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  1. Disable any automatic updates the console is doing, that may resolve it. Also we're in discussions with multiple teams including the Xbox team. There is an Alpha Xbox Update which should resolve the issue, I'm not sure if you have the ability to download this but if so I'd recommend it.
  2. What features are you referring to, PPPoE? Do you not have the issue on the previous firmware?
  3. Netduma Fraser

    XR500 Firmware V2.3.2.32 released

    Its a significant task and therefore won't be soon. IPv6 gives no practical benefit to the user and IPv4 can always be used. Priority is bug fixes. We've already completed VPN Hybrid, its with Netgear for testing. Ping Assist will come.
  4. Netduma Fraser

    Denied Servers and Players

    Yes I would assume so but that's up to Netgear and how their teams get on.
  5. Netduma Fraser

    50% download speeds with XR500 (AT&T's fault)

    Exactly what you put so its set as desired
  6. Netduma Fraser

    50% download speeds with XR500 (AT&T's fault)

    That would be in Settings > Internet Setup under router MAC address
  7. Netduma Fraser

    Denied Servers and Players

    No need, if fixed wouldn't need to do a factory reset to trigger it working
  8. Netduma Fraser

    Announcement: DumaOS on Netduma R1 in Final Beta Testing

    It may do in future but doesn't at the moment.
  9. Netduma Fraser

    Denied Servers and Players

    Our next firmware will have a lot of fixes in so please try then, hoping it won’t be long until release
  10. Netduma Fraser

    Denied Servers and Players

    Please try and let us know
  11. Netduma Fraser

    VPN Users Required

    Hi all, soon we will be releasing DumaOS for the R1. However, we require people who actively use a VPN to test our VPN Hybrid R-App for the R1. Please post here if you actively use a VPN and are willing to test this feature for us. If you do not use a VPN please do not post here. In your post please include the answers to the following questions: Do you use the VPN Hybrid feature on the original R1 firmware? What VPN Provider do you use?
  12. Netduma Fraser

    Upnp and static ip

    Do you have anything in DMZ or existing port forward/triggering rules?
  13. Netduma Fraser

    XR500 Paquets non hiérarchisés

    Le téléchargement ne déclenchera pas le trafic hautement prioritaire détecté. Vous devez jouer à un jeu pour qu'il soit détecté. Vous pouvez également supprimer la règle manuelle. DumaOS Classified Games englobe également les consoles, assurez-vous simplement qu'elles sont activées. Downloading will not trigger the High Priority Traffic Detected. You need to play a game for it to be detected. Also you can remove the manual rule. DumaOS Classified Games encompasses consoles as well so just make sure thats enabled.
  14. Have you tried the previous suggestions in this topic as I notice you're not the original poster. Would be helpful to know exactly what you have tried and the extent of the issue.
  15. Netduma Fraser

    Xr500 priority stops working

    For Battlefield I would suggest doing what you have been and utilising the server browser. If you play anything other than Battlefield would recommend using the Geo-Filter.
  16. Netduma Fraser

    FiFa 18 fut champs

    Thanks for the IDs, we'll be doing a cloud update very soon.
  17. Netduma Fraser

    50% download speeds with XR500 (AT&T's fault)

    Sometimes it can take an ISP time to adjust so it could be that. Otherwise I'd suggest contacting Netgear support directly and see if they can help as it doesn't seem to be a DumaOS issue.
  18. Netduma Fraser

    50% download speeds with XR500 (AT&T's fault)

    With QoS disabled it indicates a non DumaOS issue - still could be settings though. Interesting that changing that improved it. Set the XR500's MAC address to the MAC address of your previous router and see if that resolves the issue.
  19. Netduma Fraser

    50% download speeds with XR500 (AT&T's fault)

    Check under LAN Setup in Settings and double check, if require a login is set to no then you don't have it. Under Anti-Bufferbloats options disable QoS completely and redo a speed test, do you get the expected speeds then?
  20. Netduma Fraser

    50% download speeds with XR500 (AT&T's fault)

    I assume download speed in Anti-Bufferbloats settings at set to ~1000? Guessing you're not using using VLAN or PPPoE by any chance?
  21. Netduma Fraser

    50% download speeds with XR500 (AT&T's fault)

    What speeds do you actually get on speedtest.net?
  22. Netduma Fraser

    Destiny 2

    Hey everyone, I'm currently testing Destiny 2 and will have a cloud update up as soon as possible. If you have any ID's for me from when you get an error/booted please provide them here. If you want to play Destiny 2 uninterrupted then please disable the Geo-filter for now.
  23. If you're having an issue with the Geo-Filter page loading on the R1 this was due to a temporary issue with the cloud. Go to Settings > Miscellaneous. Assuming you have Auto & Bleeding Edge cloud already enabled then just click apply. Then try to load the Geo-Filter. If that doesn't work: Disable bleeding edge and auto cloud so you can manually select cloud servers, then select: Whitelist: 42 Game Server: 40 Map: 28. Then click apply & try to load the Geo-Filter. If you can then go back and enable Auto & Miscellaneous cloud & apply. If you still cannot load the Geo-Filter please post here.
  24. Netduma Fraser

    Ring Doorbell Help

    I mean by disabling under Anti-Bufferbloats menu as that'll disable everything properly
  25. Oh I see, well I actually tested the fix for this yesterday and because a device that had connected to the router when wifi extender wasn't being used has a different MAC address to when it's connected to the extender it created two different devices but couldn't tell what it was called when connected to the extender. Now it's merged into one device with both MAC addresses and keeps the name so this will resolve that issue.