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  1. For the two known bugs, dhcp not enabled and access from wan, can these not be fixed with a factory reset while running dumaos? Seems like significant bugs if they require a downgrade, change settings, than flash dumaos again. I have the link to flash the beta but may hold off for the fix to these bugs.
  2. Do you guys plan on releasing a couple beta firmwares to test, or will the next firmware be the final?
  3. Now that DumaOS on the R1 is in Beta, can we get a list of the features that it will deploy with and what features will come in the future? More specifically: bandwidth limits for individual devices, Anti-Jitter, not being limited to an IP address of 192.168.?.1, etc.
  4. FQs19

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    This is absurd. At some point you (Netduma) need to come clean about this situation. What is going on with DumaOS on the R1?
  5. FQs19

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    So almost the same amount of time we've been waiting for DumaOS. I know you were trying to make a joke, but we've been waiting since 2016.
  6. FQs19

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    I see only two possibilities: 1) Netduma signed a Non-Compete clause which has still not expired. April of this year would've been 3 months from the release of the XR500. So maybe they have a 6 month Non-Compete clause. 2) The R1 is not powerful enough to run the current DumaOS. Or there's some other technical issue that they are having problems with. I don't think Netduma cares whether customers buy the R1 or the XR500. They are getting paid in both cases. Either way, I don't see Netduma telling us what happened. Eventually you will see a post that says; Here's DumaOS for the R1 or one that says; Sorry, No DumaOS for the R1.
  7. FQs19

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    I assume that they realized they needed the ability to allow people to flash to the previous firmware because DumaOS on the R1 isn't working well. So they want to allow people to go back to pre-DumaOS if they don't like the new OS or there's performance issues. I don't think this has anything to do with Netgear. I'm sure they had a No-Competition Clause but that has since expired. Either way, we all just need to wait and see what the developers say. I don't think they'll give us specifics, but at least we'll be able to try DumaOS then go back if we don't like it.
  8. FQs19

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    it's a joke. geez
  9. FQs19

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    I would just like to point out that every single firmware update on the R1 since its inception has had no backwards compatibility. Once you updated to a newer firmware, you couldn't go back. People have gone against Netduma's warnings and updated their R1s to a previous firmware but took a huge risk in bricking the device. But we were told from the beginning of every new firmware that going back to a previous firmware was not an option. So this 'backwards compatibility' excuse is just that, an excuse. Just tell us the R1 can't run well with DUMAOS and be done with it. Stop with the excuses already.
  10. FQs19

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    As an R1 user for many years, I saw this coming. The Silence was deafening. I don't agree with the excuse, since many hardware companies are providing firmware updates that can't be rolled back. Oppo and Asus are two such companies. I also find it hard to believe that you waited until the last day before release to ask the legal department about backwards compatibility or that your legal department waited til the last day before telling you that it needed backwards compatibility. I have the feeling that Iain is having a terrible time trying to get the under-powered R1 hardware to work well with DUMAOS. I'm not holding my breath for your new timetable either. There are several companies providing very good routers with fq-codel QOS, but without the Geo-Filter of the R1. Most gamers don't even need the Geo-filter since they live so close to dedicated servers. They just need a powerful router with good QOS. Time will tell if these continued delays hurt Netduma or not. EDIT: removed 'XR500 being made by Asus' comment. XR500 is a Netgear product.
  11. FQs19

    Cloudflare Launches DNS Service

    How can I tell what DNS resolver my R1 is actually using? If I do a nslookup google.com it shows the R1 as the DNS server which I get, but what DNS resolver is the R1 using? I've entered the new cloudflare DNS servers on the LAN Settings page but I want to verify that the cloudflare DNS server is being using.
  12. Netgear DumaOS is basically a Netgear router with the Geo-Filter and it's priority QoS. Fraser just said it won't get the anit-jitter feature. So i'm betting it's not getting anything else besides the Geo-filter and QoS R1 DumaOS will have all the features they've been talking about for almost 2 years including the anti-jitter/anit-spike. I'm also betting that Netgear made Netduma sign a 90 day Do-Not-Compete clause against the XR500. What I hope is that when they release DumaOS for the R1, that they have enough personal to handle support for both the XR500 and the R1.
  13. FQs19

    Netduma OS

    Actually it's called 1.03.6i. http://forum.netduma.com/topic/22439-krack-wifi-vulnerability-upgrade-1036i/ There are several iterations of 1.03.6, including g,h, and i. i is the latest which includes the krack vulnerability fix.
  14. FQs19

    Plex Media Player - Remote Access

    You need to set your sever (PC) to a static IP. Then forward port 32400 to that static IP. You'll have to adjust the Plex Server Settings, making sure to check the box that says Manually Specify Public Port and enter 32400 in the box. After restarting the server and R1, open the Network settings in Plex to check that Plex is Fully accessible outside your network.
  15. You'll need to restart the Asus router, R1, and consoles for the ports to clear. Then log back in and check your NAT.