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  1. NETGEAR have announced the latest member of their Nighthawk Pro Gaming family, the Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR700 Router: powered by DumaOS. The launch of the XR700 means DumaOS is now powering its third router, to go alongside the Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 and the upcoming release on the Netduma R1. The XR700 is, simply put, BEAST hardware, boasting the fastest 60GHz 802.11ad WiFi technology with a single 10G SFP+ port and additional 7 Gigabit ports. By partnering with DumaOS, this truly is a combination of the world's best router hardware and the world's best router software. It will be available worldwide next month and you can read more in the official press release here. Thank you for your support The Netduma Team
  2. We have some good news to share: DumaOS for the Netduma R1 is now in the final stages of beta testing! As many of you know, this has taken so much longer than we anticipated, but our developers have now resolved all the major issues. This means that DumaOS for the R1 is stable and crucially, backwards compatible, so you can go back to the original R1 firmware if you prefer. A big thank you to all the beta testers who worked tirelessly with us to get to this point. We are tidying up some last loose ends to make it ready for full release. We will let you know it is ready to download across all our media platforms. Be sure to sign up to the DumaOS mailing list so you are the first to know when it's out. Stay tuned! The ND Team
  3. Netduma Luke

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    Thanks Sim Weeks at most No problem. We did actually ask legal this but they advised it's better to just have the backwards compatibility Thanks Alex!
  4. New thread here: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/24672-r1-dumaos-briefly-delayed/
  5. Netduma Luke

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    Hi Duma Army, We need to announce that the free upgrade of our new software, DumaOS, for the Netduma R1 will need to be briefly delayed due to unexpected requirement from our Legal Team. Our lawyers have advised that DumaOS on the R1 must be backwards compatible. In other words, if you install DumaOS onto the R1 you should always have the option to reinstall the older R1 firmware if you prefer to go back. We had not designed the DumaOS integration with the R1 to allow for this as DumaOS is superior. But based on legal advice we now must redo the integration to allow for this. It should take, at absolute most, a few more weeks. Nothing more as we have everything else working. We realise you have been waiting patiently for this upgrade and this last-minute delay is frustrating. Our entire development team is working flat out to get this last bit fixed as soon as possible as we really want you all on DumaOS. For what it's worth, we're as frustrated as you are as we can't wait to start making lots of new R-Apps (features) for you all. We will get this last piece done as soon as possible and then it will be full steam ahead in delivering an explosion of new DumaOS features for you all. Thank you for your continued support. The ND Team
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    New Moderators!

    Congrats guys and thank you for all your help and support.
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    SimJC74 Hits 1 Million Views!

    Congratulations Sim, a big achievement. Here's to 1m more
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    A7Legit Passed Away :(

    Absolutely gutted to hear this terrible news. A7 was one of the most enthusiastic and supportive people I've ever known. Whether it was on these forums or on Twitter, he was always so positive and seemed to love life. He was also a ridiculously good gamer, his KDs were off the scale. We will contact his family to send our condolences from everyone in the DumaArmy. Rest in peace A7, you will be very missed.
  9. A long awaited update on DumaOS We have made a lot of progress over the past few weeks. The OS is currently being beta tested by more of our UK based users and their feedback has been great. Thanks to their testing we have been able to make the OS very stable. This is a big milestone. DumaOS is such a big undertaking so getting to this point, where we know the firmware is solid, is a very good feeling. Now we have stability we can shift our focus to usability. This means making things as easy as possible to use and much more 'plug and play' than the current R1 firmware. For example, we have developed an 'Auto Congestion Control' feature, which automatically applies Anti-flood and Hyper Traffic whenever you are gaming (this can be turned off by the more experienced users who prefer to manually configure things). Once usability is in place we can then widen the beta to more users. So this means we will be expanding the beta pool soon through the Coal Mine. Open Beta should then follow not long afterwards. We've deliberately not given exact dates here - it'll be ready when it's ready! After usability comes the fun stuff, when we can create many new features that we have in our Development Roadmap. We will continue to roll these out on a regular basis even after DumaOS is fully launched, meaning your router will just keep getting better and better. Finally we just want to say thank you for all your support and patience. We realise it's frustrating when we don't send out status updates so we're going to make sure we do more to keep you guys in the loop. What we will say is be assured we are working as hard as we can to get DumaOS ready. It's a big step up for our company so we want it out there as much as you do. But only when it's ready! Thank you for your understanding, The Netduma Team
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    Fraser NEEDS A RAISE!!!!

    1 luv 2 Fraser! Glad to hear you're happy 7G. Here's your raise Fraser:
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    DumaOS Announcement: Development Progress & Testing

    Haha, well she hasn't left me yet so thanks! If needs be get Fuzzy to knock it down
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    DumaOS Announcement: Development Progress & Testing

    Thanks for all the nice comments everyone. Cheers Fuzzy - hope you're well too and still smashing it in the gym. Who's this guy?
  13. Hi everyone, Luke here with an update on DumaOS. Iain would usually be the one to post this but he is travelling at the moment and he was adamant we shared this with you before the end of the week. You can read the update on our site here: https://netduma.com/blog/dumaos-announcement-development-progress-testing/ And here is a copy and paste below: