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  1. Anyone else not able to pick a server? game pretty much says tut tut no no, I know the duma team won't support until full release. Curious.
  2. sncjez

    Bt vs sky broadband

    Was with BT for 4yrs prices getting bumped up for loyal customers when i mentioned this all they offered me was a new crappy router and five quid off a month. Bolted and went to talk talk for a 2 yr contract 22 quid a month saving same speeds no meddling.
  3. sncjez

    4k gaming monitors... talk to me...

    https://www.asus.com/uk/Monitors/ROG-SWIFT-PG27UQ/ Will need big lottery win
  4. sncjez

    Camp of Duty vs 6 man team

    spiicy... long time no hear and upsetting lobby's as usual
  5. sncjez

    What are you playing PC?

    I mainly play Quake live and quake champions and a bit of cod for multiplayer enjoying the latest wolfenstein campaign at the moment.
  6. sncjez

    What headset do YOU use?

    AD900s had them since MW3 day's never thought about anything else paired with yamaha receiver and usb mic soundcard.
  7. sncjez

    DNS Setting Question

    Not gaming related...Quad9 is worth a look i've been using these numbers on console and pc since january a new global dns faster than and more security. https://www.stationx.net/improve-your-security-and-privacy-check-out-the-new-quad9-dns-service/
  8. The beta is having some latency issues at the moment the devs are aware of this also if you cant move press alt and tab this fixes this. When things are good it is a lot of fun.
  9. sncjez


    For anyone still on the fence tesco are doing a deal for £33 by adding a code. To get the deal, you'll need to click the following links and enter the code TDX-PWFG at checkout: Buy Call of Duty WW2 on PS4 for £33 at Tesco Buy Call of Duty WW2 on Xbox for £33 at Tesco
  10. This week https://ironsight.aeriagames.com/news/184563/get-ready-for-the-open-beta
  11. sncjez

    Battalion 1944: 2 beta keys

    And the second KI26V-X7XNL-EZLVP
  12. sncjez

    Battalion 1944: 2 beta keys

    Redeem on steam L8XNY-KPIYE-J3GEX
  13. Managed to get in on the stress test servers yesterday and got a sneaky feeling this game could be a big hit free to play but most will prolly buy founders packs i'm already in on the generals pack I want to get this out here the more who know about this game the bigger it will become i think the open beta is due soon no date yet. Get signed up https://ironsightgame.com/#trailer
  14. Seems to be an issue with being connected to dedi's which you haven't selected lately i noticed a lot of lag going on with a few games today decided to look into my geo filter and i was being hooked up to a dedi in the U.S with players all over the place on the other side of the pond. Not sure if it is just me but keep an eye out. A simple fix is to enable the geo stricked ticked i usually select ireland, frankfurt, amsterdam, and warsaw and put the circle around these area's (i'm in UK). This will work but don't enable until after booting the game up and selecting your dedi's. Just an FYI