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  1. mxHOLGE

    CoD WW2 Opinions

    There is no dedis in either Denmark/Sweden/Norway/Finland... The geofilter is not usable there! I've been using Netduma since the release also cod games except last year...
  2. mxHOLGE

    CoD WW2 Opinions

    "Please try to use this thread for your WW2 opinions, good and bad, what you'd like to see change, etc." ww2 totally suck as always! Lag! Sweden vs host in Zambia is not the best way to build a multiplayer game! Thanks for letting this post stay! "freedom of speech"
  3. mxHOLGE

    Dedicated server in Sweden yet? (Call of Duty)

    Last two years the server in Denmark does not exist even if you may see the dot on the map. Quake has one active...not sure about CS:GO but i guess there's a few at lest... I won't buy COD this year either just because the high ping (above 50), im over it
  4. Is there mayby a dedi server in Sweden yet for Cod? Last year I did not buy cod for many reasons....one reason was because the long distance to the host = 50+ ping..not so fair.... Anyways... have anyone seen a yellow dot in Sweden on the Netduma map?
  5. mxHOLGE

    Svenska Netduma players?

    Vore lämpligt att slå våra skallar ihop, förmodar att vi inte är så många? Tyvärr är det COD som står högst på listan, bojkottade COD i fjol pga allt lagg och micro dlc skit "pay 2 win". Samt att alla hosts var i Holland, England 99% av gångerna med en ping som bäst på 50isch.... skandal! Det som behövs är en svensk/dansk/norsk dedi server så man kan få en ping på 20-40 så kan det bli spelbart! Hoppas det blir lite fart i tråden nu när vintern kommer
  6. I'm really curious about this game...maybe its worth buying a new pc... I do wonder if i will get lower than my call of duty (xbox one) 50-60 ping with a PC and Quake Champions... I get that high ping because the distance from Sweden and hosts in UK/GER/NL isch....really suck.. If i would buy a new Pc and game etc for maybe 1000-1500 euro and then play online with 50 ping.. Any ideas? Will it maybe be p2p or dedicated servers?
  7. mxHOLGE

    Not getting full speed

    Today i'm available. How about you? #howbodah
  8. mxHOLGE

    Not getting full speed

    I reset the settings Tested ISP router, got around 99mbit/s, changed Speed & Duplex - 1gb full (test) speedtest: 279mbit/s comment: like a boss (or not) R1 router plugged in port 1 primary router 94,4mbit/s Still confusing... Before there was no need to change the Speed & Duplex setting....not sure if it's usually set to Auto maybe..
  9. mxHOLGE

    Not getting full speed

    Thanks for the support buddy! The wired connection is not working after the restart. Using wifi now I will be online on and off after 16.00
  10. mxHOLGE

    Not getting full speed

    sweet im online! Team view ok?
  11. mxHOLGE

    Not getting full speed

    old thread: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/20146-wan-port-is-busy-i-just-got-fiber/ With only ISP router connected and nothing else I get the speed 297 down and 122 up. With only R1 95 down and 96 up....
  12. PPPoE is disabled I checked the settings again but now the super turbo mode is ticked. Reactive Algorithm 100% anti-flood Share excess enabled Reset device prioritisation & apply Disable IPv6 in WAN, LAN & misc Disable deep packet in misc Enable turbo mode Ensure the ethernet cables you're using connecting the R1 to hub & R1 to PC are Cat5e+/can handle your speeds. Do a wired speed test from a PC
  13. Only the PC is connected. Super Turbo mode did not change the speed.