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  1. glaglaman

    Wifi drops for no reason

    What's with channel 7 ?
  2. glaglaman

    Wifi drops for no reason

    Yes you were right : I've unticked wifiworkaround and I've see that every device in my building (probably the neighboors) are using channel 6, 11 or 13. I've switched to the channel 4. And there it is : Thanks. If it disconnect me again I'll repost in this topic.
  3. glaglaman

    Wifi drops for no reason

    Double post : The pattern seems to be repeating every 2 minutes or so :
  4. glaglaman

    Wifi drops for no reason

    Hello, It's already on psk 2 : and wifi work around is ticked : And I'm in my room, so no micro wave no wireless headphone. Just my macbook to surf on the internet (my xbox and ps4 are on "off" and not in "sleep" mode and they are connected by wire to the netduma). what can I do ? Thanks.
  5. Hello, For a few months now I've experienced some wifi drops for no reason. Today using acrylic wifi signal I see this : I'm having constant drop of the wifi signal (the netduma is the purple one) What can I do ? Thanks.
  6. No nothing's working anymore, I'm starting to worrying. I'll post a thread this evening to explain my particular problem.
  7. Paris (and there is two servers in range : France and UK)
  8. It was already ticked. And still nothing.
  9. Here's what I have on halo 5 : Hope I can play the game soon, otherwise it mean I have bought a year of xbox live gold for nothing.
  10. I'll try it tomorow thanks a lot. Hope it works with halo 5, one of my favorite games.