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  1. pollutionblues

    Packet Loss

    Can you run the test for at least 10 minutes please?
  2. pollutionblues

    Packet Loss

    Can you run a PingPlotter test directly from your modem and post the results?
  3. pollutionblues

    Packet Loss

    Have you swapped out the Ethernet cable between your modem/router and the XR500 to rule out a faulty cable?
  4. pollutionblues

    Cant log into bo4 ABCDEF error code? Help

    It’s a known issue. Here’s the tweet from Activision Support.
  5. pollutionblues

    Netduma OS does not render on iPad/iPhone

    The UI isn’t optimised for phone/tablet I’m afraid. A PC using Google Chrome is the recommended way to access the UI.
  6. pollutionblues

    Destiny 2 Asian servers help PS4

    No, there’s no way to see player history I’m afraid.
  7. pollutionblues


    Do you have it set to when high priority traffic detected? If so, you will get your full speeds unless you are gaming. If you set it to always do you get 70/70?
  8. pollutionblues

    Increase ping

    1. Set your location to where you want to force the server. 2. Make sure strict mode is enabled. 3. Set ping assist to 0. 4. Make sure fast search is disabled. 5 Enable filtering mode. 6. Search for a game (sometimes it can take longer to find a game when forcing a server so be patient) Make sure you do all these steps before you boot up the game. If you make any adjustments to the geofilter after this then you need to reboot the game.
  9. pollutionblues

    Mapping Network Drive

    The USB port only provides power, there is no other use for it at the moment i'm afraid.
  10. pollutionblues

    Is upgrade to Duma OS worth it “yet”?

    To be honest, I would upgrade and see how it works out for you, you can always go back to the original FW if need be. I much prefer DumaOS over the original FW but others are using the old FW due to some feature not yet being available on DumaOS yet. Are there any particular bugs you are concerned about?
  11. pollutionblues

    R-APP taking too long

    Don’t worry about the warning message, the cloud is still being flushed properly. There are still a lot of servers that are incorrectly showing as peers but it’s just a visual issue. Netduma are currently working on another cloud update to correct more servers that show as peers as far as I’m aware.
  12. pollutionblues

    Duma OS Logs

    Do you have a VPN subscription? VPN is only normally used on consoles in specific circumstances so if you’ve not used one before you most likely don’t need it.
  13. pollutionblues

    Duma OS Logs

    Don’t worry about the logs, they are only for developers and are perfectly normal. if your only getting lag when you ADS or are in gunfights then it sounds like it’s your your opponents who have high pings or the servers are poor. You could try forcing servers in different locations to see if that helps. If you wanted to rule out any issues on your end you could run some PingPlotter tests.
  14. pollutionblues

    Xr500 Geo-Filter Legend

    Icons with the dashed circle are players/ servers that have been found by ping assist. the icons with solid circles are whitelisted servers, they are either authentication servers (servers the game needs to get you online) or you have added them to your allow list.
  15. pollutionblues


    That server has been found by ping assist. In reality it will be a lot closer to your location and you will have a low ping to the server. it is just incorrectly located in the cloud database. Theres more on ping assist here: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000087579--dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-ping-assist