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  1. Ziltoid Racer

    DumaOS on the Netduma R1 is now in Open Beta!

    i signed up 15 mins after receiving the email about DumaOS beta, i got my email with the download link 2 days later. have some patience it will come to you.
  2. signed up and rubbing hands together.....
  3. Ziltoid Racer

    Virgin upgrade

    you could set a BQM here. this will give you an idea on how your connection looks. i'm guessing you are on a hub 3? what is the software version?
  4. Ziltoid Racer

    NetDuma Call of Duty liveries

    Lexus RC F Call of Duty Bonnet version 2
  5. Ziltoid Racer

    Dark theme still needs a little tweaking.

    another one to add is the url hover box is the same white on white.
  6. Ziltoid Racer

    NetDuma Call of Duty liveries

    Todays livery made......
  7. just a couple of things but i suspect one fix will sort both. basically it's white text on white background. the below is a pop up for mark as read where again it's white on white. the above 2 are for the dark theme but the next is just cosmetic but is the same on both themes it needs a colon and space after location. thanks for the upgrade is miles better
  8. Ziltoid Racer

    cant communicate with r1

    have you tried using it's ip to connect to the R1, this is the way i always connect to my router
  9. Ziltoid Racer

    dhcp server

    if you check the virgin forums you will see masses of ppl with lag and jitter problems which is due to the Puma chip flaw in the superhub 3, i am on a superhub 3 myself and had lag spikes all over for quite some time. there is a firmware fix (not a full fix but does eliviate the problem) being sent out to hubs on a slow role out starting with customers on 350 internet which is me, the software version is 608 so check your hub, log in goto admin and then info and see what software version it is. also it will be helpful to set up a BQM on your line and it will show the quality of your line here. let it run for a few hours and then check it. this is mine with the 608 software note: the red is where i restarted my router, if your line is ok it will look like mine or better. if it is full of yellow spikes then you are suffering with the puma chip problem. any questions just ask i will help if i can.
  10. Ziltoid Racer

    cant communicate with r1

    have you tried with all extensions disabled in chrome just incase something is conflicting? i tried looking at the images but they are docx not an image. have you also tried another browser?
  11. Ziltoid Racer

    PS4 Massive Lag Spikes

    there are many on virgin forums who have this problem that just appears out of nowhere. if you game over wifi check this out FIX-FOR-PS4-LAG-SPIKES-WORKING-FOR-MANY what virgin hub do you have? i'm guessing the SH3, if so check what firmware version you have if it's below 608 then you are not running the firmware that got fixed to eleviate the Puma 6 lag problems. you could set up a BQM here and monitor your line for 24 hours and see what the results are.
  12. Ziltoid Racer

    Netduma 250 GTO takes to the track at dusk

    You can see the car in action here 1 lap of Circuit de Sainte - Croix C