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  1. recently not sure whats going on but when I try to run a speed test on dsl reports to adjust for bufferbloat when it gets to the upload section of the test the graph keeps dropping till the test fails?
  2. Macabi83

    amazonaws.com ?

    ok thanks, also what is local host, I see its uploading and downloading in my graph, but my pc is also there on that list, so not sure what that is?
  3. on my xr500 dashboard it shows my ping and keeps saying im connected to this? does not change even if I play a game or something on psn? has numbers like x.x.x.x.compute1.amazonaws.com?.com c
  4. had not been done much gaming for a while, I have had this netduma since early adopter days, I downloaded lates J version firmware, dont matter if pre/reactive on ww2 call of duty florida dedicated server, seeing huge ping spikes, 800 plus ms, my internet is fine, with low ping, 10ms or so, what has happens here, is this a glitch?
  5. Has anyone experienced this so far? I posted this morning on Reddit and a user confirmed the same thing I did, and had success. I have a LG 27 inch low ms 4k monitor with ps4 pro, I put the ps4 pro resolution down to 1080p and the game plays incredible better, way smoother. the Reddit user says he defiantly noticed that 1080p performs more consistently then 2160p on the ps4 pro, I felt the effects this morning as well going from 4k/1080p on the pro, seems on 4k online the game is taxing the system big time, and develops this annoying frame rate drops, leads to allot wonky feeling gunfights, which are now gone after downgrading to 1080p.
  6. I do not know why, I am playing on the Florida dedicated servers with pings from 10-15 and I all the gun battles are given to the opponents when I shoot first , when its on p2p things work good for me with crisp connection, what can i do? any way to force p2p, any settings as to having better experience on the dedicated servers? I have open nat, con/ set at 20/45 which gives me A plus on buffer bloat test. I really do not know why my experience on a very close dedicated server is so bad, 500 mile range to it , strict on, preemptive.
  7. Macabi83

    p2p on PS4 Network COD WW2

    I want to re-connect to p2p, any one got any settings pm me if you need to.
  8. Macabi83

    I do not get it... ww2

    This is why, your correct players very far connecting to your local server.
  9. Game plays way better for me on p2p, when I connect to florida dedicated server, I ping low 10's and get ass handed, tons of lag and spikes, I think the lower the ping the more lag compensation you might receive.
  10. Host filtering off, open nat, still cannot join? any thing I should do?
  11. Macabi83

    p2p on PS4 Network COD WW2

    its all p2p since this morning, its horrible, sucks!
  12. Macabi83

    ww2 p2p

    I am in florida and only get put on p2p in my area right now, what a joke!
  13. when I search for a game this comes out often, even if I have strict on? I am in south florida, usa I attached file to show
  14. Macabi83

    Cod ww2 somthing intresting

    I just tried these and the hit registration was like I have not seen in a full prestige, went 17-4 in tdm getting in a match half way done, lets see if it continues.
  15. Macabi83

    ww2 Strong lag comp

    Game is new, fresh we wanna play now!!