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  1. Did some Ping Plotter tests to find out how bad my Verizon Fios G1100 router's packet loss was and found that it didn't have any. I actually found out that my XR700 had packet loss. I know you shouldn't test over wifi but, I've been having issues with my URC remote control dropping its connection all the time. So I did some troubleshooting to see if I could improve my wifi signal. So I started testing both of my routers through wifi and here are the results. Can someone tell me why I should keep the XR700? I can't see keeping a product that has one problem after the next. I already have plenty of problems and don't need more.
  2. So returning it is my only option. Thanks for the help.
  3. Again, I'm not concerned with wired connections. My problem is the wifi connection. A remote control has no wires. It uses the wireless connection. If the wifi on the XR700 can not work within 10ft of the device that needs it while having line-of-sight to the device, it's worthless.
  4. So during these tests my XR700 was 8ft away from my macbook pro with line of sight to it, the G1100 verizon router was 25ft away on an upper floor with only wood construction and drywall in its path. So if anything, the G1100 should've given me more problems since it was traveling further and going through walls and floors. My macbook pro is up to date and has never had issues with wifi or wired connections. The Verizon G1100 is leased. Not sure who makes it. On my other thread, for wired packet loss, it seemed to be that Twitter.com was giving me problems. So I stopped troubleshooting the wired connections. I never even thought to try doing a wireless ping test to see if there was packet loss on the XR700. All of my ethernet cables are CAT6a or CAT7 SSTP/SFTP, and were checked using a Network Cable Tester. I use a wifi scanner to make sure the wifi channel i'm using is clear. I only use channel 1 or 11 with 20mhz width on 2.4ghz. And channel 44 or 153 with 80mhz width on 5ghz. I haven't been able to talk with Level 2 support from Netgear because I've been working everyday. There are only 2 firmwares for the XR700 that I can use. The latest firmware causes the router to drop its WAN connection. So that can't be used. So the original firmware is all I got and it appears that it has a packet loss problem. Could it be hardware related maybe, but I have no idea at this point. The reason I'm testing the wifi on the XR700 is because my URC remote control uses wifi to control my equipment and it is having issues staying connected to my network. I tried using the URC remote with my G1100 but that routers wifi sucks. So now I'm trying the XR700 and that has packet loss. @BIG__DOG Yours spikes just like mine, but not as high. You need to add the column for Max on Pingplotter. You have a spike to 92ms, but you don't have any packet loss like mine. @Netduma Jack I don't have any other wifi devices that can use Ping Plotter to test from.
  5. Ran ping plotter for 24hrs. Results are much better than before when I was using Twitter.com. I'll hold onto the XR700 and wait for an update that corrects the's disconnects.
  6. I meant that .1% packet loss at the XR700 that doesn't show up at the destination. I am not using any hard drives attached to the router. No usb cable is attached to it. Only using 4 ethernet ports: pc, xbox, ps4, and nvidia shield. Nothing was running except my pc. I have everything in USB and ReadySHARE storage disabled. No portforwarding. UPnP enabled. Not using Plex server on it. Ethernet Port aggregation is disabled. QoS enabled Always with 900dl/900ul, sliders at 70%, share excess ticked, running the original firmware Just seeing a bunch of these in the logs: [DumaOS] Marking device that is marked 11 10., Wednesday, October 31, 2018 11:27:07 [DumaOS] Marking device that is marked 11 10., Wednesday, October 31, 2018 11:26:07 [DumaOS] Marking device that is marked 11 10., Wednesday, October 31, 2018 11:25:07 [DumaOS] Marking device that is marked 11 10., Wednesday, October 31, 2018 11:23:49 [DumaOS] Marking device that is marked 11 10., Wednesday, October 31, 2018 11:23:07 [DumaOS] Marking device that is marked 11 10., Wednesday, October 31, 2018 11:22:07 [DumaOS] Marking device that is marked 11 10., Wednesday, October 31, 2018 11:21:07 is my nvidia shield, btw.
