 seems to better handle other laggy people in my lobby than xr500. I dunno what it is.
  7. carl0024

    xr500 plus r1 together

    @Tai N Thanks for your honest post bro, I live in Melbourne Australia. I dont have a youtube channel so I cant post any vid. However my gameplay is exactly like yours where you got solid hit detection but I can feel that those guys that are laggy have a slight advantage over you. it's the same thing with me. That first clip you've shown where you shot first but then he kills you behind a corner. Thats what I'm talking about the 1 second behind gameplay I'm getting. I hate the fact that my fibre connection is dictated by laggy 4g wifi players in the lobby. I play bf1 as well and even that feels like im a second behind. @Netduma Admin thanks for your post, yep I will take that note. but however I cant ignore some people's setups that works for them through gaming with lots of qos. Like a7legit (with all due respect, God rest his soul) he plugs his r1 to r7000 and somehow he melts through people. He lives in melb too. why cant I get the same results? I got xim 4 I got a good monitor benq. The only thing hindering me is connection. I only have two devices connected to my R1. Just a PC and PS4. Thats it. I tried throttling but it's not consistent. I'm going to buy the xr500 I hope it delivers what all the marketing says it does. and fiddle around with it together with r1. Btw I live alone. So Im not sharing any bandwidth to anyone. So bufferbloat isnt an issue. I'll come back with an honest post later on
  8. carl0024

    xr500 plus r1 together

    This message is predominantly for players like nfxcrew or velony or any one that drops good kds consistently. I saw all your youtube vids and Im wondering how you guys got yours setup. Has anyone tried to plug both r1 and xr500 at the same time. my hit detection is solid however I always feel like I am behind and at the backfoot. I'd like to be able to rush and still win gunfights. I only have the r1 but am contemplating on getting xr500. and then using both together. Would this give me that consistent bullet sponge like people got going? i need some honest response. Ive seen setups where people do combination qos. like netduma r1 > r7000 or netduma r1 > edgerouter-x combinations. Im wondering if anyone has tried xr500 > r1 together. Im talking about gameplay advantages. Atm I got 50down 20up. fibre to the house. its solid but I can feel Im still a second behind. regardless I got consistent 17ms and low ping spikes A bufferbloat. I mean you get guys like pwnstardotcom who got consistent gameplays. only because he got a good internet combi setup. I doubt he's only using r1... there's got to be something else he got other than r1
  9. carl0024

    DSL reports is not accurate

    Can you use pingplotter through ps4? or is that a PC thing
  10. carl0024

    Destiny 2 Forsaken PVP gameplay 30+ kills unbroken

    Im assuming you were in a party of 6? Just wondering if you have to be the party leader while you're fiddling around geo filter? do you have geo on regardless someone else in your party is the leader?
  11. are there any gameplay advantages between an xr700 and r1? honest thoughts please?
  12. thanks mate I appreciate the response. I will wait till there will be an option to disable it. yea if anything I believe it adds a little lag when I play PS4 multiplayer console games. so I always have that disabled
  13. Can you tell me if there is an option to disable deep packet inspection on DumaOS R1? I just read in one of the forums that you cant disable this on xr500 dumaos. I think this is a game breaker for me if I cant disable this
  14. Thanks Soloflyerz and vello! Yes well I just need another perspective from people with experience with netduma. I have taken note both your opinions. Thank you very much
  15. Hi all, I'd like to ask for advice for the anti-flood algorithm. I have a fiber connection with 85 down and 35 upload. Should I be using preemptive or reactive? Also do I have turbo on or off? in miscellaneous? Thanks for any tips. I mainly play fortnite on PS4. However somehow I feel like I am unable to kill anyone everytime I play reactive algorithm. Can anyone kindly explain in detail the difference between the two. A detailed nerdy explanation is also preferred if possible. If you can go into the algorithm side of things.