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  1. Macabi83

    Patch 1.06 (148 megas)

    Fixed the issues on this end, can connect again!
  2. Yes both wired with cat7 cables brand new, my bandwith is 170 down, 12 up, no manual rules.
  3. Macabi83

    Anyone found good settings to use BO4?

    I mean, before we know it few months pass, and the game is old already, the time is now, and even longer for xr500 users, had I known the netduma was not going to fully handle that router, would of have never bought it.
  4. This is direct CM1000 Netgear modem to, as you see , I am not going mad, the connection is allot flatter and better then with the xr500 connected as the previous image. <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/IETXfc8"><a href="//imgur.com/IETXfc8"></a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
  5. 70/70 to google , with a cheap modem its way flatter then with the xr500.
  6. Packet loss? the fact that both setting look exactly, no effect.
  7. Here is the closest server to my home location, then we have ping plot bufferbloat always buffbloat when high traffic detected
  8. Macabi83

    How can you explain this?

    I get all that, just what im saying personally is, that at this point and time, the xr500 really has no benefit for game play on black ops 4.
  9. Macabi83

    How can you explain this?

    Yes man, stuff like this, guess with the old router, most of the time I was just winner instead of user, I am on the playstation 4 pro, in fact have dropped res to 1080p to have better performance.
  10. Macabi83

    How can you explain this?

    Connected the xr500 back and same issues still in Black ops 4, with the old router game was night and day.
  11. Macabi83

    How can you explain this?

    70/70 bufferbloat test dsl reports. 3 servers which more or less call of duty connects me to if I had filtering off, I am in Florida. So Florida, Georgia, New york https://imgur.com/a/sxkLIjI
  12. Macabi83

    How can you explain this?

    So I ran some tests, 10 min ping plotter testes 2.5sec intervals. First up with have an old WNDR3400v2 Netgear modem/ no qos on, just standard configuration, I ping plotted twitter, then google. Below is the first test with the WNDR3400v2 on twitter https://imgur.com/a/BPxDp0a Then we have the same router, testing google.com https://imgur.com/a/k7tJ4Ci Now we have the XR500 doing the same test, with no Qos turned on / no antibuffer. https://imgur.com/a/hlWM7fd then we test google with the xr500 https://imgur.com/a/SX9RRUB and here we have the xr500 with qos to 70/70, bufferbloat set to always top graph was original test to google, with out, and bottom is with ^^^^^^ https://imgur.com/a/PUT915k
  13. Macabi83

    How can you explain this?

    I am on playstation 4, I been around for a long time, but simply I always feel behind with the xr500. I been playing on E.
  14. Macabi83

    How can you explain this?

    Please do, My xr500 was making me microstutter.