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  1. everything is working fine right now! 3 days of gaming without any issue!! 🤙
  2. I tried again with the static IP. Now it works and I disabled DHCP from my ISP router. It looks like everything is working flawless but I don't want to say it too loud...
  3. After one day of use devices can't get IP address anymore... I'm stack, with PPPoE I get half speed, when I use DHCP on both devices it works for one day than again no IP. If I disable DHCP on my ISP router I lose connection on Netduma
  4. When I set from Netduma R1 static ip i lose internet connection
  5. I have still problems... After one day of use the router is not able to give ip to the device I want to connect, maybe for the double dhcp... and I have to reset my ISP router and do all again. But if I disable DHCP or Nat from ISP router I get no internet on R1. Do you have any solutions? Do I have to put something (ip, gateway, subnet mask) on DHCP settings of NetdumaR1 router?? Which is the best connection to use on NetdumaR1? PPPoE slows speed. DHCP we're good but I have this issue with ip addresses from devices trying to connect
  6. I gave to netduma a static ip than put on dmz on my isp router. Both xbox one and ps4 were able to connect to internet only with a static IP that i put on both R1 and consoles. Now they are connected and with open nat. Speed test is good on every device. Thanks for your support!
  7. Can I use a different connection with my ISP router? Instead of PPPoE how could I connect Netduma R1?
  8. Same results with a different server and on fast.com. I wish I could solve this because a really like DumaOS, but if I can't get my full speed there's no point on using it
  9. Even with QoS disabled unticking the box I get the same result. I'm sorry but I do not have two computers to run that test...
  10. I don't think that's the problem, because before I was not using PPPoE and the problem was still there... Could it be hardware problem? I have it from the beginning...
  11. Do you mean should I put a third router between my ISP router and the R1?
  12. yes, like I said before all my speed tests were done wired, share excess is enabled for both download and upload. I tried with Classified Games unticked but download speed is still slow. I'm using PPPoE
  13. It would be perfect if I could go at full speed (105 download) with the QoS enabled... instead I go half speed no matter if QoS is enabled or not
  14. The problem is that I should go at 105 download and I have 50 download instead...