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  1. Here are 2 test I ran with the r1 today and it seems my line is cleaner with just the modem its self. my settings on the R1 are I let it set its self up with 70/70 sliders and no matter what I do it doesn't change from what it looks like below my speeds are 100 down and 10 up but I rarely ever get that from them so I have it set at 60 down and 5 up which is closer to what i actually get.
  2. scbba

    bad line?

    right now we only have 3.0 as far as I am aware of. How do I go about getting a separate modem for each through them?
  3. scbba

    bad line?

    Thanks Frazier but that modem isn' compatible with spectrum
  4. scbba

    bad line?

    thanks this would be a modem that would have to be put into bridge mode or the r1 wan into dmz to get a open nat?
  5. scbba

    bad line?

    Do you know of any modems that are good that has cable telephone in it as well ?
  6. scbba

    bad line?

    here is another 1 to google my modem does have the puma 6 chipset so I know this is the the cause of some of this
  7. scbba

    bad line?

    here is the restest sorry it took me so long to rerun the test
  8. scbba

    Black Ops 4 Crash When Host

    I've tried this with the Atlanta server and I wait 4 hrs this morning for a game. I turned it to spectating mode and it takes 15 mins to join a lobby then half way through the white boxes pop up and it kicks me says lost connection to host
  9. scbba

    I cannot find a lobby today

    I've been having the same issue. Geo filter off and it keeps telling me the lobby isn't join able
  10. that didnt help either I am almost 100% certain it is my switch. I have just a basic Netgear switch from Walmart would it be better to get a gaming switch that I can manage?
  11. nah I havent I factory reset it
  12. I tried that before posting I get a open nat on ps4 but not my 2 xboxes
  13. I am pretty sure it's just a modem its the arris tm1602 I know its bad because of the puma chips set but that's all I can get and the screenshot is with the xbox on
  14. I have upnp enabled and I still cant get a open nat I have factory rest and everything
  15. scbba

    bad line?

    I'll change it to the and retest and yes it's set to always. I have 100 down and 10 up