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  1. not sure if my packets are being lost i play fortnite like most people and i feel like my bullets just don't go where I aim. can someone please help me I even pace my shots to make sure the bloom doesn't effect me
  2. F3arless27

    allow and deny xr500

    i cannot add anyone to my allow list because when i click on the person in canada it shows it is a dedicated server for some reason
  3. for some reason i can't change the allow or deny on my friends where they live in canada and i wanna be able to play with them.
  4. F3arless27

    Fortnite PC

    thank you all
  5. need help when i set my host filter don't know what game to put it on under the pc setting, im talking about under where the games filter is trying to play fortnite with little to no Lag.
  6. F3arless27

    halo 5 Bullets are mashmellows

    i know you say gaming doesn't take much but when im in california gaming on high speed internet on halo 5 in general the clamber nade throw sprint is all faster than a bad connection can you explain this maybe the way im connecting to the dedicated server?
  7. my bullets don't do anything to anyone but i die so fast its miserable playing now my download is 15d and 1.5 up but still shouldn t be this bad also have done the congestion sliders and even did the hyper Traffic on please help me need some one on one help
  8. F3arless27

    DESTINY 2 - beta 7/18/17

    so which game settings do you use you posted two of them?
  9. nomatter what i put the sliders too it doesn't change my speed can't get my bluffer boat below a c very frusterating really just wanting good gameplay i don't get it this router is supposed to eliminate lag all i want is good bullet registration is that so hard to ask for
  10. F3arless27

    HALO 5 OPEN Nat

    i don't even use the geofilter for halo 5 with their only being 5 servers in the US, and just one console
  11. F3arless27

    HALO 5 OPEN Nat

    still don't have an open nat after port forwarding i have a static ip and everything can i get maybe a 1 on 1 assistance
  12. F3arless27

    HALO 5 OPEN Nat

    no the game is halo 5 their is no in game nat option all my stuff disappeared im now moderate, just need the proper ports for halo 5 and i know how to open them
  13. F3arless27

    HALO 5 OPEN Nat

    my nat type has reset back to open and all my port forwards have not reset but for some reason i have a moderate nat, can you please help me fix this with the proper ports that need forwarding thank you.
  14. average ping is 25 to 50 ms base ping beign about 20 not sure to check if I have any jitter or spikes unless you mean by doing the router internal test? the internet Diagnosis shows excellent across the board as long as the congestion control is below 70 on both
  15. im tired of people asking on these forums and think that this router is any different from a dlink netgear nighthawk ect, all you have to do is open up the correct ports whether thats for xbox or playstation or the specific game, also you will need to disable UPNP in both the misc section of the router and settings and I promise you you will have a Open Nat Type,