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  1. Netduma Crossy

    Emerging Threats Blocking

    Hi Shane, Thanks's fo the feedback. CLI access and running custom scripts isn't something we're going to support. It would be a tech support nightmare! We are considering adding country blocking in the future which may be something you are interested in. The software (unless UPnP is being used) won't open any ports unless they are specified by the user (through the Settings page on the interface). The router's inbuilt firewall blocks any remaining incoming packets by default.
  2. Netduma Crossy

    Netgears xr500 slow wifi

    Hey King, Welcome to the forum How is the WiFi connection when you're closer to the router? Do you get the speeds you expect when doing a wired speed test? How different are wired vs wireless speeds?
  3. Netduma Crossy

    Security Error

    Hi Shane, I can do a 1-1 with you today to try and get to the bottom of this. I'll be free most of the day. Please send me a PM when your available.
  4. Netduma Crossy

    Security Error

    Have you disabled cookies? Disabling cookies could cause this problem.
  5. Netduma Crossy

    Error loading Misc Page

    How is the R1 connected to your modem? Are you using the ethernet cable supplied with the R1 to connect it from your modem to port 1 of the R1?
  6. Netduma Crossy

    Connection reset issues

    Can you access the internet on those two laptops? Can you access the interface using
  7. Netduma Crossy

    R1 RESET

    Does it make a beeping sound when you press the button? When you plug the R1 in does it beep?
  8. Netduma Crossy


    This happens when the message box on the first page fails to load. Was the router connected to the internet when this happened? Does it happen every time?
  9. Netduma Crossy

    Devices not recognized

    Check that they're definitely connected to the Netduma (and not defaulted back to the old network, for example).
  10. Netduma Crossy


    You should use the results from a wired speed test via a PC.
  11. Netduma Crossy

    Question about DumaOS

    Hi Jb68, Welcome to the forum! At the moment the router doesn't show any historical network usage. It does have a live network monitor which shows bandwidth usage as it occurs. Historical network statistics has been suggested before and is something planned for the future.
  12. Netduma Crossy

    Devices not recognized

    Hey Chaos, Could you confirm a couple of things. Do the devices which aren't showing up on the R1 have an internet connection? Are they setup to get a dynamic IP address (remember if using a static IP that the R1s address will be different from your old router)? Are using Chrome to access the interface?
  13. Netduma Crossy

    NetDuma Theme Will Not Change

    Have you tried using Google Chrome?
  14. Netduma Crossy

    A7Legit Passed Away :(

    Very sad news Rest in peace A7, you'll always be remembered.
  15. Netduma Crossy

    Need help setting up PIA VPN

    Can you take a screen shot of your VPN settings including the exceptions page?