  7. It appears that the site I was pinging, www.twitter.com, was part of the issue. This is a ping to my Fios gateway and verizon.com at the same time using PC > XR700 > Fios G1100 > internet So I'm not showing any packet loss to Verizon.com but I'm seeing packet loss to the XR700. No idea what's happening. And I don't have the time to continue troubleshooting this. I may just return the router until I can confirm that my ISP or cables aren't the problem.
  8. I may have been wrong about the XR700 giving me packet loss. I ran another ping plotter from my pc through only my FIos G1100 gateway to Twitter.com and the results are the same as my test with the XR700 on firmware Getting packet loss at the last hop, but this time it's not showing where the packet loss is coming from or least I can't see where it's coming from. Maybe someone else can download the file and look for me. I'm going to test another ethernet cable, then contact Verizon if the cables aren't the problem. Fios G1100 from HTPC 103018 www.twitter.com.pp2
  9. You can see the fan through the top cover. Just haven't seen it run yet.
  10. Thanks Fraser. I'm going to call Level 2 support on Wednesday. Hopefully the same person I've been dealing will be there to talk with about this new problem with the packet loss and has an answer for when the internal fan should run.
  11. Yes. Anti-Bufferbloat is set to Always with 900 dl 900 ul, sliders at 70% each, Share Excess ticked, all devices sharing equally, and traffic prioritization enabled.
  12. @Netduma Fraser After 4hrs on firmware, I'm still seeing packet loss from the XR700. Not as much as the firmware though.
  13. 12 mins on firmware and No Packet Loss. The other interesting thing is there's no evidence of disconnects in the logs, nor are there any of the 'no wifi metadata' errors. It really seems to me that the router kernel is being flooded with log errors and crashing it. I've seen it before at my job. I'm definitely going to stay on this firmware until you or Netgear can figure out what's going on. I'll also let Level 2 support know about this problem when I talk to her this week.
  14. Okay Fraser. I'll down-flash today and run another ping plotter. This is was I ended up with after switching ethernet cables: In the log you can see the router disconnect along with 'error parsing line in ARP table'.
  15. Only 5 mins. in and already have packet loss with new ethernet cable.
  16. is my XR700, is my Verizon Fios Gateway. The XR700 is DMZ'd in the Fios Gateway. I'll switch out the ethernet that connects them and try again.
  17. Ran Pingplotter for 24hrs to Twitter.com, results aren't good. Was trying to stream Tivo to my cellphone, signal dropped every couple minutes. I'm seeing packet loss at the XR700 as well @twalls. This is with the latest firmware, I'm going to reboot everything, check my cables, run another test. If the results are still the same, i'll down-flash to the original firmware and see if it improves.
