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  1. Netduma Iain


    Anti-bufferbloat is not equivalent to anti-flood did. DumaOS is future-proof, the original algorithms took up too much CPU and ended up hurting the connection. Extensive testing has gone into anti-bufferbloat during alpha testing. It will get you optimal performance for your line.
  2. Netduma Iain

    Slow GUI

    If you are downloading fast then the UI will slow down on this router because the CPU spends entire time forwarding network traffic. That is expected behaviour, you wouldn't want it the other round. Ultimately the goal is route packets while keeping low-latency. tl;dr. Limitations of hardware. You don't get this on XR500/XR700 due to hardware acceleration handling network processing.
  3. Hi, Hope you're enjoying DumaOS. The r1 version doesn't currently have language support. Sorry about that.
  4. Netduma Iain

    Using a smart switch with the R1

    If you want simple overview of your network I'd suggest just letting DumaOS do DHCP for you. The device-manager is far more capable than the original r1 software. You can see snapshot in diagram or table mode. And you can sort the columns in the table. When you upgrade, try it out I'm confident it will satisfy your criteria
  5. Netduma Iain

    Can't login to Router

    In case anyone sees this thread. DumaOS will use your old r1 credentials if you enabled them. If you didn't it defaults the username to 'admin' and the password to 'password'
  6. Netduma Iain

    Using a smart switch with the R1

    If it's on the same subnet then I assume so. You can try disable dhcp in DumaOS if you must have another dhcp server. Hope that helps
  7. also quick tip, since you have so many devices you may prefer displaying your devices in a table instead of a tree diagram. Click the burger button in the top-left and you can toggle it
  8. Netduma Iain

    Help with Xr500

    I'm going to be terse because people (including myself) will always find any excuse: If higher ping is better then simply pick a server further away The enemy can't magically get their information to the server faster than you can (if their ping is higher). I agree playing with players with very high ping is annoying, I'm guessing because you don't get notified until they have put a few shots into you. But you have the advantage for sure, and if they beat you then they would have beaten you even more with lower ping. End of. Scotty not being rude I love ya but this perpetual myth has to be stopped!
  9. Netduma Iain

    Netgear Xr500 Duma OS request

    Really glad you're enjoying it We will reintroduce multiple levels of zoom & also ping assist will be brought back. The allow & deny will be much easier as well. Finally the Internet test will come back, maybe a little later but much better
  10. Netduma Iain

    New Moderators!

    Awesome! Thanks for the help guys really appreciate it
  11. Netduma Iain

    Greetings Folks! Feedback & Introduction

    Hi Tai N welcome to the forum and welcome to the #DumaArmy
  12. That is incorrect, the 2 graphs you see are general-purpose cores. The two hidden ones are dedicated to network processing. You can confirm this is true because the CPU graph doesn't rise when maxing out the connection
  13. Netduma Iain

    Greetings from sunny Bahrain

    Hi, and welcome! I'm jealous of your climate right now. It's freezing here in the UK. So I assume you're streaming via wireless? The question is what is causing your streaming problem either the WiFI or your internet connection. The R1 can definitely help with the latter although it won't be good on the wireless in comparison to amplfi and the other products you mentioned. Have you still got those? If so I'd recommend putting them behind the R1 and connecting through them. Let the R1 take care of your Internet connection
  14. Netduma Iain

    XR500 High Priority traffic

    iresolver just to be very clear make sure you have done the following: Source: 3659 - 3659 Destination: 1 - 65535 Overwrite what DumaOS suggests in the source port. I'm worried you may have put 1 - 65535 in the source range which is will work very poorly.
  15. Netduma Iain

    XR500 High Priority traffic

    No it doesn't because you set the source port first. Please don't use port triggering it is a dead technology that no one should use!