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  1. Haha, can you hold down the reset button for 30seconds then let go and after two minutes do the same above please
  2. Netduma Fraser

    Firmware for netduma r1

    Great to hear that and yes that's a fantastic ping! That's almost LAN ping so as good as you can get basically!
  3. Netduma Fraser

    Too many devices?

    There won't be a difference, QoS would still be applied when gaming in either scenario. Does always fix the issue?
  4. Can you access use command prompt on the PC and do ipconfig & press enter. Then the gateway IP that appears put that in your browser and see if you can access.
  5. Totally understand, disabling QoS in Anti-Bufferbloat does that improve it at all?
  6. Thats just incorrectly marked as a peer on the Geo-Filter we can fix that. The Geo-Filter can only ping directly to the server. The in game ping will encompass things like processing delay etc which all games have. There is no way to limit that. The only ping you can control is your ping to the server.
  7. Netduma Fraser

    Too many devices?

    I think I see the issue, your QoS is only being applied when you're gaming so if you're not gaming when you're streaming in the evening then QoS won't be applied. Simply change Anti-Bufferbloat to apply always and see if that solves it.
  8. Netduma Fraser

    Geo-Filter Question.....

    Make sure auto & bleeding edge is ticked then just click update cloud once. It's original R1 firmware
  9. Hey, welcome to the forum! Can you create a new topic please regarding your issue and we can go through the possible steps to resolve it.
  10. Netduma Fraser

    Firmware for netduma r1

    I'd change Anti-Bufferbloat sliders to 70% each, this will lower the speed test you get on the console as well. When set to 100% do you get the expected speeds on a PC? On Skyhub I'd disable IPv6 on the LAN side. You don't need to blur out the IP addresses in the screenshots, they're local IPs. WAN IP for the R1 should be in the DMZ you can see that in System Information. WiFi should be disabled in the Skyhub. Leave R1 WAN Settings as is, that's fine. Console speed tests can be inaccurate (even says it on the test) so wouldn't worry about it too much as long as you get full speeds on a PC.
  11. Netduma Fraser

    Dashboard Layout Duma Os

    Thanks for the info. On your normal browsers do you allow the saving of cookies? Is it just the order in which the panels were set don't stay saved or is it the sizing as well?
  12. We did push a cloud today so flush the cloud and try that, looks like we may need to revisit it though to double check. For speed does PC get the expected speeds? Is it just console download speed? We did push a cloud today so flush the cloud and try that, looks like we may need to revisit it though to double check.
  13. Netduma Fraser

    Gros problème de ping depuis 2 ,3 jours

    Okay thanks for the information, looks like we'll need to double check the cloud as we've moved it to a wrong location.
  14. Netduma Fraser

    Black Ops 4 - Getting P2P Only? Post Here!

    Thanks for the information guys, looks like we'll need to double check the cloud update. @Mike, the IP on that server do an IP lookup and see whether its where it should be, some locations may have changed