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  1. Hi Jack yes my friends do have Open NAT as there is 2 PS4 players and 2 xbox players. With me having the R1 dumaos i'm always host. so spec mode on - i can talk to everyone in the 4 man party absolutely fine. Now if i want to use filtering mode even tho i have allowed that chat server it still gets blocked so i lose all party audio even tho the other 3 friends can talk but not me. that servers shows up as a Triangle with a circle around it.
  2. i've got this issue with fortnite when i play crossplatform. i'm on PS4 and my mate is on Xbox both in the UK. the server for chat comes up in the middle of USA . I have allowed it in the Geo-filter and rebooted the game but still can not talk. Now if i go into spectating mode all works fine.
  3. if in a match and i want to zoom out and zoom in again but at a differnent zoom from x2 to x5, i get a error message popping up. So i need to un-tick the auto ping box and then zoom in again. its hard to explain as not at home. as i would send the screenshot.
  4. Just to add to this...when in zoom mode.. with ping host turned on it brings up an error message. As auto ping is hosted would like to zoom in and out of the map with out no errors. even when in a game.
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    love it!!!!!
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    Any news on the Christmas theme? 🎅🎄
  7. flexingjohn

    Black Ops 4 Geo-Filter Cloud needs your help!

    That's the only host that'shows up when i'm in that server lobby playing TDM.
  8. flexingjohn

    Black Ops 4 Geo-Filter Cloud needs your help!

    always keep getting this Dedi server
  9. why would it drop if i'm playing a game tho? as it would take longer to download. bit confused now.
  10. cheers Zennon just Loaded BO4 up and downloading BF4 the CPU has dropped......
  11. i've tried that again i think ill download games over the night. thankyou Zennon tho.
  12. when not downloading. CPU at 20% when downloading with everything above 90%-100% CPU definitely cant access other interfaces when downloading as they are taking to long to load
  13. still the same zennon, nothing is downloading in the background.
  14. Yes i did do the above. i couldn't access the interface at all when a game is downloading i have stopped downloading and get this loading screen. CC is at 60 and 80