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  1. bohica3232

    gigabit fiber blops 4 optimal settings

    ok how about upload and download? stick with 50/50? the only thing i have connected is my xbox and my mac mini that i use while playing to adjust settings depending on the game.
  2. bohica3232

    gigabit fiber blops 4 optimal settings

    i'm using 70/70 on my sliders and 50/50 on my upload and download. Xbox is hardwired and I use my mac mini to control my administration. Only these 2 devices are connected, wifi is off.
  3. Any suggestions for black ops 4 gigabit fiber settings?
  4. bohica3232

    best settings for IW cod on xbox 1.

    Lag comes from folks in my party.
  5. I have a gigabit fiber and i'm still seeing lag. Any suggestions for the best xr500 settings? I usually go 70/70 and 50/50 so i can monitor my speeds.