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  1. really odd either people arent playing forza 5 anymore or something is wrong got geofilter disabled and i cannot find a match on forza 5 but every other game works?
  2. do i need to enable upnp port forwarding in misc i see hosts on forza 5 but its not letting me join so werid everything else is working peachy
  3. i used the optimal settings to start and i can't tell you if everything is working do i really need port forwarding on or can i just use upnp enabled? its been so long since i had to set this up from factory
  4. garage gorilla

    is my netduma set up right

    share is on in hyper traffic i just select xbox xbox live disabled both of those upnp options in misc and upnp turned off media server there is no average ping every match up is different
  5. garage gorilla

    Anyone able to get high PSN download speeds???

    try googles dns or what ever but i read on a ps4 official forums and seen on reddit tons of testing to prove rest mode gives you the fastest download speeds they bottle neck it even if you got no apps or games going i have seen this my self as every ps4 game i got is digital
  6. garage gorilla

    bufferbloat help

    tbh even with your mom using wifi your gf on wifi you gaming isn't enough to cost bad bufferbloat imo i was getting f and fifa felt fine got a+ and fifa felt laggy vs the same person lol
  7. garage gorilla

    Anyone able to get high PSN download speeds???

    put it in rest mode when not in rest mode the ps4 automatically limits the download speed put on rest mode and it gives downloads 100 percent
  8. garage gorilla

    FIFA 17 Results

    my hugest issue is even with 900 mile radius and say 30 ping assist i still find red bar after red bar after red bar after red bar in fut seasons fut champs dont matter even if your in the usa dedicated server you will play people from anywhere in the world i have had 3 russians this weekend and 2 japanese im in colorado lol
  9. ivp6 for consoles is a nightmare any ea game with ivp6 enabled will not get you a match i always disable it as i feel ivp6 only matches you with other ivp6s and not many people use it xbox and ps4 and ea dont even get how ivp6 works
  10. i was vaccuming and it touched the duma and since i kept dropping reset my comcast modem and reput in bridge mode didn't fix my internet dropping so instead of unplugging the duma i just hit the reset button and had to redo all my settings from ground up even had to redo my location but since its been fine not sure what happend
  11. garage gorilla

    Optimal settings for FIFA Ultimate Team

    the problem is according to ea anything under 250 ping is considered 4 bar green connection! when you match up and if the latency starts red then goes green avoid the match at all costs same with orange if you hit ok and see it change dont play it i noticed as the away team if you scroll jerseys and they feel sluggish dont play there will be lag and delay there is nothing we can do about fut champs tho there is a server in new york and califorina for usa and uk for rotw and if your geo filter raidus dont touch the one in cali i noticed i will not get games my issue is i thought this thing would get rid of all red and orange bars and only connect me to green bars in seasons i can live with the servers in fut champs i dont get to much delay but the way match making works in fut champs is that dedicated server and you can match up with people in the uk still even japan so them being that far and connecting to the usa dedicated server will cause the delay nothing we can do but hope ea fix the match making they wont tho what i will say the duma has done for me is fix my bufferbloat
  12. first off i will not post screen shots my computer is very old very slow and crashes when i print screen and im not about to take 20 pictures on my phone and upload them all i will give you as much detail as requested other wise if i dont mention something it means its not checked or enabled host filtering peer ping auto ping strict mode show dormant show legend all checked congestion bandwith 95 12 after 30 tests this is the average 70 70 download and upload congestion control even split through everything right now 33 33 33 hyper active for xbox and ps4 no vpn profile general gaming load host filtering settings checked load anti flood settings checked loud cloud settings checked port forwarding i done what the settings guide said to do for xbox and ps4 ports upnp settings is checked lan everything is on but ivp6 dhcp lease i have xbox set up to ip.246 for xbox 247 for ps4 wan everything is disabled but mtu misc allow auto feed back checked allow remote host to duma support checked enable upnp port fowarding is checked enable multicast snooping enable cookies checked if i have no mentioned something i am not using it with fifa i still run into more red bars within 500 mile radius have fifa ports open have ping assist set to 30 strict mode on what gives?
  13. weekend league servers will match you with anyone in the world it does not matter so no netduma wont help with that in seasons sure you can lower your radius so you dont touch mexico but you'll soon realize mexico isnt the issue i still run into 20 30 red bars within 500 mile radius of colorado with fifa
  14. What do you need a screen shot for Heres whats checked Peer ping auto ping strict mode show dormant. Show legend 1016 mile raidus 50 ping The only dedicated server is fut champs in California If raidus dont touch it i wont get a game if i do ea servers suck matching me with uk cats regardless of geo filter Now with all that and seasons in ultimate team thats p2p with those settings above all i get are red and orange bars never get a game in utah or surrounding states of colorado usually Texas Cali or under Michigan and there all awful quality there is no fixing its just how eas match makinf works
  15. Yeah i know but even than i still run into red bar orange bar to fifa anything under 150 ms is green bar