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  1. well I have a problem and I have no idea how to fix it. My ps4 is hard wired, I even use a strike pack that makes my ps4 controller wired. My computer is in my same room as my ps4 and it's also hardwired. When I use the netduma wifi, I get crazy input lag when I play call of duty and it's almost unplayable. I use channel 11 for wifi as well. when I turn the wifi off on the netduma, then I no longer get noticeable input lag. But all my devices are hardwired. Is it possible the wifi is interfering with the ps4 console even if it's not using wifi? Cause When I put my ps4 console in the open the input lag is worse, I have to have my ps4 under my metal desk to hopefully get less wifi to it. That's why I have to use the dd-wrt software advanced wifi settings, something on my setup is getting hit hard with the wifi radio waves so I need to have the least amount of interference as possible. and the device that I think is getting hit hard by interference to cause my input lag problem is the ps4 it self.
  2. yea I always play with wired. and i'm talking a bout input lag interference, not actual lag in-game.
  3. It would be nice if there were wifi settings that minimizes interference. Like bluetooth coexistence, and other settings similar to dd-wrt wifi settings and that software is free. dd-wrt wifi settings has a lot of settings for wifi that minimizes interference even further from the standard 1,6, and 11 channels on 2ghz wifi. SO pretty much If I use the netduma with dumaos, it will cause a bit of input lag because the software lacks advanced wifi settings that can minimize wifi interference. So at the moment I don't even want to use my netduma because of this reason and probably won't get the netgear router with dumaos cause It will create a lot of input lag on my ps4 because of the lack of advanced wifi settings. and I know the 5gz wifi has less interference than the 2ghz wifi, but I have to use the 2ghz wifi for some important devices in my home sadly. Because the lack of advanced wifi settings I can't even use my netduma now after learning about dd-wrt which is free for supported routers, which I am using the nighthawk r7000 router. I want to use my netduma badly, but I sadly can't get passed the amount of input lag it creates because there isn't
  4. Never mind. After 5 hours of troubleshooting I found the problem.
  5. Well neither of the good modems aren't on any of the internet providers that I can choose from. Would be nice to know what's the best one I can choose though.
  6. So I am thinking of changing internet provider because at the moment the current one only offers modems with puma 6 modems and they are sucking for me. So the internet provider i'm thinking on has a bunch of compatible modems I can buy and use and I want to know which one would be the best and bet avoiding latency issues with the modem. I highly appreciate this. thanks here are the modem choices. NOTE: I have no idea if the motorola choices are the newer modems or the older version of them. Cisco DPC3848 Cisco DPC3848V Coship CCM8200 ( Hitron CDA3-20 ( Hitron CDA3-35 ( Hitron CGN-CWV ( Hitron CDA-RES ( Huawei MT130U (Vi00r001c01B071) Motorola SB6141 ( Motorola SBG6580 ( Motorola SBG6580 ( RCA DCM475 (STAC.02.16) SmartRG SR804n ( Technicolor DCM475 (STAC.02.16) Technicolor DCM476 (STAC.02.50) Technicolor DCW775 (STB5.01.51) Technicolor TC4300 (STFC.01.01) Technicolor TC4350 (50041.1.19.0) Thomson DCM475 (STAC.02.16) Thomson DCM476 (STAC.02.50) TP-Link TC7650 (v1.0.3)
  7. Yea I should do that. Do I put ping assist to 0 and have strict mode on so It only focuses on distance within the circle that I put it to?
  8. I've tested this on my other computer and a laptop, they all get these weird lag spikes that none of my games pick up. There's other ping tests that i've done and they don't lag spike like how command prompt, netduma router, and pingplotter picks up. I can make a video for you of me being in a team fortress game showing ping plotter lag spiking, or my command prompt lag spiking, and I will show in-game ping on team fortress at the same time and the lag spike never makes it to the games i play. lol it's so weird and frustrating Because I can't use the netduma host filtering because of this.
  9. Here are my ping stats on pingplotter. https://imgur.com/a/91fCQ I know it looks like a puma 6 modem situation, but I heard that puma 6 modems also are really rough on ping sensitive games and I play call of duty every day and I don't feel these 150+ ping lag spikes and my ping bars never drop, and I even looked at black ops 3 ping graph and it never goes above 33ms.
  10. Yea I tried all of this the problem still happens. The problem isn't the actual netduma router, because when I ping through command prompt I also get the lag spikes. I just find it extremely weird that my games aren't affected. which makes me believe these weird lag spikes don't exist. Like I will go to smite on pc I pull up the ping charts and my ping seems to be actually stable, it will go up and down like 5ms apart. 60-65 ping non stop and doesn't show these lag spikes that the netduma router picks up which i'm assuming is some how connected to command prompt which my command prompt pinging is also getting weird lag spikes. But my command prompt and netduma don't lag spike at the same time, it seems to be completely random on both ends. This seems to be a bigger problem and I was wondering if you netduma people know a fix or possible troubleshooting.
  11. So I've been having trouble with crazy random lag spikes that actually don't exist... let me explain So I have the net duma router and I will be playing a game of call of duty on the ps4 or counter strike on the pc. When I ping from the netduma router host filtering every couple of seconds I will get like a random 180+ ping lag spike But My in-game games like call of duty and counter strike don't pick up the weird lag spike and I also don't feel this random 180+ ping lag spike at all when I play games. My games run very smooth. So i'm honestly thinking this 180+ ping lag spike is fake or something I don't know. Now the reason why this is a problem for me is because I can't use the host filtering to it's full potential cause the router thinks I'm lag spiking like crazy. Note: I will go into counter strike and look through two different pings inside the game and I never see this random 180+ ping lag spike that the router picks up. any help?
  12. My isp is eastlink. I live in canada and most isp in canada don't even support buying a modem and there's only two modem choices to pick. and I have no problems with Nat.
  13. The only other modem I can switch to at my isp is this one. http://www.arris.com/surfboard/products/wi-fi-cable-modems/sbg6580-2/ Is this a good one to fix my modem problem?
  14. the arris dg3270 has a intel atom core as the processer, that's the puma 6 chipset isn't it? Because I saw the dg2470 has the puma 6 because of dlsreports has a track of which modems have the puma 6 in it and dg2470 has the same cpu as the dg3270. https://www.dslreports.com/testsearch?fy=1999&q=puma6&ty=2016&typ=hardware I would assume dg3270 has the defected cpu then. Here's the two modems to compare. https://www.dslreports.com/r0/download/2311737~9624eab8efc4d1532c051132e24e612f/dg2470a_ds.pdf that's the dg2470 that is confirmed to have the puma 6. Here's my modem. https://www.arris.com/globalassets/resources/data-sheets/dg3270a_ds.pdf
  15. my modem is a arris dg3270. I can't find anything online if it has a puma intel chipset in it. and I have 150mbps.