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  1. sharpz44


    So the XR500 is getting a big brother with Duma os in the form of the XR700, typical ,I’ll have to get that know https://www.netgear.com/npg/xr700/
  2. sharpz44

    What is the latest firmware

    Right OK cheers,just making sure I`m not behind.
  3. Whats the latest fimware 1 https://kb.netgear.com/000053269/XR500-Firmware-Version-2-1-0-4 2 https://www.netgear.com/support/product/xr500.aspx#Firmware%20Version% 1 or 2 .... cheers
  4. sharpz44

    DHCP option 60 & 61 feature?

    Ok I see ,well I’m to late to move from bt ,I’ll have to wait a year...lol...least it will give me an option then ,,,thanks
  5. sharpz44

    DHCP option 60 & 61 feature?

    Can you let me know how it goes as wanted to switch to sky but no 60 and 61 stopped me, I use bt with vigor 130.... cheers
  6. sharpz44

    DHCP option 60 & 61 feature?

    Since when did this become available, I had to stay with BT due to no DHCP 60 and 61 on netgear.... thanks
  7. sharpz44

    Some DumaOS/Netgear issues

    Think you should pin the new firmware and remove .10 pin, as was about to ask when new one is due....lol.... I`ll update in 2 weeks when I get home from offshore .... Vegas....CEO.... Nice
  8. sharpz44

    Need some advice folks (ISP switch UK)

    I should have done this but because I use bt sport it would cost a fortune on sky and love my UFC and champions league,plus needed to keep the bt emails which they now charge £7.50 month if you want to keep them, I wanted to move to sky but not using there garbage equipment , I never considered Talk Talk due to the really bad reviews ,actually the most complained about ,however looks Zennon and Big Dog do ok.
  9. sharpz44

    Who uses Sky with XR500

    Thats great ,did you use the router and put it into modem mode (if possible) just wanted to find out how to configure it as I want the XR500 to manage everything. thanks
  10. Right wanted to know who sky users have set up the XR500 using Sky broadband, BT works for me but the continued price increases do not so know have 30 days to leave and I am considering Sky but this is equipment set up dependent, so therefore any set up info would be appreciated. (I know I asked about this with Vigor 130 but that may be a pain to use ) Cheers
  11. sharpz44

    XR500 with Sky

    Well got my answer .... this is a modem that does not perform authentication, the router connected to it needs to support DHCP Option 60 & 61. The modem must be configured in MPoA Bridge mode. Now I know the XR500 does not support option 60 and 61 unlike Asus,well from when I owned R7800..... Correct me if I am wrong please. Thanks
  12. sharpz44

    XR500 with Sky

    Might have to research a bit more to see if the Vigor 130 is able to do the 61 authentication,I know the modem does support Sky, with bt it’s just plug and play ,alternatively might be able to to use there the sky equipment and then the xr500 but would not be to happy doing that. I will read that info though. Cheers
  13. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has set up there XR500 with a Draytek vigor 130 and Sky broadband, currently use BT with this set up but wanted to know if it is straight forward with SKY`s 61 set up, due to BT prices going up again was considering a move. Thanks
  14. sharpz44

    Firmware released

    Done mine and works great ,upnp shows ,had to rename a few devices with no issue