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  1. sharpz44

    New XR300

    I have just noticed netgear are now launching an XR300 ,looks duma boys are going to be busy https://www.netgear.com/gaming/xr300/
  2. sharpz44

    Duma app

    This is a revived thread 🤪 still be great if an app came out ,don’t post much on here but still monitor... reason ...it works
  3. sharpz44

    GUI glitch? (still)

    No sure why it double quoted
  4. sharpz44

    GUI glitch? (still)

    Exactly the reasons I used Voxels firmware on my R7800 ,I actually sold it to my friend and he uses it with bt FTTP with no issues,I could believe that Netgear was using mini upnp from the dark ages ,shame Voxel could not do anything with the 500, for me this router seems to be getting left behind by Netgear ,I know there slow with firmwares but I purchased this to be on Netduma future roadmap.however my XR500 does work great with no issues ,I work offshore for 3 weeks at a time and it never drops in the time I’m away ,daughter would soon tell me as a YouTube queen 😂,really this is the best router for gaming even though the Asus Rog AX is coming or already is but that thing will be bugged just like the first one ,think patience may be are key , and like seeing some of the stuff you put on SNB forums.
  5. When is the next firmware please and what will be in included, I know Netgear drag there feet in firmware that’s why I always used voxel firmwares on my old R7800 ,cheers o and look over your shoulder Asus are bring out a New ROG Rapture AX ,pricey and probs buggy like the Gt
  6. sharpz44

    Announcement: DumaOS Development Milestone 1.3

    Great work ,this is the reason to own and maintained faith in this company.
  7. sharpz44

    Why is xb still in HPTD

    Nothing was on,had to reboot ,it got stuck for some reason
  8. sharpz44

    Why is xb still in HPTD

    So unplugged Ethernet of Xbox and it’s still in high priority,how can this be with no connection
  9. So basically ,I used my Xbox one x today for first time in a while as use pspro mainly ,now after turning it off it remains as high priority traffic detected after a few hours off ,no downloads are going and Eth on xr500 is going between white and amber ,white should mean it’s on and amber standby,just wondering as this now changes my speedtests due to hptd....strange ,it’s swirched off
  10. sharpz44

    XR500 Issues

    Yer obviously if your a return freak and just buy stuff to test, I use prime and have returned plenty with no issues 😂
  11. sharpz44

    XR500 Issues

    Amazon returns are excellent and I would not see an issue there,normally refund even when it’s been scanned as posted.
  12. That’s funny, I got rid of of the Rog rapture and replaced it with XR500,might have vpn but was bugged to hell,actually I think bugs lived in it
  13. sharpz44

    Dumaos Firmware

    when is the next anticipated update , I see some have issues on current ,however just checked my uptime after being away working for 3 weeks and no drop,what’s the potential improvements on Duma side for next one if any ....thanks
  14. sharpz44


    So the XR500 is getting a big brother with Duma os in the form of the XR700, typical ,I’ll have to get that know https://www.netgear.com/npg/xr700/
  15. sharpz44

    What is the latest firmware

    Right OK cheers,just making sure I`m not behind.