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  1. Netduma Fraser

    DumaOS & Party Chat Disconnect

    I think this is because the allow functionality isn't working properly which I've escalated to the team to take a look at
  2. Netduma Fraser

    XR500 high ping on ping plotter

    The modem you have does it have WiFi? If so do you have any devices connected to it at all that aren't connected to the XR500? If so everything needs to be connected to the router otherwise the router cannot control the network properly to reduce spikes
  3. Netduma Fraser

    Aaarrrgghhh Allow/Deny

    Okay good to know, likely just couldn't detect it at the time for some reason
  4. Netduma Fraser

    Netduma R1 Resetting Router for BO4

    Yes that's exactly right
  5. Netduma Fraser

    Aaarrrgghhh Allow/Deny

    Thanks for the feedback, I have escalated it to the team for them to look at. If it detected it was a host it should have, may have got into a weird state. If you toggle it disable/enable does it ping then?
  6. Netduma Fraser

    Change Router IP Address

    Okay so no conflict there and your public IP won't be in the range you set either. I'll pass this on to the dev team as there may be a bug here.
  7. That looks good, if its taking awhile to get a game I would move your location down a bit to encompass more of the servers.
  8. Netduma Fraser

    Change Router IP Address

    I meant whats the LAN IP of the modem basically. I wouldn't change your ethernet adapter in case you factory reset the router, you wouldn't be able to reconnect
  9. Netduma Fraser

    Netduma R1 Resetting Router for BO4

    You should enable UPnP on the R1, it still needs to know what ports devices need. That sounds correct
  10. Netduma Fraser

    Unable to Invite friend or Join

    I mean possibly but no one else has encountered this issue. It seems more localised to me. Disable QoS completely, does that allow you to connect?
  11. Netduma Fraser

    Change Router IP Address

    Whats your physical setup and what's the LAN IP of your ISP hub?
  12. Netduma Fraser

    Netduma R1 Resetting Router for BO4

    No it doesn't serve any other purpose, it basically forwards all ports to the router to ensure no port conflicts
  13. Netduma Fraser

    Unable to Invite friend or Join

    Well if it's set to spectating mode then it's not filtering at all so the expanding radius wouldn't do anything in that scenario. Can you join each other in a private chat?
  14. Netduma Fraser

    Xr500 Geo-Filter Legend

    They won't necessarily have a ping over 40ms. They're showing because they're within the radius. Reduce your radius to just cover that server, turn ping assist to 0 and you should be able to force it. You won't always see the player icons of those who are in the game. That one may be out of your radius but connected to the server, you can't influence who connects to the server
  15. Netduma Fraser

    Netduma R1 Resetting Router for BO4

    It's the v4 one as there are only 4 places in the IP address x.x.x.x