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  1. talbyfish

    Apex Legends

    https://youtu.be/4qiIsg63yOU change server in game
  2. nat was ooen on xbox live but moderate in game. now they both open... sorry only way i could get the picture available...
  3. talbyfish

    NAT ON BO4

    see my post
  4. sorry only way i could get the picture available...
  5. I got open nat in game for the first time using these numbers. Game still playing good aswell. trying to upload screen shot at the moment.
  6. OK people, av had duma r1 since day one and i have always have to force peer to peer connections on cod since ghosts to get a decent game. After updating to dumaos I still have a problem playing on servers I ping 12ms too. Shoot first and still die first, am blaming the lag comp becouse the kill cam says different to what happened in game. Anyway I tried portforwarding last night and the game played well on the 12ms server, dont know why or how it just did. Dont know if its gonna be the same today but i just thought i would shae this with you all. Nat was always open anyway so I dont know how this has helped??? Anyone with the same problem wanna give it a try and see if it helps?
  7. I cant win a game on fifa 18anymore..its doing my head in.
  8. talbyfish

    Is ping really king for COD?

    I move mine from 10ms server in uk to 40-50ms server just above italy and the difference is amazing..
  9. talbyfish

    XR500 and CoD WW2: My findings

    I play in the uk, I find better games if I put the geo small circle just above Italy, i ping 40-50ms to this server and get good games. Most of my games on the UK local server pinging 10ms are unplayable due to the lag comp. I have tried other servers pinging 100+ but these games are bad. 40-50ms ping seems to be the sweet spot for me.
  10. talbyfish

    XBOX WWII Beta Codes First Come First Serve

    Am to late. Nevermind
  11. talbyfish

    Xbox beta code ww2

    Anybody got a spare code?
  12. talbyfish

    Wifi module failing?

    Try using pre emtive it has solved mine.
  13. talbyfish

    Wifi cutting out constantly

    I think as it switching to preemtive has sorted it for me.
  14. talbyfish

    Wifi cutting out constantly

    I have had exact same problem for months. Got me duma on day one. Wired xbox stays connected but all wi fi devices lose connection then reconnect but with no internet access. My son plays xbox via Wi-Fi in his room, I can tell soon as it loses connection. DAAAAAAAAD he shouts ha ha. He goes nuts. Av tried all the fixes bit it don't work. Sometimes it's ok for days then it could go off 4 times in one day. It even goes off at night when nobody is using it. Help me too please.
  15. talbyfish

    Wifi module failing?

    my wifi is the same.