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  1. Hi all, I am in the process of going through all the Black Ops 4 servers available to determine if they are classified correctly i.e. Peer/Dedicated and to ensure they're in the correct location. I believe most are correct. However, I need a lot of ID's/IP addresses in order to do a thorough job of making sure once a cloud update goes out that I've got everything accurate the first time around. So please if you get a chance to help provide the following information by following these instructions (Written for PS4 but works on Xbox & PC). Even if you only have time for one it will be very helpful. Wait on the console dashboard Have the Geo-Filter set with Filtering Mode on, home location in the ocean, strict mode enabled. Auto Ping disabled. Boot up Black Ops 4, when it gets to the point where you have to click 'x', click x and then look at the Geo-Filter. You should see all the servers on the world map. Click on any one of these servers then collect (please only post in this format or it will be hard to follow): Server location on the map Host Type ID Domain Ping Your location Once you've collected this, quit the game application completely so you're back on the console dashboard and repeat. The more information we get from users the more accurate we can be when we do a cloud update. Post the collected information here. Thanks for your help!
  2. I'm making a new thread for Incorrect Locations as the old one is very dated now. As well as the fact that many new games have come out since then. It will also be a lot easier to keep track of with a new thread. I will close the old one. If your ping to a server is way too low for it to be realistic the chances are its in the wrong location. For example I live in the UK if I see a ping in Seattle of 25ms its clearly not in Seattle(typically 150ms+) it must be near me instead. If you see this please post the following information in every post. The server ID The ping Where you live For example: 4b173a05b4ea5c61, 25ms, UK Please ensure you have auto&bleeding edge cloud ticked and applied to get the latest updates - unless I have specifically said to use certain numbers of the cloud.
  3. Netduma Fraser

    Hope this Helps

    I think probably what this is was your ISP not playing well when a new router has been introduced so may have been fooled that you're not using an old router anymore so ping returned to normal
  4. It'll be whatever you had it set to before, if that doesn't work factory reset using the button in the back and then it'll be admin / password
  5. Okay thanks, will need to look into that then. Whats the ping to the server? Yes we're aware of that also but generally no need to flush unless recommended
  6. Netduma Fraser

    Anti Bufferbloat Sliders?

    It'll be reserved unless other devices require more than their allocation
  7. Netduma Fraser

    Anti Bufferbloat Sliders?

    Yeah you could do that, keep in mind with share excess on whatever isn't being used other devices can use
  8. Netduma Fraser

    Netflix/Amazon se entrecorta el audio en 5.1

    Most likely the device is not receiving as much bandwidth as it should be. Either you're throttling with Anti-Bufferbloat too much or you need to allocate bandwidth to the device ideally with share excess off
  9. Netduma Fraser

    Anti Bufferbloat Sliders?

    It depends on when you tell Anti-Bufferbloat to apply, I'd suggest choosing Always as you never know when you or someone else in your household might do something that could affect you so for Always would ensure you don't ever get congestion. If when high priority traffic detected then would be as you described. Yes thats correct.
  10. The screenshot doesn't help me confirm that unfortunately. So when you ping it again from the map it appears in the ping panel with a name you've already given it?
  11. Netduma Fraser

    D2 Being connected to server that R1 thinks is temp banned

    It should only last about 5 minutes, I'm assuming you're on the old firmware not DumaOS? Yes I believe only when strict is enabled. I'd upgrade to DumaOS if possible where the banning is actually permanent
  12. Netduma Fraser

    destiny 2

    Okay well keep an eye on the Geo-Filter when it happens again, it might only appear very quickly then disappear. If you're certain its not the Geo-Filter then I don't think it could be anything else on the router side and could just be the game
  13. Netduma Fraser

    Anti Bufferbloat Sliders?

    It works across the board for everything connected to the router. It throttles the connection to 70% so that no device can fully saturate your connection which is what causes congestion. Anti-Bufferbloat should do a good enough job of preventing buffering on it's own but if not you could allocate precise bandwidth as well.
  14. Netduma Fraser

    Some ideas

    Hey, welcome to the forum! Some good ideas there, I think features like this would be a bit further down the road. We have a seemingly endless list of features we want to create. You should be able to do somewhat of what you want for filtering/blocking in the Netgear settings though not as detailed.
  15. Netduma Fraser

    gigabit internet

    Just make sure you've put your speeds into Anti-Bufferbloat settings and assuming you're not using PPPoE you should get over 100 if you're not throttling
  16. You're certain it's the same IDs? You've named them and everything so you can see its the same?
  17. Netduma Fraser

    destiny 2

    Unlikely to be the Geo-Filter then in that case otherwise you'd see something blocked so could just be the game but do keep an eye out just in case, make sure the map is zoomed out. Do you have an open NAT?
  18. Netduma Fraser

    Please read this everyone

    You can keep bumping, just nothing too excessive
  19. Netduma Fraser

    Geo-Filter not working for PS4 BO4

    I'd wait to see if the next firmware resolves your issues, it should be released soon with any luck
  20. Netduma Fraser

    destiny 2

    Do you see anything on the map being blocked when you get kicked?
  21. I'm not sure, should be doing that just otherwise devices probably wouldn't get an IP and therefore no internet. There is a more recent one, check your spam/junk. If it's not there email [email protected] to get sorted
  22. Netduma Fraser

    Disconnected from LAN

    Yes please try downgrading to the previous dumaos version, not the old firmware and see if it still happens please
  23. Netduma Fraser

    destiny 2

    Hey, welcome to the forum! Make sure you're using the Destiny profile, that will disable strict mode which you need to prevent being kicked
  24. Netduma Fraser

    Anti Bufferbloat Sliders?

    Yeah no app at the moment but likely something we'll be looking into. Would advise changing settings on a PC if possible
  25. Netduma Fraser

    Black Ops 4 Geo-Filter Cloud needs your help!

    Don't know, just whenever all the IDs have been collated and worked through