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  1. spacejumping

    Ps4pro Geo filter not populating

    ok I just went through and removed all network connections and soft reset my ps4 rebooted the xr500 deleted all the geo filters logged out setup everything again with just the ps4 on wired and its working now. I wonder if the xr500 was keeping old settings because I gave my ps4 a different static address also with my ps4 off and disconnected from ethernet, I couldnt remove the device from device manager I'll keep testing and re-add my pc and xbox to see what it does Yea all NAT is open PS4 is type 2
  2. spacejumping

    Ps4pro Geo filter not populating

    Yes I deleted the wired geo filter device and setup the wifi device. My consoles have never been on wifi. First time was to test out this. I've tried 3 different ethernet cables tried removing the wired switch and connect directly to the router
  3. spacejumping

    Ps4pro Geo filter not populating

    Just tried using wifi on my ps4. Setup everything and the geofilter populates correctly went back to wired and nothing shows up.
  4. spacejumping

    Ps4pro Geo filter not populating

    Ok added it again and flushed the cloud. Searched for a game and still nothing [imgur](https://i.imgur.com/IkuHT9Z.png) Its weird too because my pc and xbox both populate just fine
  5. spacejumping

    Ps4pro Geo filter not populating

    Yes, I always double check the addresses to make sure they match up. I have removed the device multiple times from device manager and even set static address to it with no change. Changed the name in the device manager to make sure I'm adding the correct device too.
  6. I have used the R1 for years and finally picked up the XR500 I have setup my ps4pro under device manager to playstation Added ps4 to geo filter as a console - Filtering mode (also tried spectating mode) profile was set to destiny I can't see any servers or triangles or anything on the geo filter map Meanwhile... I setup my pc and it works - I can see servers and triangles on the geo filter PC is set to console (saw this in another thread) geo filter is set to spectating EDIT** Just setup my Xbox1X and everything populates xbox in device manager set as console under geo filter in filtering mode Can see servers and triangles