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  1. pollutionblues

    Geo-Filter page not loading? Solution here!

    Sounds like a rare bug that occasionally happens with profiles. Factory reset from settings > miscellaneous, add your device to the geofilter then apply the profile. This should fix your issue. If it doesn’t, create a new thread and we’ll support you there.
  2. pollutionblues

    Ping Terrible

    ¿Hubo alguna descarga o transmisión en su red mientras realizaba estas pruebas? si no, definitivamente tienes un problema con tu línea que deberás tomar con tu ISP (mostrarles estos resultados) mientras tanto. Si tienes un módem de repuesto, siempre podrías intentar eso para descartar tu módem. siendo defectuoso
  3. pollutionblues

    Ping Terrible

    Hola, esto puede sugerir que tienes un problema con tu línea. conecte su PC directamente a su módem y ejecute la prueba PingPlotter por un mínimo de 10 minutos, luego publique los resultados para que echemos un vistazo a
  4. Make sure you have the geofilter disabled while starting up WWII, you should only enable the geofilter just before you search for a match. Does that resolve your issue?
  5. pollutionblues

    bandwith allocation

    Gaming requires very little bandwidth, typically less than 0.5Mbps so you don’t need to allocate much to your console (if any if you have share excess ticked) I’ve always left bandwidth allocation as it is, I find share excess works great. You could allocate around 20% to your console if you wanted but I would recommend letting share excess handle it.
  6. pollutionblues

    The Forum Has Been Upgraded!

    Great job guys. +1 for the dark theme
  7. pollutionblues

    Netduma and DHL Courier

    I’m sure you will. As jack has already said, let us know if you need a hand with anything.
  8. pollutionblues

    Netduma and DHL Courier

    My comment wasn’t meant to offend you at all, apologies if it did, I totally get your anger at waiting a month (I wouldn’t be happy about it either) but I was simply saying that a customs delay could happen with any courier so using a different courier may not have made any difference to the wait time. I’m glad you’ve received your unit. I hope you enjoy it.
  9. pollutionblues

    Netduma and DHL Courier

    The delay is due to customs clearance so it wouldn’t matter what courier was used. Couriers have no control over customs clearance. As it’s now forwarded for delivery you should receive it soon.
  10. pollutionblues

    Just wanted to say

    Congratulations Sim
  11. Can you send us a screenshot of your entire geofilter page please? Upload it to imgur.com and post the link here.
  12. If you are connected to the R1 as per BIG_DOG’s advice make sure your geofilter is disabled while booting up the game, only enable the geofilter just before you search for a game.
  13. That will be a whitelisted Xbox Live authentication server and is nothing to worry about.
  14. Can you post an image of the top of your geofilter page please? You either have the wrong device selected or you don’t have the geofilter enabled.
  15. If you don’t understand we’re always happy to help walk you through things to resolve your issue. Firstly in this section: https://imgur.com/a/cW9Ojuv make sure your gaming device is selected and the ‘enabled’ option is ticked. Next in this section: https://imgur.com/a/FxYXujf make sure that the ‘strict mode’ option is ticked and ‘ping assist’ is set to 0.00ms. These settings will make sure you never connect to servers outside your radius. There is a guide to host filtering here: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000024113-getting-started-with-host-filtering