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  1. https://imgur.com/a/NC5c7hqthis is now working. i will keep my eye on it. and thankyou for the support
  2. no VPN and ill try now.
  3. this is the picture what your asking for. in game setting are set to EU servers
  4. https://imgur.com/a/iH5ngqf
  5. hi i cant even play any games on Xr500 no more. radius is set to 1000 miles from the UK and i pick no sertvers up at all. i have reset the router multiple times clicked on different profiles and still cant connect to a server. when i put the radius on fuill only connects to the USA servers with a 330ms ping!! i cant play on that connection. for COD or Fortnite. any suggestions??
  6. with the testing i have done yesterday. with the radius on the UK/ Ireland only. it will try and connect to the servers in the EU but it backs me out of the game. then i re connect to a uk server and it puts me into a game. so i can confirm on my end the geo-filtering is working for me.
  7. yes it working as i have just enclosed it to the uk and it just disconnects
  8. i can not block servers
  9. i have DM'd you fraser.
  10. will do i will DM you
  11. im available in an hour fraser.
  12. Game: Fortnite Platform: PS4 PRO. XB1X Region: EU Game: PUBG Platform: . XB1X Region: EU
  13. thankyou for the help
  14. i reset the test. thats why the large spike at the beginning
  15. thats the sliders both set at 58% with all my streaming gear running and watching 2 4k movies and a 1080 60FPS stream and uploading 1080p 60fps to youtube. i cant cant any better than this. i have set my radius to 300 miles due to me not wanting to connect to the swiss servers as they are all over the place