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  1. scbba

    glitching and rubberbanding

    ok thanks, I will readjust my congestion and see if that works
  2. I have the r1 and let the r1 set up the internet for me I have down and 6 up I have the geo filter to set to 413 miles with strict mode ticked. I have a 15 to 15 ms ping to the Atlanta server but IM rubberbanding every other game and it goes on for the whole match sometimes it stops the next game sometimes it doesn't it happens on the ps4 and the Xbox 1any help would be appreciated
  3. I got into touch with my isp and I have some line issues but its going to take them 6 to 8 wks to fix it so Ill report back after they fixed it and see how it does thanks for all the support
  4. OK thanks Ill get in touch with them. I have Charter Spectrum
  5. I only have the setting it sets up for you on the r1 no I really don't have anything open when testing except for my mt4 platform for my trades
  6. here is the run from my xbox/ps4 port with the same cable as I ran the modem to pc test
  7. Yes same cable as the r1 and ill do another run on a different port in the am
  8. here is a run from the modem to the pc
  9. Thanks, Jake I will run a direct modem test this evening and see how that turns out and report back. I already have used 2 different cables on the last 2 test I posted
  10. here is from my pc to the r1
  11. here is my new ping plotter run and its about the same
  12. Asheville is only like 30 miles but my trace route on ping plotter goes from my home to south Carolina and back to asheville would that be why I get a better ping to Georgia than Asheville? Since I did a factory reset and put my speed to 60 and 5 my sliders are 75 70 now I get 18ms to 30 ms ping in Georgia the 3 games I played seemed better I had 2 of the 3 games that were better than previous I'll expand my geo graph to around 600 miles tomorrow and see if it plays better on the north east servers and report back
  13. OK here is after I factory reset my r1 this is the speeds I get do I add these numbers my bandwidth or leave it at 60 down and 5 up?
  14. Ok great I'll try this and report back to you thanks. Yes that was a local server about 30 miles away
  15. Here are my local speed test and the r1 test