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  1. Lyncho84


    Ever since i done new update i cannot find a game in bo4
  2. Lyncho84

    Really disapointed

    Ok that's a bit crap....when I add device and select PS4 which geofilter selector to I choose?
  3. Lyncho84

    Really disapointed

    This is all I get
  4. I updated my r1 yeah and have a really poor time since.first of all my geo-filter page won't work keeps saying script error so I don't even know where my home location is set.it must be other side of world because I can't connect to my friends party chat on PS4 or join there lobby's on bo4.im based in the U.K.when I played solo it took forever getting a game which kept saying host migration but when I actually did get playing hit detection was so poor.I like most was really looking forward to this update but now feel really let down with it.any help or info welcome
  5. Hey guys,just upgraded but my nat has changed to moderate and I can't talk to friends or join them to play cod.plus my geo filter doesn't load up
  6. Lyncho84

    DumaOS on the Netduma R1 is now in Open Beta!

    I recieved my email but when i go to download it says ca t open file
  7. Lyncho84

    Duma OS Download

    I received my email but can't do the update through my phone....?
  8. Lyncho84

    Ps4 pro

    How does it play for u?
  9. Lyncho84

    Ps4 pro

    Does any1 know if i should have boost mode on or off for bo3.
  10. Lyncho84

    Glitching? or cheating?

    That games fuc#ed
  11. Lyncho84

    R1 for main router?

    Thanks guys thats worked.when i do tests on dsl reports i seem to get inconsistant and poor results.any advice on how to solve this?
  12. Lyncho84

    R1 for main router?

    The modem is an older openreach modem for bt.The reason im looking to try this is because im getting bad bufferbloat on my netgear and want to try something else.can yous recommend anything guys?
  13. Lyncho84

    R1 for main router?

    Was wondering why I can't use my netduma as my primary and only router after my modem?At the minute I use my netgear r7000 modem/router with my r1 wired to that then my ps4 wired to r1.Ihave a separate modem which I would like to use then my r1 but it won't work...why??
  14. Lyncho84


    Can anyone advise me on how to achieve better results on dsl reports when doing tests?iv tried re-active and pre-emptive on different cc slider settings but I alway spike into the red on bufferbloat meter which acco ding to videos I've watched is a no no.my isp is bt infinity 52down 10up package