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  1. Glad you've fixed the problem and its ok. we are all here to help out.
  2. hi jack would i put the Xbox ports and Ps4 ports in? or just my ps4 one?
  3. Mine did this. my problem was the PPPoE. if you have got this then re enter it again and you should be fine.
  4. l will, and just thinking (hurting my head lol ) do i need to have any port forwarding rules maybe?
  5. i know i cant understand either. i have clicked on every symbol that's shows up and allowed them all. but i can not see anything else in the Geo-filter. and i will try and untick QoS tonight.
  6. i have and restarted the Ps4 it doesnt work on filtering mode at all. and factory reset the R1 only works in spec mode for me.
  7. if i switch to spec mode its fine i can talk and they can.
  8. ive added even more servers and now i can hear the party but they can't hear me?
  9. i have added everything what shows up but still no chat in game.
  10. had the radius set full then went onto a game reduced the radius down as below and can talk in game with PS4 but not xbox players
  11. this is in spectating mode and when i go back into filtering mode no game chat
  12. Hi Jack yes my friends do have Open NAT as there is 2 PS4 players and 2 xbox players. With me having the R1 dumaos i'm always host. so spec mode on - i can talk to everyone in the 4 man party absolutely fine. Now if i want to use filtering mode even tho i have allowed that chat server it still gets blocked so i lose all party audio even tho the other 3 friends can talk but not me. that servers shows up as a Triangle with a circle around it.