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  1. I have to agree that 50ms is the sweet spot for WW2. Being from Arizona, the dedicated server in California can be hit and miss at. That server pings at around 20ms. If I set the geo-filter over the southern US and connect to the Atlanta server at around 50ms, it plays quite well very consistently. I mainly play Hardcore Team Deathmatch. I do think a lower ping is better. I mainly play Modern Warfare Remastered now and keep the geo-filter wide open so I can see where everyone is in the lobby. Sometimes there will be people from Brazil, Puerto Rico, Australia, New Zealand, or Japan in the lobbies. Usually the lobby will play like crap, but their score will be nothing to brag about. It plays best when everyone is located a similar distance from the server. I did a test where I managed to get into a dedicated server in Moscow. I was pinging it at around 300ms. The delay was pretty hefty. Shooting was delayed, movement was delayed, reloads were delayed, and even animations such as inspecting the weapon were delayed. I could tell there were a few BS moments where the BS was in my favor, but overall I would say it definitely played worse than playing on a nearby server. I have ended up in a lobby against a full clan from Germany as well. I believe it was on the Atlanta server. I was pinging them all around 250ms or more. Played 3 games against them and could not do anything. No hit detection, getting shot around corners, getting shot by an enemy that hadn't shown up yet, hitmarkers up the yin-yang, and tons of BS. It was pretty much unplayable. In this case they had a clear advantage and I could do nothing to compete with them. There was no change over the 3 games I played against them. The other local players on my team were quitting out. I usually hold my own pretty well as my average KD is around a 2 KDR. In this case, maybe since there were so many higher ping players in the lobby, the lag compensation (handicap) was thrown out of whack and lower ping players were penalized. Moral of the story: I believe these Call of Duty games have a handicap. Your gameplay quality is more or less a crap shoot and appears to be pre-determined. I can play the same players over and over on the same map and have great hit detection and minimal lag one game, and the next have tons of lag, BS, and no hit detection. I can play against players from other countries and dominate them, next game, can't touch them. I'll see a player that has a 0.5KDR consistently, and out of nowhere they have a series of huge games. I think Call of Duty is designed to allow higher ping players and poorer connection players the ability to play. They won't be gods, but they do bring down the overall connection quality of the lobby. Also, I think a number of your "really good games" are gifted. They have to keep you playing. It's all about the money. The more people playing, the more money they will make. P.S. Throttling my connection and or packet loss have never improved my gameplay. It has always made it worse. Higher Latency does not give me an advantage. The more stable the connection, the more consistent gameplay will be.
  2. Thanks RT Turn Clyde!! So far so good. Following your steps I have not had issues sending MMS messages. Seems you and Modbox were correct that WiFi calling was not being truly disabled! Sure is nice not having to deal with that hassle anymore. Cheers Mate!
  3. Sounds good. I'll give it a shot.
  4. Is this with the Reactive Algorithm ticked or Pre-Emptive?
  5. Yeah I followed those settings. Spent a couple hours yesterday trying to bridge it to the Netduma. Ensured the tags were correct. Tried bridging with everything automatic. Then with everything set manually. Nothing would work. The Netduma would never get an IP. Came across a thread on dslreports where someone had stated they were not able to bridge that modem to their Netduma. Could just be one of those modems. I have since placed the Netduma into the DMZ and placed everything behind the Netduma. So far have not had any NAT issues. So I may just run it as is. Yes it does connect to the internet when the C2100T is not bridged. I was just noticing some ping spikes while running Ping Plotter and was trying to see if perhaps bridging the modem would correct those. Unfortunately even with the correct PPPoE credentials, it would not connect after putting the C2100T in bridge mode. The Netduma never receives an IP from CenturyLink's servers I guess. Is putting the router in the DMZ the same as Bridging the modem? Should bypass all routing aspects on the C2100T correct?
  6. From what I understand with CenturyLink, each account is given its own personal PPPoe login which is then verified on CenturyLink's side and establishes the internet connection. Which I verified. Also I should note, the Tech could not get the Netduma to work with the bridged modem either. He couldn't understand why because everything looked correct. He was saying the modem should not be reset after bridging. Plug in the Duma with the credentials and it should work. For whatever reason it just wouldn't work. He also verified the Modem is truly bridged. I could check the MTU settings. I'm pretty sure it is set to automatic on the Netduma. I believe the tech said it should be 1400. Should the Modem be put in bridged mode with the Netduma connected?
  7. I have recently switched to a VDSL connection and am using a Technicolor C2100T Modem/Router. I cannot seem to be able to bridge the Modem and use the Netduma. The modem locks up and has to be reset to factory settings before reconnecting to the internet which takes 5+ minutes a pop. ISP is Century Link. I entered the PPPoe credentials into the Netduma. The Netduma never connects to the internet while the Modem is bridged. I have not factory reset the Netduma. Am I missing something as part of the set up? Anyone else run into this issue? Thanks for any advice. I am new to VDSL and bridging modems.

