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  1. Hello! few questions. curious as to if DumaOS supports a printer connected via usb to router for local network printing? - How do I disable deep packet processing in DumaOS? - there was an Auto MTU on previouus R1, Though I do not see this option on DumaOS just wondering - is there a stealth mode option in DumaOS like on R1 in the miscellaneous settings ? - Lastly ! will there be an option for WiFi MAC filtering in DumaOS? this way only the devices you want connected via access point are connected manually. cheers!
  2. mountainping

    Netduma keeps seeing a "host"

    yes it is set to xbox live as per recommend by one of the main mods here on these forums. and i have it set to geo filter off yet i still see the system connecting to a host somewhat close to me (same state) can this be though since i was able to configure windows "for the first time" like it was a new computer? or is it 100% possible that someone could have planted something in the harddrive that when they reset windows to factory defaults that it still lingered for them to use? if i were to do a fresh install would i need to have a disc or thumb drive with windows? or is there something in windows that can allow it to reinstall itself? and thanks again for the replies!
  3. mountainping

    Netduma keeps seeing a "host"

    hello ! i recently got a PC w/ WINDOWS 10... now when i open netduma i see that it is connecting to a host nearby some odd miles away... now when im not on that pc , say if i look at netduma from a iphone or laptop, or other pc, this host does not show... what could it be connecting to? is there anything in windows 10 that requires it to connect to a host that may show up in netduma geo filter? how can i find out what my computer is connecting to? (i don't see specific readings for this in windows task manager) when i click on network monitor in netduma all it says is that its connecting to port 443 like i said only when on this pc does netduma show its connecting to this host some odd miles away nearby. its definitely not a dedi server of some sort since on geo filter it only reads to "update/ping/trace" the host.. very curious on what or who the host is. lastly. this computer was a floor model that on the many occasions i seen it on the showroom floor , never seen it powered on at all. it was always disconnected with no cables hooked up to it or monitor near by. although when i first powered it on, it guided me through the new windows 10 user screen that you would see when turning on a new computer for the first time. so im wondering could someone (one of the employees maybe,since they would figure eventually that floor model could end up with a costumer) have installed something on it that allows them to connect to my computer ? i ask that because i see that i can do a reset to factory settings.. and 1 of 2 options states that it can leave your personal files but do a fresh windows install. and 2nd option is wipe everything to do a fresh install.. what are your guys thoughts? seems odd rite? PS: i tried setting that host to 0% on host descriptor then clicking update, this way the geo filter would block it(i have geo filter off though) yet the host keeps coming back but with a different host ID.
  4. mountainping

    host analysis

    Ahh makes sense..thank you for the update you guys are always so helpful!
  5. mountainping

    host analysis

    was using duma on a buds pc and we were playing overwatch and destiny. though when we tried to use the host filter option and add the pc it didnt have options but for only cs go etc ... so we went with port 80 udp/tcp though it did not show any of the servers we were connecting to in overwatch or destiny 2. and host analysis wasnt showing any data for any games we played. how to adjust to make this work?
  6. mountainping

    Star Wars beta

    I just Pre ordered it today at a local Target store... got home only to find out I'm to late to play in the early access beta apprently you had to have ore ordered before September 30th to gain access to early beta... what a bummer :/
  7. mountainping

    Dsl vs Optic Fibre (canada network)

    i mean, bud... you are in SPAIN .... keep that in mind lol... most likely getting connected to us or west/east coast servers.
  8. im on the other end of spectrum. sort of. i never reboot my phone, runs smooth as day 1. i don't reboot router or modem unless something starts messing up.. also have to remember these devices don't have infinite power cycles. they might not turn back on one day when trying to reboot. if you have some sort of phobia abt it, just reboot once a month if you absolutely feel the need. otherwise, just keep it running as long as it can. so to answer your original question. NO , you DO NOT have to restart once and a while.
  9. mountainping

    destiny 2

    destiny 2 is using the same system destiny 1 uses.. the lag you will experience is from the player host. which destiny 2 suffers from. the only thing going to their servers is score, and gun shots that way you have the feeling of instant shooting when firing your weapon for example. everything else is Peer2Peer so getting shot behind walls and people lagging / skipping across the screen being un killable will still be an issue.
  10. mountainping

    destiny 2

    i think you are posting other players id's judging by the number of them you posted which results to 8 id's. destiny 2 pvp is 4v4 hence the 8... try nd post servers and not other players id's
  11. i never see any orange triangles.. especially for destiny/uncharted or cod. the only time i ever see them is when trying to que on Halo 5.
  12. was curious at howcome the geo filter never displays the correct amount of players in the lobby? like in destiny it only shows about 60% of players in lobby in cod about 70-80% and in uncharted about 90% sometimes it only shows about 30% of players in lobby on uncharted or destiny (peer 2 peer)