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  1. JOE1305

    Geo-Filter on stops me from finding a game.

    I have the right IP address of the ps4 in the device manager just checked it. What i realized is, that I have no issues on my isp router (fritzbox). On the console I have Nat type 2, in the game menue moderate. When I connect the ps4 directly to the fritzbox I have open nat type. I dont know what it is, but since the upgrade everything changed. Even on dslreports. I tested the whole morning where I have low bufferbloat. Its on 50 down and 70 up on the cc sliders. Before the upgrade it was 30 down and 20 up. Look at the images below. :(. But its still lagging like hell. I dont know how the youtubers in America have no issues at all. Like they have a different version of black ops 4. Its pissing me off. Can you please check this Irish Server. Once its showing me 17ms ping and than 192ms. Im living in Austria. I cant have a 17 ping to Irland. Thx
  2. JOE1305

    Geo-Filter on stops me from finding a game.

    Have the same problem here. When I start Blops4 not even one server is detected on the world map. Geo filter was off when booting up the game. The most of the time I get an connection error like in the second image. When I plug my Ps4 directly into the Fritzbox have no issues at all to connect to online services and to find lobbies.
  3. He everyone, since the update to DumaOs im really struggling with online gaming. I cant find lobbies on Blops4, cant join my friends in pre-game lobbies. So I tested on pingplotter and on dsl report an hour ago. On pingplotter everything is fine like expected. But on dsl report the upload is killing me and I didnt have this issue before upgrading the R1. I moved the sliders where I have triple A+ but the result you can see in the images. Now I know why my picture stutters when Im playing and everything is lagging. Can somebody help me please, I cant play online with these issues. Thx in advance.
  4. JOE1305

    From Spain, no geo filter around me

    yeah it didnt help me either. i always see only the server in Irland and the UK. even with the tips didnt work
  5. JOE1305

    DumaOS on the Netduma R1 is now in Open Beta!

    hi jack. can you tell me, why there is reboot router or factory reset on duma os for the r1? how can i restart the r1 from the user interface?
  6. JOE1305

    Black Ops 4 Support

    i did what you said above but still i see only one server and cant even find lobbies. i think they need to fix the game.
  7. JOE1305

    Black Ops 4 Support

    this is the only dedi i see also on my screen. and im living in austria
  8. JOE1305

    DumaOS on the Netduma R1 is now in Open Beta!

    you have to sign up bro like i did yesterday night :D
  9. Thanks for your response. Just a last question. Is it possible to play p2p on cod ww2? I would try to mind the dedis just to check out how the game would feel like?
  10. Hello Jack, thanks for your response. I didnt say that Netduma R1 gave me bad connection, I just wanted what I experienced. I followed every instruction given by the forum or the netduma guides and nothing helped at all. I am sure that my R1 is set up correctly cause I am using pingplotter for a long time and also dslreports for my tests. Im going to make more tests the next days on pingplotter with the Fritzbox and the R1 to see if its a line problem or not. I was playing on a dedicated server with 18ms ping, actually I should melt people but no. I know, I know, if the line is bad than the lower ping wont help me either :)
  11. Hallo alle zusammen, habe seit Juli einen neuen Internetanbieter und die Fritzbox dazugenommen, weil ich viel gutes von ihr gehört habe. Mein R1 ist mit der FB verbunden und alle anderen Geräte zum R1. Seit ich von Kabelinternet zu DSL gewechselt bin hat sich mein Ping zum deutschen Server in Frankfurt (Cod) von 35 auf 18ms ping verbessert. Trotzdem kann ich kein einziges Spiel auf Core spielen ohne mich zu ärgern. Schieße zuerst aber sterbe als Erster. Habe in der Congestion Control die Balken auf 30/20 eingestellt, da ich da die besten Ergebnisse auf dslreports bekomme. Kann mir jemand sagen, wie ich die Fritzbox auf bridge mode stelle und wo ich die DMZ Funktion finden kann? Vielen Dank im Voraus
  12. Hello everybody, how do I know if my Fritzbox 7582 has a PUMA 6 Chipset or not? Here is a screenshot from wiki. Thx
  13. Thanks man. Im gonna try it. I never had this issue that the R1 freezes like this and its a new one I got in April. Already exchanged one R1 because it was faulty. I just want to play core modes man :(. Im tired of playing hardcore all the time. Im talking with people online they dont even have a Netduma R1 and dont even know about it and still have a nice gameplay. But I cant do shit even with the R1 and have a ping of 18ms. My R1 is in a ventilated area, its on a lowboy.