    Orange/red bars vs ping monitor

    Doesn't the Peer-Ping only ping the players to you vs the game pinging the different players to the host? That's the only conclusion I could come up with. I was seeing the same thing on mine. The lobby seemed to play like crap when there is a player showing a ping of over 120ms on the Peer-ping graph. WWII seems so erratic in connection quality. It's pretty all over the place. I haven't been able to dial in the geo-filter. No matter how I have it set up, seems to be hit or miss match quality wise. Even when all the same players stay in the lobby and play the same map, the outcome is totally different from the last. I think there are some net-code issues on the dedi's.

    NetDumaR1 Not Ready for WW2

    I too have ran into the crappy lobbies in COD WWII. Seems to run 1 good game for 5 bad ones pretty consistently. I think there's just too many people playing with crap connections that bring the lobbies down. The game seems to be pretty buggy the way it is (hit detection, lag, ect.) as well. Also, the Geo-Filter and Ping Assist only pertain to the host YOU connect to. You will not connect to a lobby host outside of your set parameters. However, ANYONE can connect to that said host. The Netduma cannot control the in-game matchmaking for other players. The problem is the matchmaking algorithm in Call of Duty. It really should be region/ping based, not open. I got lucky and set my geo-filter to cover only Arizona and Eastern California and managed to get a lobby with all 12 players in that range. Average ping for the lobby was 30ms and all were stable connections. This lobby was great (Fair, No BS) for the 3 matches it lasted. Just have to get lucky I guess.

    Anybody Running DSL, VDSL, or Fiber? (FTTN)

    I am having cable tech come out on Monday, see if anything is up. If they don't find anything, I'm thinking I'll give VDSL2 a try. The only issue running both DSL and cable is that it wouldn't be very cost effective. Trying to get some more details on CenturyLinks quality, but it's turning out to be quite difficult. No hard data to be found.

    Anybody Running DSL, VDSL, or Fiber? (FTTN)

    Yeah, the bandwidth with cable is nice, just seems more erratic. Also I have heard the faster speeds you get with cable, the more unstable your connection becomes unless you go fiber. DSL being more stable should work better for gaming correct? I was recommended a Zyxel Q100 VDSL2 Modem on dslreports. It looks a little old, wonder how compatible it would be with the Netduma.
  12. I am considering switching to CenturyLink which runs a FTTN (fiber to the node, copper to the house) set up I believe. Just curious if any Netduma users are from AZ and happen to have CenturyLink's FTTN service or live elsewhere and have a FTTN connection? If so, what are your pings? How is the jitter and overall quality of your connections? I am currently with Cox and have the 300/30 plan with a base ping around 25ms. I have been having congestion issues lately and my pings are not that consistent with random spiking above 80-130ms. From what I understand is a VDSL line is a dedicated line, so you should have less congestion. I am considering CenturyLink's 40mbps plan. Unfortunately, they do not offer FTTH (fiber to the home) in my neighborhood. Also, if I do decide to go with CenturyLink, does anyone have a preferred VDSL modem that works well with the Netduma? And.. Cable or DSL/Fiber? Which works better for gaming?

    Netduma worth it ?

    Haha no magic. I mainly play BO2, but lately MWR. I am beginning to think my neighborhood congestion wreaks havoc on my line. If I game during the peak times I run into those issues you listed. Early Sunday AM has been golden for me. I'm only averaging about a 1.5KDR in MWR. I hate that you can't see the skill level of your opponents nor connection bars in MWR. Makes it hard to tell if you're just getting beat or lagging behind. Playing during peak times definitely leaves me more frustrated with the gameplay. My line quality isn't super awesome, but it's not bad either. It's pretty middle of the road. It sounds to me like you're getting the bad side of lag comp. There are too many people out there throttling their connections or playing over their 3G hotspot screwing it up for the rest of us. Or they just have a crap connection and pull lag comp. Not much the Netduma can do to counter that. Game Quality is in the eye of the beholder. For me, a good game in MWR is a 1.5KDR or better with minimal WTF moments. For someone else it may be lower or higher.

    Netduma worth it ?

    I will say there is an improvement in gameplay if I use the Netduma vs using my Netgear Nighthawk R7000. But it's only an extra good game or two over the Nighthawk and maybe slightly more consistent. Hunt ebay or your local craigslist for a good deal.

    Netduma worth it ?

    It's worth it. Just not $200 worth it. For me before the Netduma, I would get around 5/10 good games (fair/low lag/untouchable games). With the Netduma I tend to get about 6 or 7 good games (fair/low lag/untouchable games) out of 10 . It does help, but you are still at the mercy of the connection quality of the players in the lobby. You can only do so much with the Netduma. You may encounter fewer WTF moments, but there will still be plenty. Ensuring your line quality is good is probably the most important. I'm sure you will see a difference, just don't expect a massive improvement in gameplay. Yes the Geo-Filter, bandwidth sliders, and hyper traffic etc are nice features, but you can still connect to crappy connections within your geo-filter range, hence ruining the gaming experience. Sliders can help with bufferbloat, but unless your saturating your connection you shouldn't worry about that. Hyper Traffic is one of the few true QoS features out there and would help if there are a lot of users on your home network.