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    How do you mean? Do you mean the game connected you to this server? Then you have to set your Geofilter so you cover the server next your region.
  2. I finally made it. I deleted the cache in google chrome and its working now
  3. i know what u mean but i am connected to netduma wifi
  4. Look at the image. The router already peeped and restarted but the page is still loading. when i reload the page i get this error message
  5. i just have the reloading page where it says the update will take few minutes, but it goes for 15 minutes or more if i dont close the window of google chrome. than it wont let me login and i have to push the reset button on the router so i can login again. but its still duma os not the old firmware. i will try yours now
  6. thx big dog. now my only problem is to downgrade. it just doenst work
  7. Dear Netduma-Team, after having a bad experience with the DumaOS Beta Testing I wanted to downgrade to the original firmware. I followed every step in the Netduma Forum but it doesnt let me downgrade. The router just reboots and thats all. And can please somebody tell me the username and the password for the original firmware to login? Maybe I make it these days to downgrade but there is an issue. Thanks in advance for your help guys.
  8. JOE1305

    Netduma OS On R1

    Do you have strict mode on or off? Geofilter on spectating or filtering mode?
  9. JOE1305

    Netduma OS On R1

    bro you have opened the same ports like he did. what doesnt match? be more detailed
  10. JOE1305

    Netduma OS On R1

    but its fine now, what is your problem, i dont get it? i would restart the R1 one now and try to play
  11. JOE1305

    Netduma OS On R1

    click on add rule than put in the port numbers and choose between udp and tcp. its not that difficult
  12. JOE1305

    Black Ops 4 Crash When Host

    I will try to do the next days when i play again. Its strange but its real
  13. JOE1305

    Black Ops 4 Crash When Host

    I have the problem when my PS4 is connected to the R1 I cant start the game. But when I leave the first match/lobby I cannot find any lobbies anymore. When I restart Blops4, like recommended, I cant even connect to the online service anymore. Even though when I restart everything like the router too. Im now still playing on my Fritzbox. I hope there will be an update pretty soon for the DumaOs because its not really working properly. :(.
  14. JOE1305

    DumaOS issues

    I know what you mean connected by Ping Assist. But how is it possible that I got connected through Ping Assist when I set it on 30ms ping and the server/host has 115ms ping like u see on the image above?
  15. Hi everyone, yesterday I connected my ps4 to the R1 after a week, thought maybe now the Ping Assist is out something would change. First of all I couldnt flush the cloud, an error occured. It took too long. I rebooted the R1 still couldnt do anything. Tried to play one match it was laggy asf. So I factory reseted the R1. Set everything up again tried to find a lobby, it took forever, and played on servers I shouldnt play. Had the strict mode on, geofilter on and got connected to a server in the USA. My radius was in Germany. What I recognized, allow and deny doesnt work at all and the geofilter aswell. Look at the images I uploaded. How is it possible to get connected to this server with 115ms ping with geofilter and strict mode on? Than I tried a match on the right server in Germany it was horrible. So i plugged my ps4 back in the Fritzbox. Finding lobbies took only seconds. And it wasnt lagging that much. That shouldnt be the case that I have a better connection on my isp router than with the R1. The update should improve things not making steps back. I like the DumaOS but so far I had worse experience than on the original software.