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  1. Direink144

    Netduma unusable since patch

    Well no server is blocked and now everything is back to normal.
  2. Direink144

    Netduma unusable since patch

    Still 100% loss with strict mode unticked. But with radius set at 12000 I get 0% loss.
  3. My Xbox1 shows 100% packet loss when I run a network test and no games found. Remove duma and lots of games and zero packet loss. Duma not working with patch. Using R1 and no new OS yet.
  4. The only reason I would consider upgrading my R1 to the new OS is if there is a permanent server ban option for both peer and dedi?
  5. Direink144

    P/P better than dedi for me

    I rate it about 7/10. Am anxious to get the OS for my R1. Maybe in a few weeks.
  6. So my closest dedis from Toronto is about 400 miles away. 15ms but still iffy. So I shrunk my geo to 150 and have been getting a smoother play at around 35- 50ms on all P/P. Go figure but not questioning it. Using the R1 original OS.
  7. Direink144

    Black Ops 4 Support

    What do u mean it no longer "queries" peers?
  8. No question yet just great support from netduma for BOPS4 gamers. I'm sure there'll be lots of inquiries how the tweak things to make the game even more awesome. Thanks.
  9. Seems pointless if there's no geo filter??
  10. Direink144

    How to speed up P/P server bans

    I have flushed cloud and yes I am using auto cloud and BE. But honestly this is the first time I have ever used peer banning. Maybe it would have always been delayed more than usual. I won't sweat it anymore and just wait for the new OS. Sounds awesome. Thanks.
  11. Direink144

    How to speed up P/P server bans

    Here's what happens. On a dedi it's a no brainer. If 1 minute into the game it's trash I ban it and 15 seconds later I get booted out of the game. Quickly find another game on a new server and all is good. On a P/P server I rate it 1%and update during play ,making note of the id. I can finish the game and play the entire next game on the banned served and never get booted like on a dedi. If i leave the game early i still get dumped back onto the bad server for about 15 minutes.
  12. Direink144

    How to speed up P/P server bans

    Ya I played again today and it was about 15 minutes and the id was the same p/p. 1 minute into the game i see the server is a dud. I give it a 1% and update. The game finishes and even the next game finishes before it gets banned.
  13. Playing COD AW and it seems to take 20+ minutes for the ban to kick in when removing the trash P/P server. Is this usual or am I missing something. I apply a 1% rating then update. I also go to settings and apply cloud settings.
  14. Direink144

    Ping assist vs geo distance

    Used Big Dogs method and works just fine. Thanks
  15. Direink144

    Ping assist vs geo distance

    Ok...will work on this and report back