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    DumaOS 1.3 networkstats are way off

    Having your geofilter radius covering the whole world tells the geofilter to allow connections anywhere in the world regardless of your ping assist settings. If you just want to use Ping Assist to find games set your geofilter location in the ocean.
  2. Your geofilter is working exactly as it should. The geofilter allows you to only connect to a server inside your radius so you get the lowest ping possible. It can’t stop people from outside your radius connecting to that server. Who connects to your server is down to the game.
  3. pollutionblues

    Filtering Mode vs Strict Mode

    Filtering mode = geofilter on Spectating mode = geofilter off Strict mode ensures you only connect to servers inside your set geofilter radius (unless you are using ping assist) the geofilter won’t work at all (including strict mode) unless filtering mode is enabled.
  4. pollutionblues

    Firmware for netduma r1

    Is your ping to the server within your ping assist range? The geofilter can’t block other players connecting to the server that you are playing on I often see US players in my UK lobbies but that is down to the game. Ping assist ensures that you connect to a server within the set range.
  5. pollutionblues

    2 Months Later Still No Cloud Update

    There was a cloud update on Friday of last week. There are some further optimisations needed for Xbox that will be our this week. See @Netduma Admin post here:
  6. Can you clear your browser cache & cookies and try again. I would recommend using Google Chrome if you aren’t already.
  7. Was allowing you access to the UI before you rebooted? If so, clear your browser cache and cookies and try again. Also try as that’s usually the default R1 IP address.
  8. As Fraser said the Irish servers have always been there just not visible until DumaOS unless you had admin mode on the R1. Demonware who handle networking services for COD (and other games) are based in Dublin.
  9. pollutionblues

    MISC Settings menu isn't there?

    I if I remember correctly the Misc menu was added after 1.02.2. The best approach would be for you to upgrade to dumaOS. With you being on an old version Netduma must run a fix on your router before you can upgrade. See this post (please read it carefully): Then sign up for DumaOS here:
  10. pollutionblues

    DumaOS issues

    The reason you are connecting to those servers is because you have fast search enabled.
  11. Not at the moment, I expect those features will be on the roadmap though.
  12. pollutionblues

    Black Ops 4 Support

    You need to set ping assist to 0.
  13. pollutionblues

    Netgear xr500 router

    I assume your setup is: Modem (or modem/router combo) > XR500 > All devices? Normally when you have double NAT you need to put the XR500 into DMZ on your modem. I have moved this to the correct section. Please don’t post on the 1 on 1 section unless asked to do so by Netduma staff. Thanks.
  14. pollutionblues

    Hosts outside filter

    Thats a host that you have added to your allow list. You can tell this as it has a solid circle around it. You may also sometimes see whitelisted authentication servers outside your radius, these also have a solid white circle around them but have the server icon in the middle.
  15. pollutionblues


    The server you see outside your radius is a whitelisted authentication server you aren’t actually playing a game on that server. Games need authentication servers to connect you to online services so it’s vital they are whitelisted. A whitelisted server has a solid circle around it. The server inside your radius is the one you are playing a game on. As you are using ping assist (ping assist servers have a dashed circle around them) you may sometimes see servers outside the geofilter radius, these servers are incorrectly located in the Netduma cloud database and even though they may appear outside your radius you will have a low ping to them.
  16. pollutionblues

    errors spam

    The logs are really only for developers to use. Don’t pay to much attention to them. I’ve posted an excerpt from @Netduma Jack about logs. “logs are for developers to look over in specific situations. Every router in the world would show these kinds of events if they too had log files. Most routers don't show you this information for this reason - it can be misinterpreted’
  17. My carrier doesn’t support WiFi calling I’m afraid major
  18. pollutionblues

    New Member of Development Team

    Hi Joseph, Welcome to the forum!
  19. Clear your browser cache and cookies and then try admin & password as the username & password again.
  20. No need to sign up again, you will have an email with the new version.
  21. Username: admin Password: password
  22. pollutionblues

    ERROR - The lobby is not joinable

    It will be available on all routers but Netgear control the timings for XR500/XR700
  23. pollutionblues

    Wifi distance for my big house

    The Nighthawk has far better WiFi range than the R1, many of us use a second router connected to the R1 and set in access point mode to extend the WiFi range of the R1 so that is also an option for you.
  24. pollutionblues

    Update status

    Netduma have already said that they won’t be giving out timeframes for updates/new features.
  25. 80 down is the maximum you will get from WiFi on the R1 due to hardware limitations. The best way to get higher wifi speeds is to have another 5GHz router (set in access point mode) connected to the R1. This is a setup many of us use to get better WiFi performance.