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  1. it showed up a few times but now for the past few days nothing, even while using n Incognito window so no idea !!
  2. check out this monster : https://www.amazon.com/Tri-Band-Supporting-AiProtection-Accelerator-RT-AC5300/dp/B0167HG1V6?psc=1&SubscriptionId=AKIAILSHYYTFIVPWUY6Q&tag=duckduckgo-d-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B0167HG1V6 and then there is this for a lower price that does almost the same : https://www.asus.com/us/Networking/RT-AC86U/ Tip: if you want advice on what to buy, ask customers, not the suppliers who has a deal with Netgear and are marketing their products to sell more. Personally, I have ditched my netduma XR500 into the closet UNTIL they keep their promises and become more professional, then i might take it out of the closet if it has the featuers atleast of an R1. for now, I am using the RT-AC86U and i have to say, Its AMAZING and i might not even want to look back on the XR500 !! i just bought it after a long argument with netduma which after they closed the topic cause they had nothing to say. do your research first before upgrading.
  3. you will have to give me time to test this out. i'll let you know soon !
  4. here is another one ....
  5. Thats google chrome version 68.0.3440.106 (Official Build) (64-bit). No, my browser doesn't use HTTPS while opening the router page. This happens when I open the Dashboard - Geofilter and the Qos page. Sometimes the ring of my Qos devices disappears too. I didnt change anything. happened 2 times since I updated, only thing that seems to resolve it is rebooting it 2 times in a row. sometimes.....
  6. Great update guys. I didnt have bugs with the past firmware until I downloaded that "no feature, Just bug fixes" firmware !!
  7. check this out : and many other problems and issued regarding that "geo filter" that netduma is all fussed about including alot of topics I has started that include incorrect data and issues with the Geo filter like it allowing peers to host out of its range and many other issues. Asus teamed up with a company called WTFast which lowers pings in a different way but choosing different shorter packet routes thus decreasing the ping to up to 80%. my friend in UAE just got it and is giving me awesome feedback. do your research !! best of luck
  8. EvAsus ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 : https://www.asus.com/us/Networking/RT-AC86U/ LinkSys : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072LQZFHM/ref=asc_df_B072LQZFHM5611562?smid=A123RH17TQFVJD&tag=hawk-future-20&linkCode=df0&creative=395129&creativeASIN=B072LQZFHM&ascsubtag=pcg-1386656341722623436-20 TP-Link Talon AD7200 Multi-Band Wi-Fi Router https://www.bestbuy.com/site/asus-ac5300-tri-band-ac-gigabit-router-black/5008900.p?skuId=5008900&intl=nosplash I mean, it's not like it's the only gaming router available on the market. there are MANY more. It's sad to see netduma go downhil Fraser should check his email and forum history just to see how I always use to speak positively about netduma and support it all the way. I never thought I would be speaking negativly about this company, but I guess i have all the right to now out of frustration and disappointment.
  9. spot on. Clearly netduma is getting paid by hidemyass to do so, since this was also the case for the R1. The company needs to do some side money I guess !! problem is, they dont see the problem and everyone is blaming it on someone else
  10. looooool. apologize man, but this is nonsense you are speaking there. first of all, I don't need to do my "research" before buying a router that is advertised by netduma to be alot more powerful and better than the netduma, following logic, that would mean it has everything the R1 has and does it better. But I have to apologize that 1- i put too much trust in netduma 2- my expectations were a bit too high after all the wait for the DomaOS. oh and I dont have any "issues" to take up on Netgear. as a customer, again, I bought it because of netduma's software and my expectations that I had based on owning the R1 which is alot less powerfull than the XR500. I am not the technical one here who should be caring about technical stuff and paperwork between netduma and netgear. I am just another customer who uses the product and spreads the word if I am satisfied or tell people not to buy this product if I am not which does influence the market. Anyway, we are looping around with no result so there is no point. I just hope netduma knows why customers are dissatisfied cause its not just me, checking the forum, there are ALOT of dissatisfied customers. tell you what, the best ones are the ones who speak out, the worst ones are who say nothing without the company knowing what the problem was !! cheers.
  11. I am not talking about hybird VPN. I used to be able to use my Express VPN on my R1 and since i upgraded to the XR500 which I seriously regret, I cant my VPN as I used to, the VPN system on the XR500 has to be with "hide my ass" which I dont have an account on and do not like. it was much easier on the R1 to copy and paste a code, type the user name and password and it's all set. Now every time I ask about the VPN I get the answer of "it's not our deadline" , "it's under testing by Netgear" or "it should be out very soon" .... well , we didnt buy this router for Netgear, we bought it for Netduma and it's really annoying that we can not get an estimated time on when it is going to be released, DomaOS is missing alot of features that the R1 has which shouldn't be the case since is an upgrade and more expensive. Also, dont tell me if netduma contacts netgear to ask them about the testing progress they will not give them an estimated time. everything takes too long on here and I am seriously starting to dislike Netduma. I thought your support was awesome cause I got help with some issues I had but now , well it's a major disappointment. I will stop nagging now as I know I well get another weird answer that is irrelevant to the dates and the features so there is no point. I am done here.
  12. Hi guys, As I am waiting for the new update as you promised, I was checking in the "firmware update" section on the router and found V2.3.2.32 available. so i updated into that, after the router download and rebooted, I was excited to see some new features like the VPN. unfortunately, nothing. all the same.... what was that about ?????
  13. nope, that doesnt happen, i tested alot but because of where i live (Egypt) i am far away from dedicated servers and good hosts. for some reason host in Spain and France give me a much better ping and connection stability that Israel and other countries nearby. Thats why i was asking on other posts about ping assist and VPNs as this is my only way for a stable good connection. also my country is applying Deep packet inspection to control the internet which as you know causes connection problems, when i used the VPN on the R1 , all these problems disappeared and I always has a good connection. Thanx for looking into my problem. looking forward for the next update. I hope the VPN is like the R1 where i can use ExpressVPN and wont be stuck with Hidemyass. cheers
  14. Link for dropbox video : https://www.dropbox.com/s/m3t20w962xbbozb/Untitled.mov?dl=0 yes, it's COD wwii