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    Nah bro he’s right , plus I go through the same thing , at the end of the day if you get a couple people in your game with bad connection it will most likely cause a shit show for us guys with excellent connection..don’t second guess yourself, your obviously good just happen to be in a bad lobby, ex. Aim assist not sticking, bullets not registering etc..
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    Gaming monitor

    I own a Benq rl2455t ZOWIE and enjoy it every bit but just a question, the Benq has a black equalizer setting which helps me a ton in call of duty games but was curious if the asus monitor has a setting that’s helps those dark places?
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    Fortnite Players - Netduma need your help!

    I’m In NY also
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    Verizion fios, congestion control and BB

    Okay thanks for the info I was more curious of since it being fiber I shouldn’t have to worry about lag spikes right? Or does it not even matter cause like I said there’s about 4-5 other devices running on it plus a xbox 360 because the point I was also try into make was I wanna give my self a little more bandwidth
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    Verizion fios, congestion control and BB

    So I have a pretty large family but 3-4 phones and 3 Netflix’s running but on ping plotter no serious like spikes and no packet loss
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    Verizion fios, congestion control and BB

    So pretty much I’m good and shouldnt worry to much cause I feel like it will all run the same since it’s fios I’m getting 0-2 ms ping to the router and 6-8 to google and 20-22 on twitter no matter where I put the slider
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    Verizion fios, congestion control and BB

    75/75 now bit capping at 80/92
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    Verizion fios, congestion control and BB

    50/50 but when I run speed test I get 55/60
  9. I have a Verizon FiOS but I was just wondering does it really matter what algorithm I use as far as reactive and preemptive and also I understand having it at 7070 is a good idea but is it even necessary especially with fiber optic network and is there anything else that I should know my games of been running smooth even though I’m using 70s 70 on Congestion control but can I also just raise it up as much as 99 and also do people still use DSL reports.com because when I do switch it to preemptive my buffer bloat and quality are A+ (useually) when I change it to reactive buffer bloat never seems to load up I just get a line across and quality seems to be lower as far as a C or a D And also I saw that theory with changing it lower when I get the random Ping spikes because I won’t get the random Ping spikes when it’s at 4040 but my quality will be an F and will be an A when it’s around 50-70 but still get the ping spikes Sorry if you don’t understand or bad grammar lol for the record I’m in new York and have my own dedicated line modem -netduma - nighthawk hardwired to Xbox
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    Is it me?

    Well actually I purposely turned off upnp lol
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    Is it me?

    Yeah what I also notice tho my games play better with a moderate nat rather then open.. my little trick of the trade.. I seem do worst in all of my games when it's open
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    Is it me?

    I play gow 4 , cod bops 1-3 and was curious to know could it be the host .. I'm wired I have Verizon fios 50/50 ( only for internet) I have the netgear nighthawk in AP mode and my netduma connected to my Verizon modem.. I have a very low ping average ping around 2-5 ms and on gow 4 a ping of 8ms to the server.. do you think it's just lag Compensation giving me the shit end of the stick ? I'm using 70 both ways on the slider and in misc I have only stealth and cookies ticked and my Xbox in hyperlane and I'm hard wired .. pretty much my problem is gow 4 but that may be do to the region hopping but who knows .. any suggestions ? Also I'm on the east coast I use a wired controller and a computer monitor with 2ms refresh rate