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  1. Netduma Iain

    Help with Xr500

    I'm going to be terse because people (including myself) will always find any excuse: If higher ping is better then simply pick a server further away The enemy can't magically get their information to the server faster than you can (if their ping is higher). I agree playing with players with very high ping is annoying, I'm guessing because you don't get notified until they have put a few shots into you. But you have the advantage for sure, and if they beat you then they would have beaten you even more with lower ping. End of. Scotty not being rude I love ya but this perpetual myth has to be stopped!
  2. Netduma Iain

    Netgear Xr500 Duma OS request

    Really glad you're enjoying it We will reintroduce multiple levels of zoom & also ping assist will be brought back. The allow & deny will be much easier as well. Finally the Internet test will come back, maybe a little later but much better
  3. Netduma Iain

    New Moderators!

    Awesome! Thanks for the help guys really appreciate it
  4. Netduma Iain

    Greetings Folks! Feedback & Introduction

    Hi Tai N welcome to the forum and welcome to the #DumaArmy
  5. That is incorrect, the 2 graphs you see are general-purpose cores. The two hidden ones are dedicated to network processing. You can confirm this is true because the CPU graph doesn't rise when maxing out the connection
  6. Netduma Iain

    Greetings from sunny Bahrain

    Hi, and welcome! I'm jealous of your climate right now. It's freezing here in the UK. So I assume you're streaming via wireless? The question is what is causing your streaming problem either the WiFI or your internet connection. The R1 can definitely help with the latter although it won't be good on the wireless in comparison to amplfi and the other products you mentioned. Have you still got those? If so I'd recommend putting them behind the R1 and connecting through them. Let the R1 take care of your Internet connection
  7. Netduma Iain

    XR500 High Priority traffic

    iresolver just to be very clear make sure you have done the following: Source: 3659 - 3659 Destination: 1 - 65535 Overwrite what DumaOS suggests in the source port. I'm worried you may have put 1 - 65535 in the source range which is will work very poorly.
  8. Netduma Iain

    XR500 High Priority traffic

    No it doesn't because you set the source port first. Please don't use port triggering it is a dead technology that no one should use!
  9. Netduma Iain

    SimJC74 Hits 1 Million Views!

    Seriously impressive mate, well done
  10. Netduma Iain


    Ruining peoples day as always THU! Keep it up
  11. Mr Fuzz - as far as we're aware only in halo MCC. In other games you should see a benefit over the r1. What game are you playing? Also in terms of ipv6 the dev team is on it already. We will message you once it's implemented and you can get early access to new firmware if you wish.
  12. Netduma Iain

    XR500 DumaOS Ping Graph Bug

    Hi Dilly, Firstly thanks for purchasing the xr500. We are aware of this. It's not really a bug but rather bad design. When you pin, you pin the ping to that particular host. We are going to push firmware update soon that has auto ping on the dashboard ping panel. So it changes the target based on the host. Hope that makes sense
  13. Netduma Iain

    Geofilter issue

    Yeah literally there is one problem that is the causes of both issues. I don't want to go into it because it's innovative tech that I don't want competitors to know about. They may be reading this or may be I'm paranoid lol!
  14. Netduma Iain

    Geofilter issue

    That's good to hear. Got a bunch of other stuff in there. This first firmware release is predominately 1) Translation into 26 languages 2) Providing fixes to any issues or requests after initial launch. Soon we'll be onto the good stuff. The whole point of DumaOS is we're going to be adding loads of features. This is just the start
  15. Netduma Iain

    Geofilter issue

    Great - glad to hear that! We'd give it one day of full testing, making sure none of the key DumaOS features have regressed. Then we can let you have early access. So best case scenario Friday 9th or sooner. Worst case scenario Wed 14th.