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  1. Medievildead

    1on1 support

    would friday at 2.00 pm UTC +10 time be ok i sent u a private msg
  2. Medievildead

    1on1 support

    was told by netduma email to make a post requesting a 1 on 1 an confirm order details order number #ND-68491419775643
  3. Medievildead

    Slow speeds through netduma

    i done that an still the same im lucky to get a 1 mbps upload through netduma isp router i get 35 mbps upload anymore suggestions
  4. Medievildead

    Slow speeds through netduma

    I've done them setting changed Ethernet cable stile the same I get a 90 download an a 30 upload on my isp but through netduma I lucky to get a 1 upload downloads fine its just upload speeds through the netduma are really bad anymore suggestions
  5. Very bad speeds though netduma router I have a 90 download an 30 upload with my isp router but with netduma I get 0.50 upload speed I have netduma connected to my main isp router
  6. Medievildead

    Slow/ or no upload speeds

    Slow or no upload speeds through netduma isp router is fine with speeds