  18. Is it possible to bring back Profiles for DumaOS like we had in the original R1 firmware?
  19. So I picked up the XR700 because I loved the fact that it has 6 lan ports and 1 SFP+ port which you can use as a 10gb, 1gb, 100mb, or 10mb lan port or a 10gb wan port. It also destroys the capabilities of the R1 in terms of wifi and power. I'm sure the R1 will do great with DumaOS, but I needed something that could use all of my 1GB internet speeds. I've been with Netduma for a long time (Early Adopter with the R1), and I've also been waiting a long, long time for DumaOS. Was it worth the wait, I can't say for sure because I haven't tested all aspects of it yet, but I can say that I'm extremely happy with this router so far. The wifi is outstanding, it has plenty of horsepower for whatever you need, setup is a breeze (if you set it up connected to the internet and don't set it up Offline that is), there's Hybrid VPN and Plex Server if you use them, but most of all it is a super R1 with the geo-filter, best-in-class QoS, 1gb speeds, and 802.11AD wireless. It's the dream of all of us Early Adopters. Congrats Netduma on this product! You guys have come a long way! I do have some thoughts about it that I wanted to share before I forget. First, I usually always set up my routers Offline. It's just a habit, mostly cause routers always want to have a lan address of and I have at least 3 routers on my network at once. So there's always a conflict if I don't set them up offline and change their lan ip address first. When I tried to set this up Offline, I had some issues with the Setup Wizard not working correctly since it wanted to be online. I got past those issues, but then somehow the XR700 knew there was a dhcp router on my network and changed it's lan ip address to without notifying me of the change. Second, Netgear says you can use routerlogin.net to access the interface, but I have Verizon Fios internet and their router, the G1100, also uses that same address to access it's interface. So that's a conflict you need to work around. You have to disconnect the routers, change the lan/wan ip addresses, then reconnect them so you can use their specific ip addresses to access their respective interfaces. Most users won't have this issue and those that do will understand networking enough to work around it. Third, not sure if this is a bug on the new firmware or not, but when I was going through the Setup Wizard and tried to set both the 2.4 and 5ghz wireless networks to the same SSID, it said I couldn't. After I finished the Setup Wizard, I went into the wireless network settings and found that it had set both the 2.4 and 5ghz wireless networks to the same SSID. Strange for sure. Fourth, there's an issue with accessing the DumaOS interface with different PCs. Each PC will show different settings. The R1 did this with the 1.03.g firmware. I hope this is an issue that can get resolved. I use Chrome on two PCs and one Macbook Pro. Fifth, the lan port leds are supposed to either be White or Amber and either Solid or Blinking according to the manual. Well, I have my PS4 Pro and my Xbox Scorpio connected to lan ports 1 and 2 respectively, and when the consoles are off or in standby mode, the leds are Red. When I turn the consoles on, the leds turn White. So it seems that either Netgear's Amber is Red or Netgear forgot to add the Red led color description in their manual. Both of my consoles are set for Standby mode, so they drop their link rate to 10mb or 100mb when in standby. Just not sure if Netgear's Amber is Red or not. Haha. All said, I'm very happy with the XR700 so far and I'm looking forward to Ping Assist and Jitter Reduction in the future since they're not in the current DumaOS firmware on the XR700. I have yet to play any online games but I will update this post when I do. Congrats again Netduma! Thank you for showing Router manufacturers that us Gamers need better hardware and software, and that if they build it, we will buy it.
  20. Okay. Good to know. Yes, temps are fine. Hopefully Netgear will get back to me on when the internal fan will turn on and you guys could add the temp. indications in a future firmware so we can monitor them.
  21. Yes. Though I would like to know when the internal fan should turn on. I'm waiting to hear back from Netgear about that. And hopefully, you'll add that feature soon. I posted about it in Features and Requests.
  22. No reason to always turn your PC off. I leave my main PC running 24/7. But either way, once you set the geo-filter up, you shouldn't need to go back into it and change settings every couple days. Maybe they'll bring back Profiles, then when they release the phone app, you'll just need to open the app and choose the profile you set up for whatever game you're playing.
  23. Got my replacement. No packet loss or weird issues with firmware and a factory reset after.
  24. Update on my issues: - Received my replacement XR700 - Zero issues on this one after updating and Factory Resetting. Speed test during setup worked. No funny gui issues or slow loading. No lan or wifi disconnections. - I still have not seen the internal fan run, though this router isn't as hot as my first one. - The only odd thing I can see is my logs are filling up with this: - I ran Pingplotter over night on it, pinging the router from a pc connected to it. I haven't found the right QoS settings for my network yet, but this is with 1000mb bandwidth, sliders at 70%, and minimal traffic like app updating starting around 930pm (as you can see, No Packet Loss): - I will be contacting Netgear next week and say this replacement is working perfectly so far. Looking forward to Milestone 1.3!
  25. I never noticed packet loss with my first XR700. I just lost total connection, both lan and wifi. The dashboard was a little slow until I did a factory reset.