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  1. MartyMar

    Modems with comcast.

    I did some research and was able to see graphs finally. I think my line is horrible. I saw latency anywhere from good all the way up to 1400ms. Ooooo comcast we are about to have a chat. Thanks guys. I really appreciate the support here. I've never seen a support group like this. Awesome
  2. MartyMar

    Modems with comcast.

    It wont let me send mods a message. I was wondering if anyone could let him know that im ready when he is
  3. MartyMar

    Modems with comcast.

    Ok thanks. Well i am ready whenever.
  4. MartyMar

    Modems with comcast.

    I am going to. Im just fairly new to the forum and i didn't know who he was. I figured he knew what he was doing as I've seen him respond to many users
  5. MartyMar

    Modems with comcast.

    Its red for sure. Ok. I have teamviewer already. But first who are you. Not to be Funny
  6. MartyMar

    Modems with comcast.

    I'm running pingplotter now and have been for almost 24hrs. The whole bottom graph is red. I may need help interpreting this. But i dont think this is a good sign.
  7. MartyMar

    Modems with comcast.

    Ok i will do that. I had the netduma hooked directly to the modem and only the ps4 connected to the netduma. No other devices. Ive tried both ways.
  8. MartyMar

    Modems with comcast.

    I have tried 4 modems and havn't had any luck with my duma. The latest was the tp link 7610. It says im playing on a 10-20ms ping. It does not feel like it. The geo filter is enabled to eliminate distance lag. Im almost to the point of giving up. I know the duma is a great router but i dont seem to have any luck. Does anyone have any advice for me.
  9. MartyMar


    The problem for me with comcast was their modem. Most of their modems are on the list of trash. Modems are a huge deal when it comes to the duma. Try the tp link tc 7610.
  10. Ok thanks. Ill try it. So there is a difference between the 7620 and the 7610 by tp link?
  11. I was wondering if anyone else is having trouble with comcast working with the netduma r1. I have tried 3 different modems and still can't get a good connection. Can someone please let me know what the absolute best modem is to be paired with the duma. It seems like nothing works. Tried the netgear cm500 until i found it on the list of junk. I have also tried the tp-link 7620.
  12. MartyMar

    Best Gaming Modems [Opinions]

    I see the tp link 7610. What about the tp link 7620?