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  1. alright thanks. That's what I wanted to know if the extra latency is normal or not. cause in the ping plotter guide, in the pictures that show a congested line using the qos at 70/70 is only up to 10+ extra latency , I wanted to get similar results to that and I have no idea how. I've tried every different set up with different sliders, different bandwidth for devices.
  2. I tried 30/30 slider with anti bufferbloat enabled and it's worse, then I stopped the download and put 70/70 back on and then I turned share excess off at the end cause that's what I found to make my internet the most stable. I just find this weird, anything to do with my upload my internet doesn't get congested at all, but anything with the download part, it just goes badly. Qos for sure helps a lot, but it just doesn't get rid all of the congestion in the download for some reason.
  3. My internet is not the most stable internet. It used to be way worse when I had a puma 6 modem and that was the only modem I could get. my isp finally got a docsis 3.1 modem and I instantly went for it and ping times are way more stable than before, but it is a puma 7 chip though. People say puma 7 chips are bad too, but mine seems to be stable enough.
  4. ipv6 has been automatically disabled since I got the router, so it always been disabled. and I don't even know what a pppoE is, so I am not connected to it.
  5. at the time I made this post it was at 100mbps download, I decided to get 300mbps today thinking maybe I needed more speed, and I don't think the ping times are different. I have to lower my download speeds to like 10mbps for it to be playable when someone is downloading something, it might be like +20 ping when I go that low. And I was using the black ops 4 in-game graph and ping plotter on my pc at the same time.
  6. I really don't understand this, when i download something my ping still increases even with anti bufferbloat on the xr500 and I do have 70/70 on. This problem actually happened with my other routers, a nighthawk with openwrt on, and netduma r1 and yes all routers had the recommended qos settings and 70/70 sliders and all that good stuff. It doesn't completely get rid of the congested internet and it's not even close.. With anti bufferbloat on, in black ops 4 my ping goes to 70-100, normally it should be around 40 if internet isn't congested. but I know anti bufferbloat is helping cause once I turn it off my ping goes up to 200-300 ping. but the weird thing is I did a test where I would upload a video to congest the internet, it barely does anything, it's like a slight 1-5ms increase of ping which I don't care really. But when someone downloads something my ping automatically going into the 100s and I would prefer not play at 100 ping if someone downloads something. I just want to know if there was a way to fix this or is this normal?
  7. I upgraded to the xr500 3 weeks ago and the input lag issue is gone. something weird going on with my r1 router. oh well, I really like the xr500. thank you for your help.
  8. well I have a problem and I have no idea how to fix it. My ps4 is hard wired, I even use a strike pack that makes my ps4 controller wired. My computer is in my same room as my ps4 and it's also hardwired. When I use the netduma wifi, I get crazy input lag when I play call of duty and it's almost unplayable. I use channel 11 for wifi as well. when I turn the wifi off on the netduma, then I no longer get noticeable input lag. But all my devices are hardwired. Is it possible the wifi is interfering with the ps4 console even if it's not using wifi? Cause When I put my ps4 console in the open the input lag is worse, I have to have my ps4 under my metal desk to hopefully get less wifi to it. That's why I have to use the dd-wrt software advanced wifi settings, something on my setup is getting hit hard with the wifi radio waves so I need to have the least amount of interference as possible. and the device that I think is getting hit hard by interference to cause my input lag problem is the ps4 it self.
  9. yea I always play with wired. and i'm talking a bout input lag interference, not actual lag in-game.
  10. It would be nice if there were wifi settings that minimizes interference. Like bluetooth coexistence, and other settings similar to dd-wrt wifi settings and that software is free. dd-wrt wifi settings has a lot of settings for wifi that minimizes interference even further from the standard 1,6, and 11 channels on 2ghz wifi. SO pretty much If I use the netduma with dumaos, it will cause a bit of input lag because the software lacks advanced wifi settings that can minimize wifi interference. So at the moment I don't even want to use my netduma because of this reason and probably won't get the netgear router with dumaos cause It will create a lot of input lag on my ps4 because of the lack of advanced wifi settings. and I know the 5gz wifi has less interference than the 2ghz wifi, but I have to use the 2ghz wifi for some important devices in my home sadly. Because the lack of advanced wifi settings I can't even use my netduma now after learning about dd-wrt which is free for supported routers, which I am using the nighthawk r7000 router. I want to use my netduma badly, but I sadly can't get passed the amount of input lag it creates because there isn't
  11. Never mind. After 5 hours of troubleshooting I found the problem.
  12. Well neither of the good modems aren't on any of the internet providers that I can choose from. Would be nice to know what's the best one I can choose though.
  13. So I am thinking of changing internet provider because at the moment the current one only offers modems with puma 6 modems and they are sucking for me. So the internet provider i'm thinking on has a bunch of compatible modems I can buy and use and I want to know which one would be the best and bet avoiding latency issues with the modem. I highly appreciate this. thanks here are the modem choices. NOTE: I have no idea if the motorola choices are the newer modems or the older version of them. Cisco DPC3848 Cisco DPC3848V Coship CCM8200 ( Hitron CDA3-20 ( Hitron CDA3-35 ( Hitron CGN-CWV ( Hitron CDA-RES ( Huawei MT130U (Vi00r001c01B071) Motorola SB6141 ( Motorola SBG6580 ( Motorola SBG6580 ( RCA DCM475 (STAC.02.16) SmartRG SR804n ( Technicolor DCM475 (STAC.02.16) Technicolor DCM476 (STAC.02.50) Technicolor DCW775 (STB5.01.51) Technicolor TC4300 (STFC.01.01) Technicolor TC4350 (50041.1.19.0) Thomson DCM475 (STAC.02.16) Thomson DCM476 (STAC.02.50) TP-Link TC7650 (v1.0.3)
  14. Yea I should do that. Do I put ping assist to 0 and have strict mode on so It only focuses on distance within the circle that I put it to?
  15. I've tested this on my other computer and a laptop, they all get these weird lag spikes that none of my games pick up. There's other ping tests that i've done and they don't lag spike like how command prompt, netduma router, and pingplotter picks up. I can make a video for you of me being in a team fortress game showing ping plotter lag spiking, or my command prompt lag spiking, and I will show in-game ping on team fortress at the same time and the lag spike never makes it to the games i play. lol it's so weird and frustrating Because I can't use the netduma host filtering because of this.