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  1. Is it ready yet? Have we got it yet? Is it ready yet? Why not? Is it ready yet? Is it done yet? I'm bored. Is it ready yet? When can we download it? Is it ready yet. I'm bored. Can I play with the OS now? What do you mean IT'S NOT READY YET! I want it now! Is it ready yet I'm bored. Pretty please I'll be good I promise, is it ready yet. sorry but bored this morning so thought I would do a quick wind up!
  2. This is what I don't like about this part of the game the complete lack of action for so long. Just running about looking for loot! It a Fortnite clone!
  3. Macca61

    BO4 was it any Good!

    Thanks for your thoughts, guys I am not sure about the Blackout feature, I have played Fortnite and didn't really get into it! I came late to WW2 and honestly quite like it, and I still play BO3 so may continue on those until I see what all the feedback re BO4 says.
  4. Macca61

    BO4 was it any Good!

    BO4 beta has been out on both consoles over the last few weekends The question is "Was it any good/better/worse than other CODs" From what I have seen on YT it looks like the same old tired looking excuse for a Fps ! So my fellow Duma Army players, what was your experience?
  5. Macca61

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    Should have been locked straight after they announced it was delayed, as there has been absolutely nothing to report!
  6. Macca61


    I am in my 60's and still play games, have tried playing Fortnite and didn't like it! But that's just me!
  7. Macca61

    Forum Is its time up?

    That's great to hear Jack, the thorn in the side has been the complete lack of communication and the moderators have been left to face the crap.There used to be suggestions for competitions, possible meet ups, secret santas etc which were good fun. I know you have to have participants for these "extras" if you like and its down to forum members to join in, but I believe that the severe delay on the DumaOS has had a very negative effect on the forum members, myself included. Jack you alluded to the the issue of the update being released, I think EVERYONE is waiting for some sort of news, and I agree the forum probably be a much healthier place......... But waiting's a bitch!
  8. Macca61

    Forum Is its time up?

    I used to enjoy this forum, and I have learned quite a bit about gaming through these hallowed pages. But I have noticed that the forum is dying a slow death. The shout box used to be full of people virtually every night. There were quite a few moderators on this forum, but I think they are slowly leaving the ship, and through no fault of their own. When I saw people getting made moderators I was a teeny weeny bit jealous, but no more. I think it is a thankless task with what appears to be no support from the Netduma team. Ok, they do help to solve people's problems (Fraser/Jack) But on the big issue I.e. the Duma OS the moderators have been left high and dry to take the crap from the disgruntled customer ecetera ecetera. So whether you like, dislike, totally apathetic try and see their side of the update/no update debacle,
  9. Macca61

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    We now have 37 pages of nothing! I'll just reiterate "NOTHING TO SEE HERE"
  10. Macca61

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    I don't think there is anything to achieve posting about the OS delay I think every argument possible has been put forward and STILL nothing has come from the Duma team. The silence is deafening, the time of the delay announcement was inexcusable, but no amount of posting is going to change the fact that is has not been released, is not likely to be released on this version of the Duma. I far one, and I speak for myself, am not , and will not lose any sleep over it. For you guys that bought the Duma on the promise of an upgrade etc I can understand your annoyance, anger and frustration over the situation. But it has not made ANY difference at All and we have 33 pages of nothing! Once the announcement was made the Duma team wound their necks in and battened down the hatches and have not yet come out of the bunkers. Except to put their nice new OS on the XR500..........
  11. Macca61

    Realism for COD

    I know COD is only a game. But the earlier versions had a reasonably realistic battlefield feel to them. The enemies uniforms were different but similar for that particular side/team On WW2 we went back to boots on the ground, yeh! But the circus has arrived, I think that if any of the WW2 veterans saw the uniforms they would probably die laughing! And the weapons, when will the game developers realise that you cannot ADS quicker with a machine gun, that with a sub machine gun/pistol tec Shotguns and pistols do not have Infinate range and lethality As an ex squaddie, I quite like the shoot em ups! But they are starting to get very silly, with all the camos, uniforms, face pint etc can't we just go back to basics lol Rant over!!!
  12. Macca61

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    I am suprised people are still talking about it....... Move along now, nothing to see here.......
  13. Macca61

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    I love conspiracy theories! I agree the silence is deafening, Conspiracy theory 1 maybe the Netgear hierarchy told Netduma "You can't give the OS for free when our customers have to pay for it" Conspiracy theory 2 "Netgear "If you delay the roll out of the OS, the Duma customers will get pissed of with waiting and buy the XR 500 and we will give you a cut of the sales". Conspiracy theory 3. Duma "We can't the OS to work on the Duma, backwards compatibility is not going to work. Blame the lawyers! I am thinking that, quote from Hamlet "There's something wrong in the state of Denmark" lots of conspiracies in Hamlet!
  14. Macca61

    Can any admins take a look at my duma?

    Hi Could you describe what you mean, what do you think the Duma is not doing? Is it all your games or just one that has a particular issue? Could you post up any screen shots of your settings What are your speeds who your ISP is What your set up is As much information as you can that will give the mods/ admins a good idea as to what your issue is Have you looked in the Help manual and followed the set up guides for your speeds etc
  15. Macca61

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    The silence is deafening!!