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  1. Yam Yam

    DumaOS on the Netduma R1 is now in Open Beta!

    Hello all !! Long time, no see πŸ™ˆ Great to hear the news about the Open Beta, well done to ALL Staff and Testers @ Netduma, Sorry I haven't been around for a long time now. I gotta be honest, I got sick of the way the forum was going with all the negative comments & ranting. It was a really friendly forum in the early days which I miss dearly. I thought some views, opinions & stick thrown at Netduma was way over the top and it was obviously unworthy to reply to these individuals as the topics were taking upto 50+ pages of ignorance.I hope the trend goes back to how it was previously now that the DumaOS has been released for the R1. There's no dust at all on my R1, I've been enjoying it since I first purchased in early 2015, over-testing it to see what works best for provider, connection type & location, I enjoyed throwing time into it which paid off. It was also great to help out new users on different formats once I knew what I was doing myself, it was like a family back then. Good luck in the future with further releases/add-ons etc etc and here's hoping that you have achieved the success you deserved from day one πŸΎπŸŽ†πŸ˜Ž
  2. Yam Yam

    Tournament in honour of A7Legit - Signups

    I'll sign up also, I'm on my phone at the mo and the signup site is asking to insta apps to edit so I'll do it on the pooter. I can only play on BO3 though, didn't get IW or WW2, sorry.
  3. Yam Yam


    Another suggestion could be that since we have two releases of any flagship phone a year, consoles have started to take on this trend ?... but obviously not two console releases per year, maybe a little longer but shorter than 10 years like ps3/xbox. I hope not...
  4. Yam Yam


    I think they could have come out with a better name, the XBox X ?... I mean come on... They called this gen the XBox One, I was expecting Two then Three & also, X can be represented for the Roman numeral 10. No doubt though that it'll be a hit & already said to be more powerful than the PS4 Pro <--- another silly-ish name in my opinion
  5. Yam Yam

    Intel Puma Chipset / Arris court hearing

    Well, they did say they'd call me within 48 hours to get more info from me but as you might guess, they haven't called I'll call them in a bit & see what bs they feed me I'll let you know how I get on...
  6. Yam Yam

    Intel Puma Chipset / Arris court hearing

    I did manage to keep hold of one SH2 Zennon, they swapped it for a faulty one a while back. They then swapped an SH2 for the SH3 I got now & left it behind. Were you thinking of asking them to activate it in place of the SH3 ?
  7. Yam Yam

    DumaOS Update - Recent Progress

    Thanks for the update Ian, much appreciated Hope the pain has been worth it & good luck on the release
  8. That's the trouble with WiFi, its too inferior to get a stable test due to too many variables, you can only really test your new environment & compare it to your old setup with a wired connection. You could go a little deeper and change the wireless channel you're currently on as it might be clashing with other wireless signals e.g. electrical curcuits, other modems in the area on the same channel etc etc but apart from that, no one will touch WiFi testing with a 10 foot barge pole as the results are never guaranteed. Edit: Do you have 'Turbo' ticked in the Misc page, this will allow for ISP packages above 50 or 60 mbps
  9. Yam Yam

    Intel Puma Chipset / Arris court hearing

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention Zennon, just got off the phone to Vermin asking when they're gonna compensate me and change the Superhub 3 they installed when I already told them there was nothing wrong with my Superhub 2. This will make you laugh... so after I explained everything to them, a lady told me to press the reset button with a pin if I'm suffering problems with my WiFi ?!?!?! I repeated to them that that's not the problem so she told me... there is work going on in the area and it will be completed tomorrow around 4pm I asked her if she had listened to anything I had already said. Customer service & their checklists pmsl ! Edit: WOW, look at my graph, the fastest BB in the UK hahahah
  10. Yam Yam

    DumaOS - Development Update

    Man, It's like a step up to 'Next Gen' (not that I dislike the current version) With all the extra functions & information, I like how easy & neat it still looks. I can't wait till you serve it up Iain & shut the trolls up that have been popping up recently claiming to 'teach you things you don't know' Well done for taking the time to perfect everything, none of the early adopters are bothered about the delay, features are nothing without stability so take your time
  11. Yam Yam

    Think i'm done...

    I wouldn't say it made gaming great again, I'm still going through the motions now but its more stable than before but as you & others say, its best to stay away from Virgin Media altogether. The only thing it fixed was the difference between 1000ms+ ping and something back down to Earth around 30-40ms. I have quite a few images saved plus all my old ip bqm's on thinkbroadband as I needed all the evidence I could get my hands on to prove them wrong. They show that there's a massive improvment when I was tinkering Someone mentioned that their adverts said 'best for gaming' etc etc. That advert was banned... In fact, almost all of Virgins adverts claiming faster, better, quality internet have all been banned. When I was first given the SHub3 it was only connected to 8 download & 2 upload streams, around a month (or two) later, a new firmware was sent out and I noticed it was now connected to 12 download & 4 upload streams, this fw update 'seemed' to make my bqm more stable but as you can see below, my bqm is far from 'stable'.
  12. Yam Yam

    Think i'm done...

    What I meant was, every time you reboot the Super Hub3 (also happened on SH2ac) with both power and coaxial connected, the graph will 9 times out of 10 go sky high just like yours did when you changed modems over because it locks onto a crap download stream... Then we are advised by Virgin Forum guru's like 'legacy1' to always use modem mode. Modem mode is (so far) worse than Router mode on the SHub3 as the base ping is higher which doesn't make sense... well, nothing makes sense with Virgin half the time. When you disconnect just the coax cable the modem will auto search for another frequency and run through its frequency table from the lowest to highest, you could see this live if you were to connect through hyper terminal. All Virgin costomers are told not to complain about the hardware & just use modem mode with your own 3rd party router if it bothers you. Thats when I noticed you had a similar experience to me (the sky high lag), I have graphs saved where I've pulled the coax out, left it for a while and got a ping base back down to earth and also rebooting it normaly and it would return to sky high ping. Sorry Colonic Boom, I have mentioned a few times in my earlier posts that I'm not the best at explaining things and thats why it sounds confusing, at least I get the big picture
  13. Yam Yam

    Think i'm done...

    Everyone on Virgin, I notice when you try & configure your Superhub from Router mode to Modem mode that the bpm monitor sky-rockets and shows ping/jitter blasting through the top of the graph... I found out a little tweak that can bring those spikes back down. If you look at ColonicBoom's BQM, this is a prime example. What you need to do is, WITHOUT pulling out the power to the Superhub, just unscrew the white coaxial cable from the Superhub and leave this out for approx 1 minute, now screw it back in and wait for it to sync. You should find that the Superhub will connect to a different set of download streams this time, now check your Broadband Quality Metre and see if it has returned to showing lower ping like you see in ColonicBoom's BQM before he rebooted in the first place. This works 100%, I tried it many times when sorting my own mess out months ago & also as my Sister-in-law was getting nowhere talking to Virgin's script-reading customer services, she tried & it worked first time If nothing changes for you, just unscrew the coaxial cable again but this time wait a little longer before screwing back in. This will cause the Superhub to try & connect to a different download stream. Rebooting the Superhub is like a lottery & will more than likely revert back to those atrocious spikes.